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March 2011 chemo-lounge



  • Malou
    Malou Member Posts: 8

    I did round #1 today and it went well.   I am tired from the Benadryl (not the chemo) and have a yucky taste already - other than that it was very uneventful.  I know this one is the walk in the park but I now can say - only three to go.  Hope everyone else did/does great as well who are starting this month. 

  • Mauimama
    Mauimama Member Posts: 16

    So happy to hear it went so well, Malou.  Very encouraging.  I start my 1st of 4 rounds, same as you, on Monday.  Not looking forward to it, but anxious to get it going and get it over with!!!!  You say this one is the "walk in the park" one so I take it you expect round #2 to be more difficult?  For all of our sakes, I hope not~  I'm encouraged by your posting and hope all of us starting this month do really well!  I'm from Maui and in the Hawaiian language, the word for moving forward is "imua" (e-moo-ah) and that's going to be my personal mantra for my treatment...whatever works, right?

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Malou - glad it went well for you too today!  I did the ice in my mouth and seemed to esape the bad taste for now at least.  Just think we are 25% done with chemo!  Ya hoo!

    I was at the infusion office from 8am until 4:45pm due to the cold caps.  The infusion and pre meds lasted only about 3 hours.  I did also meet with my med onc before we started that.  All in all it was a good day.  I had my husband and good friend with me doing the caps.  They were my "pitt crew" for the day and did great.  I am so fortunate to have them!  I am planning to get up and hit the gym in the morning and then later I have to go get the dreaded neulasta shot....I hope I have no reaction to that.  I will keep you posted.  Good luck to the rest of our gals starting this week!

  • jenn_h
    jenn_h Member Posts: 21

    I had my second treatment today. I guess I'm a pinot grigio too...Was wondering why I feel so wired on treatment day and apparently that's from one of my anti-nausea I'll make a good dinner tonight, than hubby is in charge next three days while I crash! I guess I have been lucky with Neulasta shot, I have had it twice now with no pain at all. After my first treatment I did wake up like clock work at 4:30 am the first 4 nights and was wide awake, that got better by the 5th day. Really days 5 through 14 I felt almost perfectly "normal" (except for the stupid PICC line I have attached to my arm!!)

    My hair started falling out last's an issue, but I'll be kinda glad when its all gone so the anticipation of it all is over and done with...

    Good luck to everybody who is just getting much better when you can get the fight started!!! Hugs and prayers....jenn

  • PennyCookson
    PennyCookson Member Posts: 356

    My visit to the cocktail lounge went fine yesterday, and I still feel OK, trying to drink alot, walk and do a few light weights to keep active.

    Since I am TAC I expect the taxotere to hit me day 3.  

    For the lady who was worried about her head size - I have a huge head - and to make it worse its sort of square shaped.  The headscarves tied behind your neck look awful.  I have bought a couple of very pretty hijabs. (  I am just going to pin them at the side with a breast cancer pin they also sell so its obviously not a religious statement, but the fact that they drape round your neck/shoulders is more flattering.

    Mind you probably best not to  wear it while imbibing cocktails in public, or with a short skirt

  • Esti
    Esti Member Posts: 11

    Hi ladies! (I went through FEC-T chemo this past July-Nov)

    Just dropping in to wish you well and remind you to keep hydrated and keep one step ahead of the nausea with the anti-nauseants.

    When it gets rough, I promise you that it will get better.  Look for little signs of improvement, and celebrate even the small stuff - like putting over 100 steps on your pedometer :) 

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    OK so I survived the day after chemo.  I got up this morning at 6:30am got my son dressed and off to school.  Had a good breakfast - with 3 glasses of water.  Went to the gym - did the elliptical for 40 minutes and did my rehab stretches.  I ran errands and then did physical therapy for 30 minutes.  I went shopping and treated myself to a Pandora ring for my first chemo session...they have these cute stackable rings that are all different and I plan on getting one after EACH of my 4 chemo sessions!  I am wearing it now and love it!  I then got my neulasta shot and picked my son up at school.  I felt just like myself today....oh how I wish it would be like this every day during chemo. One can only hope and stay positive, right?  I hope you all feel as good as I did today after you start!!!!

