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Lumpectomy after bloody discharge


hi all. im looking for anyone to shed light on my risk with the following. im 41. two years ago i had a lumpectomy for what turned out to be a fibroadenoma. just had another surgery to remove a duct that was seen to be dilated with a lesion on ultrasound. i had bloody nipple discharge with this. my pathology reports showed no malignancy, no dcis, no obvious atypia. do any of the words: focal epitheliosis, macrophages, red blood cells, apocrine blebbing, cystic change, mean any risk? thanks in advance. good wishes to all.


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    Hi @mspaws,

    We're sorry you haven't seen much activity on your post, but we wanted to share some info with you that you might find helpful on benign breast conditions. This page explains conditions that:

    1. do not increase risk
    2. increase risk slightly
    3. increase risk moderately

    We hope you find this helpful!

    —The Mods