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Bone Mets active again after 12 years

Hi all! Second treatment has now failed after 6 years (first lasted 6 years also) Ibrance/Faslodex/Zometa has done me right for quite awhile. Time to move on to the next option. Sad/scared/pissed/all of the rest of the emotions. Still planning on kicking it’s butt, but hate to have to restart.


  • chico
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    Iwill - hi I too did 12 years from 1st Dx (2004). Dx July 2016 with very extensive bone mets and after radiotherapy started Ibrance & Letrozole. What was your 1st treatment and what are you being recommended now?

  • moderators
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    @iwillwinthisbattle - So sorry to hear about this! Our thoughts are with you throughout this difficult time, and we are all here to support you. Please come back to let us know how you are doing.

    The Mods

  • shanagirl
    shanagirl Member Posts: 235


    Good Morning. I, like you thought this battle was over after 13 years My low tumor markers jumped. From low 20’s to 84. My Onc ent me for Scans which showed Mets throughout my spine, sternum, ribs, sacrum & hips.. I was then diagnosed metastatic bone cancer this past January.what a way to start off the new year……2009 January and then 13 years later on my cancer anniversary Bone Mets. What a gut punch. Now you are in the real battle unfortunately. Newer treatments and targeted therapies.

    Take care.💗

  • shanagirl
    shanagirl Member Posts: 235

    @iwillwinthisbattle there is a wonderful group of ladies here for encouragement, info, and loving care . Stop by .