    Jenn H:  Glad treatment went well. It must feel good to have another one completed!  I got my neulasta shot far so good.  I hope I sleep, but who knows.  I slept well the last two nights even on the steroids but then again ativan does wonders.  I am sorry about the hair, but so far the worst part of everything is the anticipation and waiting for things to happen.  Once you get through that part it somehow seems easier...know what I mean?  Oh how I wish we were just drinking pinot grigio......

    Pennycookson:  Glad you got through today OK.  It somehow feels better just having it over with doesn't it?

    Esti: thanks for supporting us all in getting started! I appreciate it!

  • PennyCookson
    PennyCookson Member Posts: 356

    Hi mdg - you sound like you have had a really positive day - you've done heaps.  Remember - one day at a time and stick to the Aussie saying "She'll be right".  I am lucky, my kids are grown up and help look after me now.  When I got home from chemo my daughter had put about a dozen teddy bears all round the house.  Each was wearing a hat or headscarf and holding a picture of one of my family wearing the same hat.  There are some wonderful moments in all this.

    Thanks to all the ladies who have been thru this and are chipping in with encouragement. I am thinking when we all get thru this we have a possible world cocktail lounge trip including Aus, U.S, Canada.

  • Esti
    Esti Member Posts: 11

    MDG (Maria);  Good grief, you're so active post-chemo!!  In the first few days after my first chemo I took it easy and watched for symptoms like waiting for an egg to hatch.  ('My nose is itchy! Is that a chemo side-effect?!! Does that mean I'm going to barf?!')

    I had long hair prior to the diagnosis, and had it cut to a bob before chemo.  When I sat in my hair dresser's chair and she asked me what I wanted, I burst into tears. I said  sorry,  I'm starting chemo next week - please just cut it into a bob.  She said 'I'm going to give you the rockin'-est bob you've ever seen!' And she did. I sewed some of my hair into hair wefts, thinking I'd make false bangs to add to hats or baseball caps (there's a how to sew hair wefts here:

    On the 14th or so after the first chemo my scalp hurt and I had a dull headache and the next morning I woke up with hair all over my pillow.  I went into my back garden and shaved it off.  I felt very determined.

    I went back inside, looked in the mirror...and laughed. I looked like a Los Angeles gang member. In a few days I had the full egg effect. (I had to help it along with a lint roller and then duct tape).  My thought was: the chemo is working, the cancer cells are dying, too... but *dammit* I don't look cute bald.  It might take a while, but you'll start to see the beauty again when you look in the mirror.

     Here's to all of you beautiful women going through chemo:

  • Huskerkkc
    Huskerkkc Member Posts: 471

    Hi all,

    I went to family doc today and the lungs are clear (pneumonia gone) but have to continue the antibiotics that I thought I was done with. I still have some coughing and sinus involvement, so he wants me to continue that. However, he will call the BS and tell him I am good to go for the port placement. I'm hoping for next Thu or Friday (does one really hope for surgery? I guess I just want to get this show on the road!) 

    Also, my dear co-workers at school (I'm a K-8 counselor) had a Bunco for Breast Cancer event in my honor after school today-at a local winery!!! There were about 25 of us having appetizers and drinking wine (I only had one glass, but I drank it real slow!) and having a good time. All the food was donated, so the only cost was the wine. The teachers could wear jeans today (and pink if they wanted) for a $5 donation. All proceeds will go to the Susan Koman Race for the Cure in my name. They also plan to provide meals on the days I have treatments. About 5 minutes after I got there, my parents showed up (they live 90 miles away and were supposedly on their way out of town to visit my aunt). I was so touched. I was so nervous, so humbled, and so afraid I would start crying when everyone gave me their words of encouragement. All I said was thank you-what more could I say? It was a really good day-the best I've had I think since I've been diagnosed.   

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Hey ladies - I also wanted to post this link.  There are services offering free housecleaning for people going through chemo.  I already have a regular cleaning crew that comes to my house so I won't be doing this, but I wanted to share:

    I hope it helps some of you out!  They only take so many applications a day.  I don't know much about it....just thought it may be worth checking out!  Got the info from the resources board under "freebies".  There are some other things worth checking out on the thread. 

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Huskerkkc:  That's awesome!  What kind people and what a fun event!  Don't sweat the port's all good.  I don't even feel mine.  The bruise is almost gone too!

  • maxineo
    maxineo Member Posts: 199

    mdg: so glad things are going smoothly. I had to chime in on the Pandora rings...After my MX surgery, I got myself a Pandora bracelet with one bead to celebrate, and I will buy a bead after each chemo treatment!  (8 beads).  Then, maybe a bead for each week of radiation?? Still figuring that out.

