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Starting my Fifth Year of Metastatic Breast Cancer, taking Taxol and Sleeping A LOT!


I just finished Taxol #4, this was with a 10% reduced dose. Lots and lots of naps needed. Not used to being so dependent on naps. Slight fever in the 99s, just wondering if this is my new regimine. I was told I will stay on Taxol until it stops working. Estrogen inhibitors like Ibrance, Verzinio, and Faslodex did NOT work for me. Just Xyloda and Enhertu worked, but had huge chemical reaction on foot with Xyloda after a year and a continual cough on Enhertu. I feel ok on Taxol, but concerned about the constant need for naps. Could you tell me what your experience was like?


  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 490

    On paclitaxel with gemcitabine for 4 months, I was fatigued but also had trouble falling asleep! Like you, I was starting my 5th year with metastatic disease. Dose reduction for the 2nd cycle helped. What does your doctor say about the slightly elevated temperature? Some people normally run a little above the standard (98.6 as an ideal goal is a medical myth).

    I had intermittent cough on ENHERTU however results from a chest CT determined that pneumonitis/inflammation was present. With high dose oral steroid it is now beginning to resolve. I hope your lungs were investigated for that. My 2nd round on Xeloda began last week on a lower amount than at first. I’m staying on a 14/7 schedule. 3 tabs am, 2 in the pm.

    In the summer of 2022, a report that using diclofenac=Voltaren gel on palms and soles would help avoid the common reaction. Using it in the morning & at bedtime, my feet are good except for an ingrown toenail. Just my fingertips have bits of skin peeling. That is probably due to hand washing although I spread cream, not lotion, on them right away.