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March 2011 chemo-lounge

mdg Member Posts: 1,468

OK ladies...I am starting chemo on March 2nd.  Anyone joining me this month?  I wanted to give the March thread a fun know like we are all hanging out having a cocktail or something :)

I need some lounge buddies, anyone? 

I will have 4 cycles of taxotere and cytoxan and will be doing cold caps to save the hair.  Will someone please join me in the chemo lounge??? 

Updated on 3/12/11:  It looks like the lounge is getting full!  Here's the roll call so far including start dates!

Charlottesmama (Michelle)  AC x 4  (she started on 2/8 but wants to hang with the cool chicks in the "lounge" - welcome to our lounge!) 

The Divine Mrs M  2/16  TC X 6 plus Zometa for bones,  cocktail:  Sangria

Jules59  TACx6  3/1 

Mdg (Maria)  TCx4  3/2   cocktail:  Pinot Grigio

Malou  TCx4  3/2

luv2trav  AC  3/3   cocktail:  White Russian

Michelle67  TCx4  3/3

Pennycookson  TAC x6  3/3

Silia  AC x 4 then T x 4 ; surgery following (probably bilateral mastectomy)  cocktail:  Cosmo

Bikenyc:  3/4  AC x 4 and T x 4; Herceptin x 12

Mauimama  TCx4   3/7

CarolK_Cu:  3/11   AC every 3 weeks X 4 followed by Taxol X 12  Cocktail:  Raspberry mojito

KCandJsMom   3/9  AC x 4 and Paclitaxel x12   cocktail:  wine (by the bottle?? ha ha!)

Mgaines:   3/9  AC X 4 then Taxol 12 x weekly or 4x dose dense every 2 weeks. 

MaxineO  AC+T   3/10  cocktail: Gin and tonic

Shansen:  3/10   AC x 4, 12 Taxol, 13 Herceptin (resident chemo lounge "lush" - in her own words!)

AnaM:  3/10  TC X 4  cocktail:  Frozen Margarita

Cellomomof5:  (Karen)  3/10    AC x 4 then T-DM1 for a year

Colodisneylover  AC+T x 4  3/10

Kriskat:   3/14  TCH  Cocktail: ameratto sour

Timerdog:  3/16  4 x TC   cocktail:    vodka and soda

Dizzyakira:  (Kim)  3/18  AC x4 every two weeks followed by Taxol x4    cocktail:  Frozen Margarita

Migallen (Mignon)  3/18  AC  T x 12  Cocktail:  very dirty grey goose martini

CKelly (Chris)   3/16    AC x 4 and Taxol x 4 and Herceptin x 12

HerbnStan:  3/16.  AC X 4 then followed by paclitaxel weekly X 12.  Cocktail:  diet pepsi

BlueCowGirl:  3/16  AC x 4 followed by Taxol;  Cocktail:  Cold beer in a frosted mug

Kymn  3/17  FEC-D x 3 and Taxotere  Cocktail:  Rye and Diet

Supersally  (Barbara)  3/17   AC x 4 and T x 4  cocktail:  Apple-tini, green beer, mojito - for St Patty's Day start date!

Huskekkc:  (Kristy)  3/17  cytoxan and taxol X 4  cocktail:  appletini and wine

djls:  (Jennifer)   3/21  AC-T cocktail:  White Cranberry Peach Juice Cocktail

Kay from Philly: 3/21  AC  Fuzzy Navel

Fluffqueen01:  (Jill)  3/22  Taxol   Cocktail:  mojito

Leeann56:  AC-T  3/23  cocktail:   Long Island Ice Tea

Christine47 (Christine)  TAC x 6

Lillylady:  information pending....but she wants some rum in her fruity umbrella drink!

Adangel:  FEC-T (3 FEC and 3T)    cocktail:  champagne mojito!!

Lots of love and warm wishes to you all.  Robin x 

Now you all have to let me know your fake cocktail name so I can list it (it sounds better than TC or AC...ya know what I mean???)



