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Hello Im new here.

pjlily Member Posts: 1

Hi my name is Pam. Good morning. I'm just looking for support and advise or knowledge concerning my treatment. I was diagnosed in May of 2021 with metastatic breast cancer. I had breast cancer in2014 and had a right mastectomy and 12 rounds of chemo 5 years of anastrozole. Then this diagnosis. My oncologist started me on Ibrance, letrozol and zometa. It worked for 6 months and then my markers began to climb and pain started to increase. They rose for 8 months and I just had another pet scan showing cancer in bones has spread. My treatment is now going to be xeloda which I go to a teach appointment for tomorrow on how to take it. I've read a lot on it but like all medications it seems worrisome to me. I am a faith filled person and have a lot of people praying for me and my treatment. I just hope I'm on the right path. Sincerely, PJLily


  • cyathea
    cyathea Member Posts: 337
    edited April 2023

    Hi Pam, I'm sorry you have had progression. We all hope and pray that you do well on Xeloda. I haven’t been on Xeloda so I can’t help much, but I encourage you to post on the Bone Mets thread since there are others who post regularly to that thread.

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 742
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    Hi I'm so sorry to hear you have progression. I placed the link for "All about Xeloda" above, I am on Xeloda and it has ben holding me stable. Many women have success at holding stable on Xeloda for many years and that's my wish and for you also. Of course it comes with side effects just like all the other drugs. Once you learn how to manage them you will be just fine. Check out the topic I'm not going to list all the creams etc that help as I don't want to be redundant. Hope you find the topic as useful as I did. Some of the best info is from people who have or are experiencing the same as you. Best wishes as you start Xeloda.

  • lacorneille17
    lacorneille17 Member Posts: 19

    Hi Pam. I am sorry you have had progression. I am new here too but was diagnosed de Novo so only just started treatment