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Sickle Cell Trait and Diep Flap Reconstruction Surgery



I've been diagnosed with SCD. My surgeon stated he doesnt want to do the diep flap due to risks although Ive been cleared by hematology. Is there anyone out there with the same experience?


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,075

    @aliciasykes , I don't have SCD but it is one of several conditions including high dose steroid use (my case) and being a current smoker which makes diep flap surgery risky. There are other conditions like autoimmune disease and previously radiated skin which make implants more likely to fail. Many surgeons will not perform a surgery they feel will have a higher than usual chance of complications.

    You could try consulting another surgeon since each doctor makes decisions based on their own experience and comfort level. Since your hematologist deals with SCD they might be able to recommend a surgeon who has experience operating on SCD patients.

    All the best in your search and for a good outcome whatever you end up doing.