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Truqap experience


stage 4 Mets to lung, liver, bones and lymph

On the sixth week of truqap, handling it pretty well. Some diarrhea that is unpredictable so I always have Imodium on hand. Sometimes I get nauseous and my taste is off.
My concern is for the blood sugar levels. Trying to keep my diet during the four days which is no sugars but it’s difficult. I’m hungry which is fantastic because I went 8 rounds of halaven with no appetite at all.


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    Hi @astein , and glad you found us. You may want to also post here in this other thread that is discussing Truquap:

  • sunshine99
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    Well, it looks like the Truqap failed. Yesterday's PET scan showed progression - omental caking/mesenteric carcinomatosis. Will discuss our next line of treatment when I see my MO next week. I'm thankful to still have options.

    The SE of rash/itching with the Truqap has gotten so bad that I'm scratching myself until I bleed. The prescribed anti-itch pill doesn't seem to be working. I have an appointment with the dermatologist today. My MO just decreased my dose of the Truqap and now it looks like I'm moving on to something else. I feel bad that my next bottle is supposed to come today. This stuff's expensive, although not to me since I've met my Part D copay deductible.