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How many of you are taking Tamoxifen indefinitely?


I'm going into year 8 of my BC diagnosis. I've always handled Tamoxifen well, it's like a sugar pill to me… minus the fact I have zero sex drive now. :) In any case, I'm still in my 40s and my oncologist wants me to just stay on Tamoxifen indefinitely. I plan to readdress at the 10 year mark, which would make me 50. I'm just wondering if others are being the told the same thing? My cousin was on an AI and stopped after 5 years and now is stage 4. Perhaps just staying on this little pill for the rest of my life is a good thing. I got a hysterectomy (kept my ovaries) so the uterine lining thing isn't an issue for me. Thoughts?


  • malebreastc
    malebreastc Member Posts: 93

    I was taking Tamoxifen for 14 years and then was asked to stop, 3 years later I had recurrence. I tend to believe that stopping though on medical advice was a blunder.. Hope this helps

  • betny22
    betny22 Member Posts: 37

    I planned on staying on it indefinitely, although my oncologist wanted me to come off of it at the 10 year mark. I am 11 1/2 years out from my diagnosis. Tamoxifen was my security blanket. I never wanted to stop but unfortunately I had to go off due to constant thickening of my uterus. I was fine with doing a dnc once a year but I had one in May and then my lining was tripled in size again. Over a hundred polyps free from May to December. So I am now off and praying like crazy. I’m planning on doing a hysterectomy for more peace of mind. Best of health to you, praying your body handles it better than mine.

  • lisey
    lisey Member Posts: 300

    good to know… My plan is to stay on it since I don't have my uterus anymore. All the feedback helps!

  • lvw2016
    lvw2016 Member Posts: 1

    My oncologist told me the benefit after 5 years would be minimal . But the peace of mind is a benefit to me. I’ve been on it for 7 years and have minimal side effects . I had a hysterectomy many years ago . I hope I’m making a good decision.