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Having swellings on fingers and arm 8 hours after surgery. Is it common?



I had a unilateral mastectomy today. Surgery was completed about 8 hours ago. I just noticed that my arm and fingers on the side where I had a surgery are slightly swollen. Before surgery I had read the symptoms of lymphedema. In my case, surgeon took 3 lymph nodes away. I’m at risk of developing lymphedema. I know I am only a few hours out of surgery and swelling is likely due to surgery. But part of me is very nervous of getting lymphedema. I’m debating whether I should visit emergency department.

Did anyone have similar symptoms and when did your swelling go away?


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,403

    Since it is so soon after your surgery, it's most likely swelling associated with your mastectomy. Your body has had a huge trauma so things will be swollen for a while. It is possible to have LE immediately but not likely. As for going to the ER, there's probably nothing they can do and you'll just waste your time to hear that it's "surgery related swelling." Hang in there and try not to obsess about it. Keep your arm and hand elevated on a pillow as much as you can (but not too high). Take care.

  • jt24
    jt24 Member Posts: 7

    Thanks a lot @lw422 . I took your advice and stayed at home. I feel better today, less swelling. Long way to recovery.