    Was anyone able to get it arranged to have their Neulasta shot at home? I am still waiting to hear from my doctor/insurance on that.

  • migallen
    migallen Member Posts: 46

    Hi Maria,

    I haven't been on here in a while, boy have I just been down.  But you are truly an inspiration.  I was reading to my fiancee just how energetic you were after your treatment, and I want to be just like you.

    How are you feeling today?  Today I find out my oncotype score, finally. Can you believe it's taken this long? 



  • Colodisneylover
    Colodisneylover Member Posts: 183

    MaxineO-I asked about getting the shot at home. Onc said no way they'd ever get it approved due to the high cost of the shot.  I know others have gotten it approved but didn't want to argue.Their office is very close to my house, so it is pretty convenient. If it was farther, I would have argued to get it at home.

  • jenn_h
    jenn_h Member Posts: 21

    What wonderful families and friends Penny and Husker!! Thanks for sharing...isn't it such an added benefit to find out how many people we have that REALLY care about us in our appreciate the things that are REALLY important!!

    I may have two friends over on Sun. to have a little head shaving party. Plan is maybe a mohawk and then some patterns and stuff shaved in...I was going to make a photo journal of the event entitled "The Real Stages of Breast Cancer". It started falling out Wed. evening, large amounts come out in my hand, and brush, and shower, but didn't have a pillow full this am so trying to decide if I should do it Sun. and just be done with it or cut it short first or wait until it's worse? Any idea how many days it really takes? I thought it would be better to do Sun and start work Mon with the new head coverings than have to do that in the middle of the week...

  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Min - I am so glad to hear from you!  I have been wondering how you have been.  Let me know on the oncotype....I am praying for a LOW, LOW number for you!  I hope you can dodge the chemo bullet.  PM me and give me details on how you really are.....I am here for you!!!

    Hey ladies...OK I don't know when the chemo is gonna get me, but I had another great day other than some constipation which was not that bad.  I have been chugging water like crazy. I got up, took my son to school and went to the gym for an hour workout.  Felt great.  I had another TE fill today so my chest and back are a bit tight so I took some tylenol for that.  I have been starving all day.  I have been sleeping good at night after I take an ativan before bed.   I keep hoping that I can last like this....crossing fingers!  I keep saying I am not going to let myself feel sick....I am not going to feel sick....over and over and over again....

    How are the other chemo gals that started this week????  Drink that should help!

  • Silia
    Silia Member Posts: 265

    Sitting in chair getting the AC now. This is not bad after all (though I thought my head would explode when I arrived - stressed out!!). Been here 3 hours so far. Will write more when I can.

  • ckelly4181
    ckelly4181 Member Posts: 5

    There are certainly some inspiring women in this crew.  It seems hard to find anything positive in all this when you are waiting to begin and learning about a new side effect everyday (I mean do they have to dole it out like that).  Today I learned that I can't use tampons or eat sushi, my two favorite things.  :(

     On a brighter note, I got my BRAC results back and they are negetive.  Thank God, the idea of having to have my ovaries removed when I turned 35 was more than I could handle at the moment.

     My chemo treatment has been changed to TCH x6, starting on the 16th.  I am leaning towards my cocktail being Hot Buttered Rum.  It's been too cold for me in D.C. and a Butter Rum drink sounds like the prefect thing to keep me warm.

     Congratulations to all you ladies who are 25% or more of the way through.  I think that buying jewelry to mark the passage of time is fabulous, and it's a physical sign of strength that can be passed down to future generations.  To the rest of us who are still standing on the precipice, hang in there, it's clear we all have the strength needed to get through this.  We will all be hit differently and it ok for us to feel sick and tired, but we will never give up.

    My thoughts are with you all.

    Love Chris 

  • PennyCookson
    PennyCookson Member Posts: 356

    Hi all second day was fine - feel like I have flu this morning on day 3, but I think thats the Taxane.  Don't wait till you feel really bad, take meds at the first signs, All my meds have different names from yours in the U.S. but I am taking paracetamol (which I think is similar to yout Tylenol) and ibuprofen in case of joint paint from the Neulasta.  I wash my mouth out with Biotene mouthwash after eating, and never stop drinking fluids (I am up peeing all night - poor husband)

    So far so good - I has a walk down by the sea this morning again. We live on a truly beautiful stretch of coast. I really believe how you feel physically has so much to do with your mental state, if we keep strong we will feel better.  Don't read any of the negative stuff on the web.  I am lucky to get my Neulasta shot at home, mywonderful sister is a nurse and they let her do it.

