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Delaying Chemotherapy for a Second Opinion


Hi- I'm just wondering if anyone on here has experienced the need to delay chemotherapy at any point in their journey. I was diagnosed back in Feb 2024, had my partial mastectomy with reconstruction bilaterally in April 2024 but developed a pretty bad infection due to an allergy to the blue dye they use when they inject the tumor. This caused me to have a revision to the reconstruction with debridement in May 2024. I have hit several snags in this journey that have really hit hard mentally- and of course my physical health just hasn't been up to par. I was scheduled to start AC/T chemo a week ago but after my labs came back that was cancelled. It's now set me on this path of "do I really need chemo?" and "was my specimen read correctly?" so I'm scheduled for a second opinion consult with a breast oncologist in July. This logs me at almost 10 weeks from the May surgery and certainly a little longer than the April surgery. Has anyone experienced something similar where they had to postpone treatment for one reason or another? Just wondering what your experience was like? Recurrence, no recurrence, and so on. Current oncologist is pushing chemo but I just know my mind and body are not there. Thank you!


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    Hi @asmith77304 and we're sorry for all you are going through, and with the delay. A second opinion could be very helpful to you. Delays are not uncommon, unfortunately. Seems like with infection, low white blood cell count, etc, these delays can occur. Did you have any positive lymph nodes? Did they happen to do an oncotype test (if the cancer cells were ER+)?

    We're here for you, and hope some others chime in!! !