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Neoadjuvant EC Regimen precautions

Posting this on behalf of my wife (aged 34) who had been diagnosed with TNBC in October 2023.

She had recently completed her weekly 12 sessions of TC regimen : Paclitaxel (120mg) and Carboplatin (200mg). Although there was Hair Loss and slight nail discoloration from 3rd week onwards, she had Nausea from Day 1-4 post every session and severity increased cumulatively. The meds like Domperidone, Ondansetron helped a little with the nausea. Thankfully the Cold Therapy to hands and feet helped avoid neuropathy.

She's now scheduled to start the second regimen of anthracyclines EC regimen : Epirubicin (120mg) and Cyclophosphamide (900mg) for 4 sessions every 3 weeks.

I would like to understand what precautions to be taken for this EC regimen which I heard would be severe than our previous TC regimen. Would we still have to continue the cold therapy during these sessions too? And what other tips / experiences / advice would you'll guide us with.

Thanking in advance.


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    Hi @kara1122 and welcome to our Community. We're sorry to hear what your wife is going through.

    This page attached really describes this combination well.

    As for icing during this treatment, we'd love to hear what others say, and for sure, ask the treatment team. Icing is known to help with the Taxanes, which include paclitaxel, docetaxel, cabazitaxel, and abraxane.  That said, anthracyclines can also cause peripheral neuropathy, so it would likely be helpful!

    Again, hope others chime in, and that the attached page is helpful.


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  • kara1122
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    Thank you Mods.

    Would like to hear other first-hand experiences from members who've gone through similar EC regimen of Anthracyclines.

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    @kara1122, we understand! Perhaps you could also try posting your question in some of our triple negative breast cancer groups. Members there might be able to provide firsthand accounts if they've had experience with EC. Feel free to explore and join some of the discussions here: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

    Good luck!

    The Mods