  • luv2trav
    luv2trav Member Posts: 8


    I am starting chemo on 3/3...doing A/C to begin with...bought my wig today so i am ready to go!

    I do like the catchy name....have to have some fun in all of this!! Cool

  • mamaof3bugs
    mamaof3bugs Member Posts: 5

    Hello ladies :D  I just wanted to drop in and say hello...I am a "Marcher" from last year.  I never thought I would make it through all 16 rounds of chemo but I did and I also made it through 36 rounds of radiation to boot.  I know your journey is just beginning and it seems like it will last an eternity but I am here to tell you that it will go by faster than you think!  I lost all of my hair and when I say all I mean ALL...eyebrows, lashes, nose, and all body hair but I am sitting here typing this with a full head of dark curly dark hair (about 3" all the way around) and a full set of brows and lashes.  You can do this girls, I promise.  Just make sure that you keep doing as many "normal" things as possible, nap when needed and accept the help that will come your way.  Good luck and make sure to ask any questions you may have, no matter how strange or small you may think they are...someone on this board has already been through it and will help you out.  Take care and kick the sh*t out of your cancer!!  xoxo, Angi

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Angi: Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I know I am lucky..only 4 sessions.  I plan to get back to teaching my aerobics class after treatment 2 if all goes well.  I have been working out 5 days a week since my BLMX (walking) and just got clearance from the PS to go back to the gym.  I hope to exercise through the whole chemo...even if it's at a lesser intensity or shorter duration.  I have a few friends lined up to bug me every day about it to make sure I don't get lazy.  I am so glad to hear you are doing so well.  Please feel free to join us in the "lounge" any time!!!! 

    Luv2trav:  I have a chemo lounge buddy!  I am so excited.  Now we need to name our cocktails (chemo).  I usually have a nice cool glass of Pinot Grigio so let's call Taxotere and Cytoxan, "pinot grigio".  What are you going to call the AC?  What is your cocktail preference???  (I am trying so hard to make this fun....but it is no where near a "happy hour" at the lounge - LOL!).  And since you love to travel....what is the best place you have ever been?  I love to travel favorite is Italy!  My favorite city there is Positano (my husband and I got married will always be my favorie place to travel since it's incredibly beautiful and sentimental).

  • maxineo
    maxineo Member Posts: 199

    Glad you started this! I am scheduled to start March 10. A/C + T treatment (adriamycin/cytoxin + taxol), 4 treatments of of A/C followed by 4 of T... every 2 weeks, which puts completion sometime in June.  Then on to radiation.

    I had my MX and axillary dissection surgery 2/11 and am feeling much better.  I, too, hope to exercise through the chemo, mdg. It helps me so much with my emotional health!

    Glad to be with you ladies, and in a weird way, looking forward to this next phase of treatment...get it all behind us.

  • Colodisneylover
    Colodisneylover Member Posts: 183

    I'll be joining you in the lounge!  I will start chemo on 3/10 and am doing AC+T, four rounds each.  I am ready to get moving on this phase of my treatment.  Thanks for starting this thread.

  • Silia
    Silia Member Posts: 265

    I thought I'd be having mastectomy of R breast but yesterday onc said we'll start with chemo first at 3 week intervals  -- 4 of AC then 4 of Taxotere (I plan to look up what's the diff between Taxol and Taxotere...)  I had been thinking surgery first, so I'm trying to get my head around this new approach.  Not inclined to try cold cap since if I can't dye my hair, I don't think I'd be keen on my look.  Need to go wig shopping ASAP.  Also just got the details of my Dx yesterday: IDC stage 2b, ER+/PR+, HER2-, grade 3.  The aggressive/ angry grade is really stressing me out.  As I read on another posting, I was always healthy until this cancer thing(!) so I wasn't very familiar with my insurance coverage.  Prescriptions are only covered at 50%.  That's stressing me out and he wrote a number of Rx slips for older drugs since they should be cheaper but I'm worried that they will be harder on my system, maybe more side effects, etc.  Think I'm going to circle back and ask him what he would prescribe if I wasn't focused on the cost and then compare cost and SEs.  Sorry for my rambling stressed-out message.  I promise I will get it together and add to the positive lounge-y vibe started by mdg (thanks very much for opening the lounge!)

