Topic: Anyone else work in a school and afraid to go back?

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Posted on: Jul 21, 2020 01:02PM - edited Sep 23, 2021 02:22AM by mavericksmom

Posted on: Jul 21, 2020 01:02PM - edited Sep 23, 2021 02:22AM by mavericksmom

mavericksmom wrote:

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Aug 27, 2020 07:46AM mavericksmom wrote:

What a difference a day makes, or in my case, hours.

Right before dinner I got a call from a co-worker telling me what the head of special education plans to do with the paraprofessionals and it is NOT what I signed up for! I normally give learning support to special education students in the regular education classes. I love the students and the teachers I work with. Apparently that won't be the job I am returning to. I will be learning with severely emotional and/or physically challenged students. These students were never part of our school, the placements were elsewhere, but due to budget cuts, they became part of our building, albeit in special classrooms.

If I were 20 years younger, I would embrace this challenge, but at 67, with multiple medical issues and in the middle of a pandemic, I have changed my plans because I simply can't work in that environment. A friend who works in a similar job in an elementary school tole me her principal told her he can't guarantee the students she is in charge of will not spit on her or refuse to wear a mask! She got a medical leave from her doctor so she isn't going back! Let's face it, those in the administration don't care what happens to the employee's we are simply collateral damage!

So, I am doing what I did NOT want to do. I am calling my PCP and trying to get an in person appointment. I think I have a hernia from my DIEP surgery in January 2019. I mentioned this previously on the boards. Long story short, my PS PA didn't think it was a hernia when I asked, but wasn't 100% sure. I had asked my BS and MO and a gastroenterologist at the cancer hospital, to check it and all refused saying I needed to call the PS and see him. I didn't see the point as I would be scheduled with the PA and he didn't think it was a hernia. Then in July 2020, I did call to make an appointment with my PS, but was refused an appointment and told to see my PCP first. I was afraid to go to my PCP's office due to Covid, but now it seems like it isn't worse than what my job is asking of me. So today hopefully I will get to see my PCP. Then if I do have a hernia, I will go back to work for the safety instructions and then go out on disability for surgery or whatever. If it isn't a hernia at least I will get some advice.

I am not ready to retire, but if push comes to shove, I will. I only need two weeks notice for work and I can call out sick if I have to. So stressful!

So wish me luck that at this date I can get an appointment! I literally have felt sick over this.

Supposedly the incidence is low in my area, but the head of health in my area is politically motivated to keep numbers low, by any means! Ugh!

Stay safe everyone!

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Aug 27, 2020 10:24AM kksmom3 wrote:

Mavericksmom, sure hope you can get an appointment soon! I don't expect my kindergarten student's to keep a mask on and some of them think spitting is cute. You just never know. I hate that I'm sitting this year out. I didn't survive cancer just to get Covid from a kid.........not worth the risk, but sure saddens me. Loved my kids and co-workers. Let us know how your appointment turns out.

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Aug 28, 2020 02:53PM mavericksmom wrote:

kksmom3, I saw my doctor this morning. I am finally going to know for sure if I have been dealing with a hernia or not. I am going for an US on September 14, and having blood work done as well. Unfortunately, or not, I will be back at work on Sept 2.

Sitting in the room waiting for my doctor I realized two things. First, that I REALLY need to find out if I have a hernia and if so, how to treat it. I am so annoyed that the doctors I saw wouldn't look at it and only told me I needed to see the plastic surgeon. Turns out my doctor was annoyed that no one, particularly the PA of plastics who wasn't sure if it was a hernia or not, didn't order an US to be sure! Water under the bridge now!

The second thing I realized is how much I love children and my job and how much I do want to go back to work. It doesn't sound as if I will see any students next week. I will be protected with a mask and shield and will wash my hands over and over.

I am not going to find an excuse to stay home, but I do need to know if I have a hernia. My doctor seemed to think it is a hernia.

One day at a time!

Spookiesmom, I think about your DD a lot! I am so thankful my area has a low amount of Covid cases now and no one on a respirator in my county. Only one or two were in the hospital, don't know today's #'s. I really hope they close the schools until the Covid crisis slows down. I feel so sorry for people in Florida and Georgia and areas that didn't have good leadership to keep their states from having so many cases. Wishing your DD to be free of catching the disease.

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Aug 28, 2020 03:13PM spookiesmom wrote:

Thank you!! Florida teachers union had another win, so the state is still fighting it. The judge says the state is overstepping their authority, bullying the schools, should be left to each district whether to open or not, depending on That county. 2 more different middle schools now have cases, and a few more staff. Not saying what staff positions are.

Hope you get the hernia issue resolved.

