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Ear pressure on TCHP


Hi everyone!

I’m a lurker on this group and am so thankful for all of the help I’ve gotten as I go through treatment.

Did anyone have ear pressure issues on chemo?

I’ve had what feels like clogged ears for the past month nonstop and it’s driving me nuts. 🤣😩 I can still hear fine, nothing sounds muffled, it’s just pressure like when you’re in an airplane and they won’t pop. They crackle and “pop” some but the pressure just comes right back. It’s worse when it rains or when I’m driving in hills etc.

I have my last round of TCHP next Wednesday and I’m hoping it’s a weird side effect from inflammation or something.

Went to the ENT and they looked in my ears and said no infection, she just guessed it was Eustachian tube dysfunction and prescribed me corticosteroid sprays, but I haven’t used them because I also have dealt with severe nosebleeds I just got under control for the past two rounds and know the Flonase will bring them back. She said if it isn’t that then it’s probably hearing loss from the Carboplatin, but would it be hearing loss if the pressure changes from altitude and weather pressure changes? 🤔🥹

My oncologist knows but doesn’t seem concerned. I am however, and really debating on pushing for Carboplatin (if it’s in stock) to be dropped or the Taxotere dosage to be reduced for my last TCHP.

I have this anxiety and fear that my ears are just going to stay like this forever and it’s become really debilitating to my daily life because I just hyperfixate and worry that it’s permanent, and it’s also really uncomfortable! I take Xanax when needed and it calms me enough and redirects my brain so it isn’t as overwhelming but I can’t live on Xanax obviously. 🥲