  • MIchelle67
    MIchelle67 Member Posts: 42

    I'm definitely in for cocktails in the lounge.

    After a few weeks away from this site/these boards, I now know I'm a March '11 Chemo Sister.

    I will start TC 4x on March 3 at the Univ. of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. I probably would have started chemo sooner but baseline scans after my bc dx revealed a brain tumor, which threw me off track.

    After more very specialized, high-tech scans and consults with Penn's chairmen of both neurology and otolaryngology, it turns out to be completely unrelated to the bc and not cancer at all. Lucky me (sarcasm is my friend Tongue out). It's a benign meningioma and I've probably had it for years without knowing, since it causes no symptoms. I'll have to deal with it later, with radiation to stop it's growth, but apparently this is "the best brain tumor you can have" - oooh yay. Tongue out

    Although I've been terrified of chemo from my dx, the brain thing put things in perspective for me - however, now, as 3/3 draws closer, my fear of chemo has returned. 

    So glad we March11 gals have a lounge! 

    Best to everyone, I hope all feel good today. Let's have one last toast to strength and determination - and having this part over asap!

  • luv2trav
    luv2trav Member Posts: 8

    Well welcome all....

    MDG my favorite is a White Russian so lets go with that...could use one right about now!  While Vancouver is my all time favorite city, we bought an RV a couple of years ago and hope to explore all over the U.S .  Kinda of bummed because we were going to take a long trip this summer but onc doesnt think i will be done by than. Oh well there is always next year...I just want to rock and roll -the sooner I start chemo the sooner I will be done.  Most worried about the fatigue part...I am always tired from work and running around cant imagine being more tired (is that even possible) . it will be good to have a place to chat and vent.

  • Colodisneylover
    Colodisneylover Member Posts: 183

    I forgot to add that yesterday I got a free head wrap in the mail from Gaila Fund. I have no idea how to tie it and make it look ok. I thought my wig would arrive this week at the store where I purchased it but it hasn't yet.  Maybe early next week.  I'm planning on cutting off my long hair this week.

    Also, I went and bought some supplies to have at home that I read about on the chemo shopping list thread.  It was a bunch of stuff, but I figured it would be better to have it at home in case I need it rather than DH having to run out and get it.   

  • Jules59
    Jules59 Member Posts: 148

    Hi.  I have been lurking on this board since before I was dx'ed.  Since I'm starting chemo on March 1, I thought I'd go ahead and join in by posting.  I will be receiving TAC every three weeks for 6 cycles, then radiation.  I haven't seen many people on the board that are getting all three drugs at once.  Hope I'm strong enough to stand it.

    I've already gone out and bought "hair in a box" along with a few scarves and head wraps.  Colodisneylover, I also got  free head wrap from the Gaila Fund.  I was surprised at how quickly they sent it. It's pretty, but very different from the other head wraps I've seen.

    Looking forward to sharing experiences with all of you.

  • christine47
    christine47 Member Posts: 846


    Looks like the March group will be fun.  I am in the Jan group and just finished my 3rd of 6 TAC, I also found fewer people with this therapy.  I looked up stats and it may be rougher, but slightly shorted and equally as effective.  Not sure if it is a regional preferance or what, I live in NC.  So far it has been doable and I am 1/2 way done.  If you have any questions, feel free to private message me or post on Jan thread, as I read this every several days.  I also lurked for a while before I decieded who better to share with than others that know just where you are coming from.

