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TNBC reoccurrence in treatment (Xeloda & Proton Therapy)


Hi 😊I am dealing with my 2nd reoccurrence of TNBC and currently in treatment. Starting my 4th week of Xeloda M-F (1000mg twice a day) also doing Proton Therapy. Have 20 more treatments. My oncologist said I will continue with the Xeloda after my Proton Therapy is completed.

Has anyone gone thru the same treatment as me?

Currently dealing with nausea, stomach pain and some diarrhea. I take the meds that are prescribed for the Xeloda and I keep my hands & feet moisturized.

As for my Proton Therapy treatment, I have 20 more to go. A total of 33 with 5 boosts. My oncologist said I will start burning this week. I use a variety of radiation burn creams but mainly use the actual aloe Vera plant leaf.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you 🙏🏼

P.S. This is my 2nd reoccurrence of TNBC in 4 and 1/2 years.


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    Hi @tnbcfighter777 and welcome to We're so very sorry to hear of your new reoccurrence but we're so glad you decided to join and post. We're sure you'll find our amazing community a wonderful source of advice, information, encouragement, and support — we're all here for you!

    We're sure others will be by soon, but Sundays tend to be a little quiet around here, so make sure to keep checking back and keeping us updated on your progress. Sending gentle hugs to you!

    —The Mods

  • cookie54
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    @tnbcfighter777 Hi fellow tnbc here… I am dealing with my third recurrence and now stage IV with lung mets. My 2nd recurrence I had Keytruda,Gemzar and Carboplatin followed by Xeloda. I also had radiation to axilla, chest wall and breast. I am currently on Xeloda 2,000 mg , one week on /one off . I have dealt with HFS off and on over the years and have used several lotions. There is a thread on here called All about Xeloda you may find helpful also. A low folate diet helps control HFS aside from various lotions. I definitely saw an improvement with my hands and feet when I started to cut out foods high in folic acid.

    Sending you positive vibes and strength as you continue your treatment plan.

  • tnbcfighter777
    tnbcfighter777 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Cookie54, my TNBC sister 😊 Thanks for responding to my post. I am sorry you are dealing with this monster again. I too, had the Red Devil & Taxol the 1st time and 20 radiation treatments. Then 2 years later, surgery again in the right axillary dissection, them Gemzar and Carboplatin which put me in the hospital 2 times. And this time in the axillary, revision due to the cancer in my skin at my incision. Sick last nite with nausea and horrible diarrhea. Took meds, called the on call oncologist. Spoke with oncologist today. Didn’t go to Proton Therapy. Xeloda is kicking my butt 😔 BTW, this time I am Stage 3 because of the tumor on the outside in my incision. I will check out the Xeloda site ( hope I can find it) I am already on a low folate diet due to my kidney problems.

    please stay in contact and I wish you the best 🥰

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 718

    Hey this will get you to the correct page. Sorry your dealing with annoying side effects. Did your MO mention lowering your dose if you don't get relief? I started at 3,000 then 2,500 now 2,000 which I am doing pretty well regarding side effects. Just hoping it's enough to hold me stable, next CT in June. So you are still curable at Stage 3 😊 so fingers crossed that this treatment wipes this out!!