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Metastatic Triple Negative


I am new here, diagnosed Jan 2023, chemo, surgery radiation. CT Scan October 2023, 3 months after completion of chemo showing a liver met (confirmed with liver biopsy) getting PET scan tomorrow. Looking to connect with other mTNB.


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    @butterfly78, welcome to We're sorry for the circumstances that brought you here, but we are so glad you have found and joined our community.

    Hope you get answers from other members soon. In the meantime, you may also want to join the Triple Negative Stage IV thread.

    And, besides posting here in the discussion forums, you are also invited to our weekly Zoom meetups for MBC. Each week, we offer 3 virtual sessions, and members find them both informative and supportive. You can register for any or all of our meetups by clicking the link. There you can ask questions and share experiences, and you'll be welcomed with open arms!

    Hope this helps. Please come back often and let us know how you're doing.

    We're here for you,

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    @butterfly78 Hi there, glad to see you here. Sorry you joined the MTNBC club, I was drug in June of 2022. I have been on the same treatment since then, Xeloda and Keytruda. Sending positive thoughts and vibes to you for your PET.

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