    Happy Sunday,


  • Silia
    Silia Member Posts: 265

    Jules59 - Glad you decided to jump in.  Not sure if I mentioned but my chemo starts Mar 4.  Christine47 is making me realize I may want to check out the Jan or Feb threads to get some insights into what to expect.  I vacillate between thinking I need to know as much as possible vs. I may freak myself out if I read too much...  Best wishes to everyone reading this.  Glad we'll be able to meet here and share.

  • Mauimama
    Mauimama Member Posts: 16


    Just found this thread and had to jump in.  I'm also starting my first chemo treatment on March 7 of Taxotere & Cytoxin (thank God it's only 4 cycles -- each treatment 3 weeks apart).  I had a mastectomy on the L-side on Feb. 7th and outside of being sore and tender, etc., I'm feeling great.  I'm a yoga devotee and have been practicing yoga and doing pilates for a very long time so I'm eager to slowly resume my exercise.  I'll be able to start back with "gentle" yoga soon and have also joined a meditation group which I think will be most helpful.     Like many of you, I'm not looking forward to it, but am anxious to get this started and get it over with.  Where I'm getting my treatment (SF/Bay area) they offer a 2 hr. chemo class which I'll attend w/my daughter and son-in-law which I expect to be very helpful.  Silia, I can identify with you -- I want to read and educate myself as much as possible but at the same time if you read too much, it can definitely start to make you a little crazy and more scared than necessary.

    So happy to find all of you -- we'll all "march" through March together.... Read a saying in one of the discussion board postings -- "keep your head where your feet are"...I liked that!  A good reminder to me to not get ahead of myself!   So happy to be able to share with all of you.

    Hope you all enjoy a beautiful Sunday~Aloha for now.

  • EricaH
    EricaH Member Posts: 11

    Wow you guys - if there had been a CHEMO LOUNGE when I started in December I would have been all over it like a big dog!  I'm just finished with A/C - it would defo have been a "Cosmo" because it is RED (there most definitely was no frozen raspberry floating in it, as I like to prepare my cosmos, though!!)  I've just started Taxotere and will be finished mid April.

    I know I can't be a club member because of my start date, but I may pop in as a visitor from time to time to join in the fun!


  • Colodisneylover
    Colodisneylover Member Posts: 183

    EricaH -I'm glad you stopped by...your positive outlook is great for me since I'm just starting this whole thing.  I hope you post with us often!

  • Jules59
    Jules59 Member Posts: 148

    I'm trying to prepare myself without reading too many "horror stories".  I have had a few local ladies say they breezed through chemo, so I am being optimistic and telling myself that I will, too.

    Before my dx, I walked 30 minutes a day, did yoga, and horseback rode several hours a week.  I had a lumpectomy and node dissection on Feb 3, and have already returned to a slower, gentler version of my routine, including riding my horse.  I found a great yoga DVD for breast cancer survivors.  My oncologist said staying active will be a big part of my recovery, so I hope I will feel up to continuing with the things I love.

  • charlottesmama
    charlottesmama Member Posts: 36

    Hi gals! May I join you with a glass of wine? I started AC on Feb 8, but will be crossing over into March. I started a February 2011 thread, so please stop by to say hello, and check out how the ladies are doing.

    I've done remarkably well as far as SEs are concerned, so do keep in mind that things can indeed go very smoothly. At day 20, I am just losing my hair and it's falling out fast! I cut it short 3 weeks ago, but will pop into the salon tomorrow for a "micro-buzz". 

    I'm doing chemo first (just 4 rounds of AC so far), then MX of right breast with immediate reconstruction (DIEP flap). Hopefully that will be it. I've taken the winter off from my job as a pastry chef, and hope to return in June. It's incredibly physical work, so I need to leave plenty of time to heal.

    Before this diagnosis, I had barely been sick in my life. Only surgery was tonsils at 5. I'm turning 51 this Saturday. I'm solo mom to an 8-year old daughter with multiple disabilities, so I'm fighting BC with whatever they've got to offer! I'm feeling very good about my prognosis.

    Hang in there, Lounge Lizzies!


