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Accuracy of markers in Bone Mets


Hi All

Just wondering if anyone knew accuracy of CA153 and CEA in detecting bone mets

I am very anxiously awaiting results Initial blood test showed ALP was above 200 however CA153 and CEA were well within normal ranges etc

Were your markers elevated when bone mets discovered?? and any other symptoms??

Many thanks

Love to all



  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 5,045

    I can’t speak to those specific markers in terms of their relationship to bone mets. There are many doctors, mine included, who don’t use tumor markers at all. My impression is that tumor markers may or may not accurately reflect what’s going on so it appears as if their validity varies by individual.

  • kim71
    kim71 Member Posts: 9

    Thank you exbrnxgrl

    Appreciate your comments