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joint replacement while on Ribociclib


I have bone on bone osteoarthritis in my L shoulder which also is the side of my initial breast surgery and radiation in 2018. Currently I am on Ribociclib and Faslodex for recent mets to liver. My ortho is recommending joint replacement. Has anyone had a joint replaced while on these meds?



  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 493

    I have not been in this situation but was pleased when I learned that my cancer center made a referral for me to their orthopedic clinic which has an MD who specializes in seeing oncology patients. A 2nd (or 3rd) opinion would certainly be warranted in your case. Also consider a lymphedema consult for risk assessment, being trauma to the same quadrant.

    My fall out of bed the 1st night home from the hospital in late July resulted in a hairline fracture to the clavicle where a sclerotic/healed bone metastasis existed. It hurt to lift that arm, carry things, stretch out my hand. For weeks I placed a 2x3” menthol+methyl salicylate patch on the area at night which is when the pain seemed worse. Have you tried topicals?

    A recent x-ray shows my crack filling in so that’s good. I was on Zometa which sticks around for 10 years. Be sure to get a description of the recovery protocol, when to start physical therapy, etc. Some of my friends talk about it as a long process but did achieve success. Maybe you’ve already done this however moving frequently used items to a low shelf helps.

  • cure-ious
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    Paddinlou, during the pandemic, my shoulder became incredibly painful and when I eventually could get in to see a specialist, he said it was osteoarthritis and a large bone spur. I decided on arthroscopy rather than shoulder replacement, and followed it with nine months PT. Not sure it was the right call, although my shoulder has gradually improved its still weaker and less ROM, plus the PT guy and doctor both said the quickest way out of pain is to get a replacement, which I will may need eventually anyway. Because the pain came out of nowhere, I couldn't wrap my head around a shoulder replacement, plus my knees are just as bad- so, I make do with a lot of walking and soaking in the hot tub. Also a week or so after the surgery I developed very painful foot neuropathy when I re-started Ibrance; not sure if the surgery drugs contributed at all to that, but do make sure your vit B12 levels are OK before surgery. Either way, its not an easy decision, glad to see that you have doctors looking out for you.

  • paddlinlou
    paddlinlou Member Posts: 11

    Thank you both for responding. I received a steroid injection to help with pain and also referred to the a doctor that specializes in shoulders. So I will be asking a lot of questions.

    Ribociclib is still dropping my ANC. It’s been a bit frustrating since I started this drug. Was only recently able to complete a 3 week cycle and now I have to delay next cycle for 2 weeks instead of one week. Ugh