  • EricaH
    EricaH Member Posts: 11

    Jules - Definitely DON'T read too much!!  Everyone is different and it seems as though there are more posts about the negative than the positive (but that is human nature I guess!).  I scared myself silly by reading about Taxotere before I started, and for no good reason.  I've started back to the gym, bike riding, etc. no problem!

    CharlottesMama - My daughters are 11 and 15 so I'm definitely throwing everything at the beast!  I'm like you as well health-wise; in fact I often tell people that I am extremely healthy, except for this little cancer thing.  Seriously - it makes no sense:  I work out every day, eat very healthy - low fat, lots of vegetables, stay away from processed food.  (Um,,, except for wine...)  Aarrgh!!!!

  • Colodisneylover
    Colodisneylover Member Posts: 183

    Sorry if this sounds silly, but what are you doing differently in terms of foods, makeups, lotions, etc. since your diagnosis and preparing for chemo?  I checked out several books from the library, have been reading, and find it all overwhelming. My oncologist was not helpful when I asked about changes in diet, makeup products to avoid, or supplements to take.   


  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    I am so excited the lounge is filling up with so many wonderful ladies!  Welcome to the lounge!  I have updated the orignal post to list all that are doing chemo with us and their treatment plan and start dates.  I will update as more people join us in the lounge!  Also - give me a "fun" beverage or cocktail name to add in.....don't make me list my wine alone!!! 

    For all of you interested in post op exercise motivation - you can join me on the Surgery forum in the Jan 2011 post op exercise check in thread (don't remember the exact name but you will find us there checking in daily and sharing healthy information).  It's my virtual fitness class since I am not back to teaching aerobics yet!

    Mauimamma - yoga is something I have always wanted to do more of!  I am starting a class for cancer patients at the cancer center.  The instructor knows how to help us modify our movements based on our personal situation.  I hope to start this week!  Do your yoga - listen to your body and keep moving with what you can do.  Good for you!

    Christine47 - you can hang with us in the lounge any time!

    Luv2trav - I am ordering you a white russian, it's on me!  Sorry about your trip being cancelled....just think how amazing next year's trip will be though when you are done hanging in the lounge???  You have even more time to plan something extra special!

    Silia - it's ok to vent....we are in a lounge filled with understanding women.  This is HARD and venting and being upset is all part of it.  We have all been there.  After a few more of us start our "cocktails" I am sure more of us will vent.  Be kind to yourself....HUGS!

    Erica - stop by the lounge any time girl!

    Jules - join us on the post op exercise thread I mentioned above!  I would love to have you in my virtual fitness class too!

    Charlottesmom - I am a mommy too!  I have a 4 year old boy named Jayden. I am fighting like heck for him.....we can do this!  We have to do this!  I am glad you joined me in the lounge!

    Colodisneylover - the doc's don't seem to help much with what you should/should not have.  I have been reading a ton and researching.  I have found this website helpful:  I also got a few books - What to Eat When You Have Cancer, The Anti-Cancer:  A New Way of Life, and Foods that Fight Cancer.  I have also decided to go organic with food (also minimal dairy, hormone free lean meats, soy free, avoiding most oils except olive oil and canola oil) and health care products (make up, lotions, soaps, conditioners, hair styling, deoderant, etc...) to avoid parabens and sulfates in body care products.  I have been blogging my journey listing some of the changes I am making.  I have not gotten much guidance although the American Cancer Society does offer free nutrition consultations to cancer patients.  You can find info on their website.  I did go and I had already done a lot of research so it did not help me too much. 

    I am so glad all you will be joining me..I just wish it was not because of BC.  THe first round of "cocktails" is on my ladies (ha ha!).

    JULES:  Best of luck are the first one to order a cocktail....I will be thinking about you!  Hugs!

  • Anniemomofthree
    Anniemomofthree Member Posts: 370

    Maria - I find myself being jealous that I am not part of the lounge.  Now, THAT is a compliment to you and the rest of the ladies. Since I started my TCH #6 in January, I will simply lurk. 