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Aug 28, 2020 05:13PM beach2beach wrote:


I'm in NY on Long Island. Our district goes back to school. Elementary has option to do remote or in person. Middle and High, due to large number of students, are on a hybrid schedule. Half alphabet on Mon, then they do remote on Tues and the other half go in person on Tues and do remote Monday and so on. I work in office in elementary. The classrooms have been stripped down to bare minimum and desks are 6ft apart. Children will have to wear masks (staff as well) and they will get breaks wearing them. Art, Music will be pushed into the classroom. No singing with Music for now Gym will be held outside for as long as possible. The classes will stay within their "pods". Eat in classroom together, recess together. No cafeteria, no mixing grades or classes etc. We also have an Autistic program. They require individual attention. The aides will be given full gear. PPE, (face shield, masks, gloves etc.) No outside visitors to the building. Staggered entrance into the building in the morning and staggered dismissals. We have contact tracing within the building. Anyone who enters a room has to scan a barcode to show they were in there, just in case. All in all, our district has tried to cover all bases to make parents/faculty feel safe. I don't feel 100% safe either, but I need to go back. Many of the students just don't do well remote. Especially elementary. Many parents can't be there all day while their children are remote learning.

I certainly do get it though that we are relying a lot on parents to keep their children home when they are sick. A dose of advil and shove off to school is the usual norm. I tell parents when they call and ask questions, that as a district we are doing best we can but you have to rely on your nieghbors who have children that they will do the right thing.

No perfect answer for sure. I can only imagine how the first few weeks will go. I'm enjoying my last few days before that show begins!..

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Aug 28, 2020 05:30PM - edited Aug 28, 2020 05:32PM by spookiesmom

That's another thing. DD is music teacher. No singing, no instrument. Not even recorders. Younger GS started band last year in middle school. He's at home now, but no band anyway. He really enjoyed it last year.

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Aug 28, 2020 07:18PM bcincolorado wrote:

Love it!!!

Three schools here in Colorado Springs have closed already because of cases of COVID and only elementary kids are allowed in person right now!!! Glad my grands are doing the online only option for now since daughter in law is a nurse and knew better than to send them in person right now.

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Aug 29, 2020 09:43AM mavericksmom wrote:

Yep, it changes daily! News late yesterday that a 32 yr old man from my county, with no health issues, passed away from Covid after weeks of being hospitalized in another county. Two people, now in hospitals in my county, are on respirators. The daily averages in my county are going up, almost doubling in some areas. Not a good sign.

My first two weeks should be student-free contact, but who knows? Parents were supposed to be able to make appointments to tour school buildings next week, now pushed back a week. I was disheartened to hear they are not guided tours! So any parent in the district can make an appointment to tour the buildings unescorted? They will be after school hours with room doors locked, but seriously? It has disaster written all over it!

I will do what I can to protect myself and others, but I feel like I am going back on a wing and a prayer!

Spookiesmom, smart cat! I love it! My heart goes out to anyone working in a school, or daycare, especially those who are in high Covid areas.

Ironic that those who make all the decisions are not the ones who have to do the work in those settings! Also, very upsetting to see the leader of our country holding rally's with unmasked, and in some cases, law breaking, crowds! I wish they would make all those who attend any rally or crowded event, get stamped with a long lasting ink that puts the date and event code on their hand! When they fall in from Covid, they should be refused treatment due to supreme stupidity and defiance! None of this should happen, WEAR A MASK!.

If anyone is offended by my comments (thinking it is too political) I would say, I am sorry, but perhaps you are the one I am offended by because you don't wear a mask! I don't care what political party someone is, I care that people protect others and themselves by wearing a mask! It really isn't too much to ask of anyone! The fact that our leader doesn't advocate mask wearing for people's safety isn't political, it is reality! I want EVERYONE to be as safe as possible!

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Aug 29, 2020 10:12AM flashlight wrote:

I haven't heard or read where states didn't staunchly maintained that families need to be able to choose whether to send children back to school or continue with distance learning. If a parent decides on in school learning for their family that is a choice they made. That being said as cases drop maybe they should have put off the start of school until the end of September. I know my daughter's school was not as prepared as they should have been especially since a decision was just made on what to do. Some states are offering outside classes under tents. No one could have predicted the course of this pandemic especially since there are still a lot of unknowns. We all can't stay in our basements forever. With the 5 minute test hopefully things will positively change as we all move forward.

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Aug 29, 2020 11:18AM mavericksmom wrote:

I agree flashlight! Part of my reasoning to return to the building is the fact that we can't stay in our basements forever. At some point, life has get to a new normal. I feel, from what I read so far, that my district is putting all the precautions in place to keep all the students/staff as safe as possible. I still plan to get my flu shot, since Covid won't be the only virus going around.

I especially agree that with a 5 minute test, things will change for the better more quickly. As of now, employees and students are only self "screened" and not tested. I still have concerns about going back, but I will deal with them as I go, one day at a time. I have no doubt that if there is a surge of Covid in my county, they would go back to everyone working /learning from home. I really hope that doesn't happen! I do think my district will stay in the hybrid format longer than just October. The original plan is to switch from hybrid to all in school every day, in November, except for those who opted out.

I think the thing what scares me the most is that if there isn't an outbreak in our schools, (and I sincerely hope there isn't), that students and staff alike will become more complacent in their protection from Covid. It's human nature. You do something, nothing bad happens, so you feel more comfortable doing it and then slack up on whatever you did to prevent anything bad from happening to begin with.

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