    Best of luck, beautiful, strong ladies. Chemo is DOABLE. Really!!! 

    Annie - whose drink of choice would be a nice pinot noir - if only it did not taste like a live firecracker in my mouth these days!!!!

  • DiDel
    DiDel Member Posts: 733

    I saw this thread and thought I'd pop in to say hello and good luck to all of you starting chemo this month. I started my 4 rounds of TC on St Patricks Day last year. I can't believe its been a year!

    For me the worse part was the fatigue. I just slept when I had to. I got lots of pre chemo meds and never got sick. For those doing Taxotere you may wanna ask for benadryl iv before they start theTaxotere as many people have mild allergic reactions to it. I did and just got a rash and a little swelling of the tongue the first treatment then I got the benadryl and they did a slow drip and I never had another allergic reaction, I also took Emend, ALoxi and Zofran post treatment to ward off nausea. I went to for lots of great tips on getting through treatment.

    Eat lots of protein during treatment and rest if you need to. Don't push yourself, your body will be doing double time processing everything bring someone fun to treatment..I thought one day me and my friend were gonna get kicked out for laughing too much. Treat yourself to something special post chemo. Hang in there ladies it will be over before you know it! 

    Best Wishes to ALL!!!


  • maxineo
    maxineo Member Posts: 199

    mdg: I, too, was delighted with the cocktail theme! Order me up a gin and tonic!

    My doctor won't commit to specific foods during chemo, so I really appreciate the input from those who have already started chemo. Everyone keeps saying "eat anything you want", which is great, but I just hope to have some ideas for good things when I am feeling okay. Protein, that's a new one for me; I'm not a big meat eater, so I'll have to find other options...

    I am hoping to continue exercise throughout. It is a huge help for my emotional health, and I think I am going to need it.

    Good luck to all who are starting their treatment this week.

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Diane - thanks for the head's up.....will ask about benedryl but I vaguely remember my med onc saying something about benedryl so hopefully she's ordered that for me already.  Thanks for the means a lot!

    Maxine:  I am ordering you up an gin and tonic.... :)  As far as protein, there are a lot of good sources that are not meats.  Here is an online article with some ideas:  If you are ER/PR+ you may want to talk with your doc regarding soy.  I personally am avoiding all soy when possible and try to buy soy free products (which is hard!).  I have introduced a lot more beans into my diet lately.  I only do minimal low fat dairy due to stomach issues.  I always snack on almonds...almost daily to add more fiber.  I hope this helps a little.  Good luck!

  • NatsFan
    NatsFan Member Posts: 1,927

    Hi Ladies - just popping in from the March 2008 chemo thread - hard to believe it's been 3 years!  I did 6*TAC - a tx every three weeks - starting March 4, 2008 and finishing June 17, 2008.  As you've probably heard, chemo is not a walk in the park, but it is doable. 

    I worked full time all through chemo.  My chemo days were Tuesdays.  I'd take my chemo day off, and since I had to go back for a Neulasta shot the next day, I took that off as well.  I'd go to work Thursday and Friday, then pretty much rest most of the weekend, then I was back at work on Monday.  I have a desk job, not a physically-demanding job, so that helped quite a bit.  The effects for me were cumulative, so as treatments went on I had to leave work early on the Thursday and Friday of chemo weeks, and even sometimes on Mondays.  But aside from that I was able to work. Fortunately I have a great workplace and a supportive supervisor.   

    As Diane just said, the worst part for me was the fatigue.  I never had nausea thanks to Emend, but I found I wanted only very bland foods, like white rice and mashed potatoes during the week or so after chemo.  I had been extremely physically active before dx, and tried to stay active during chemo, but had to pretty much give up exercise by the end of chemo because it just took too much out of me. 

    And yep, my hair came out, starting on Day 14.  Unfortunately, that goes with the territory.  I thought I'd be devastated, but the surprising thing is that once it actually happened, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I had a very nice-looking wig, but gave it up after a week or so and just wore baseball caps and dangly earrings.  My co-workers and friends gave me all sorts of baseball caps and dangly earrings, so I ended up having a cap to go with just about everything I owned, with earrings to match.  Everyone is different - some wear caps, some wear scarves, some keep their wigs and some are even brave enough to go commando.  You'll find what's comfortable for you.  And just think - no shaving legs/pits for months, it's a snap getting ready for work in the morning when you don't have to blow dry and style, you save a fortune at the beauty salon, and those sneaky little chin hairs - gone!!! Laughing  The good news is that your hair grows back eventually, and now for me, being bald is just a funny memory of something that happened a long time ago.  

    Pamper yourself, let people help you, and do what you can to have a normal life.  For me, that meant going to Nationals baseball games - because of the fatigue I may not have lasted past the 4th inning most of the time, but I went and had a great time while I was there.  Baseball and working were lifelines out of Chemo World for me - they were normal everyday things to do that helped me take my mind off myself. If you have something love doing, try to keep doing it for as long as you can.  

    The biggest thing you need to do is to be strong enough to ask for help.  That's very hard for most of us, but people want to help and it makes them feel good.  Let people help you, whether it's cooking a meal, walking the dog, running errands, taking the kids for the weekend - whatever you need.  

    Good luck ladies - I may not check this thread a lot, but I did want to hop over and say hi and give you encouragement. Hang in there and you can get through it.  If you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about my experience then and how I'm doing now.  

  • NatsFan
    NatsFan Member Posts: 1,927
    Sorry for such a long post - chemo definitely did not cure my long-windedness!  Wink
  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Natsfan - thanks for stopping in the lounge.  Hearing from all you gals that already did chemo is a huge inspiration and gives me hope!  Thank you so much!  Stop by any time and check in!!!

    As far as foods - I stocked up on my "chemo" foods today.  My sis is a chemo infusion nurse and suggested:  juices, popcycles, jello, rice, pasta, chicken, potatoes (for mashed potatoes), wheat toast, wheat crackers, lowfat cottage cheese,bland yogurt and make some home made chicken noodle soup.  I am all stocked up.....just waiting for the chemo to begin Wed......

  • JeanneBean
    JeanneBean Member Posts: 1
    Hi Ladies......Glad to find this site as I seek others who are experiencing the same thing.
    My onc gave me a week to decide on treatment and I will see him on Thurs. 3/3. He recommends 4 treatments of Taxotere & Cytoxan 3 weeks apart. I'm apprehensive, of course... don't really want to do this but.... I had a modified radical mast. (left breast) on Feb. 1st and am healing well.
    I teach middle school and was planning to go back mid march.....Are any of you working during treatment? 
  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    JeannBean:  I am taking work off through chemo on short term disability.  I am having the same treatment as you and start on Wed!  I am doing the cold caps for my hair...I am more nervous about that than the chemo at this point.  Welcome to the lounge....I am glad we all have more support!

  • charlottesmama
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     Hey Lounge Lizzies~ I posted this this morning on our Feb 2011 thread, and thought I'd share my misery here: Well, I did it. I got my head buzzed down to 1/4". I dropped my daughter off at school, then came home and took a shower. My hair came out in huge clumps and just kept coming and coming. When I toweled off, I could see my scalp through my thin hair, and I burst into tears.I didn't expect this to be so  emotional. Like any woman, I'm vain about my hair, and I really loved my new short do. But being bald is the only physical manifestation I have that I'm sick. I called my sister and she reminded me that it's not the cancer that made me lose my hair, it's the drugs I'm taking to kill the cancer. My friend Anne told me to think of being bald as my sign that the drugs are working.She also told me that when she went around bald during chemo, she felt like she was reminding other women that this could hapen to them too. She said she hoped that every time a woman looked at her in shock or pity, that that woman would go home and schedule a mammogram.That's some pretty powerful thinking. Cheers,Michelle