    Chris - glad to hear about your BRAC result.

    Maria - you are an inspiration - so strong

  • KCandJsMom
    KCandJsMom Member Posts: 2

    I am not AT ALL happy about the cover charge to get into this place!. But once inside...what a wonderful group of women! Your advice is priceless. And I hope the drinks are strong : )

    I start chemo Wed. March 9. I will receive AC for 4 cycles and then paclitaxel 1x a week for another 12 weeks. I am in a clinical trial so there is a 50/50 chance I will also be receiving herceptin the last 12 weeks along with paclitaxel. I won't know until the end which group I am in.

    Just picked out my wig this afternoon. Most of the women I have spoken with don't even end up using theirs as I hear they are very uncomfortable. But the thought of losing my hair is, in many ways, harder than losing my breast. As a previous poster said, probably because it is an obvious sign of our illness. I have a 5 and 8 year old and they have done so well through all of this, mostly because I act like their same old mom. Sure, I sat around on the couch for a long time after my surgery, but I swear they just thought I was being lazy! There will be no mistaking/forgetting I am sick with the cancer when the kids see their mom with no more hair!

    Of all the things I hate about cancer - worrying my kids is the SINGLE MOST F-ED UP THING ABOUT IT. Once I was assigned a chemo date I explained to the kids that if I am lucky, and if the medicine works, I will be losing my hair soon. My daughter cried when I told them this and said she wanted me to keep my long hair (I think she was just having a flash back of last summer when she and her girlfriend chopped all of HER hair off!). So I decided to take her with me and she helped me to pick out a wig. She was thrilled and said, "Mommy, now none of my friends at school will point and laugh at your bald head!". I guess that is a five year old for you (or at least mine).I think there will be some great lessons in tolerance, empathy, and understanding in this for all of us. Maybe even her kindergarten friends ; )

    So gals, how do I get a glass of wine around here? And do me a favor, just leave the bottle at the table for me. I don't want to have to trouble you for another glass, which I am certain to have in short order : )

  • PennyCookson
    PennyCookson Member Posts: 356

    Hi KCandJsMom - the drinks are strong, but so are we.

  • migallen
    migallen Member Posts: 46

    Hi Ladies,

    I am officially joining the March chemo lounge.  Found out my oncotype number is 30, so I start my first round of AC on March 18, followed by 12 weeks of taxol.  MY cocktail of choice is a very dirty grey goose martini.  Really wish I could have one now.

  • JeanH
    JeanH Member Posts: 132

    mdg glad your first TX is going well.

    Hi Everyone I am popping in from Charlotte's February group with some encouragement and tips. I just had my 3rd EC treatment (TX) on Thursday. I am on a dose dense schedule so I go in every other Thursday and give myself a nuelasta shot the next day.

    First of all it is not anywhere as bad as I feared. There are many cocktails out there and we all react differently. the EC i am on is in the same class as AC, and when I started was being substituted as there was a shortage. same results same side effect,same red color just 3 additional shots into the IV. The great news is no matter what people feel they all seem to be back to normal or normal in about a week. Day 8 has been my magic day so far. I have good days before but Day 8 I feel like me again no chemo fog, not feeling like a nap is overdue, working a full day no problem. ( I usually return to office on Monday, definite Chemo fog that morning schedule easy light brain activities to get back in the flow.

    Chemo fog is real for those that have experienced pregnancy I am finding it worse that preggie brain. That being said there are similarities between the 2 states, I find I am very sentitive to smells the first day, need to eat small snacks meals ever 2-3 hours, saltines are my best friend (with figs for some reason) I always have with me on Chemo days for the ride home. There is a correlation between morning sickness and Chemo nausea so tell you doctor and chem nurses if you have a hard time with either.I have some food aversions and some that I have to have in the house- see saltines and figs, add hard boiled eggs, note I was never particularly interest in figs before-and they have to be soft dried figs.

    SInce I was early in the Feb group I did find in helpful to follow the January group so I had some ladies who went before. so drop in on the febs. Other helpful threads are tips for Chemo and more tips and a shopping list for chemo, girls try and keep bumping them to keep them active for your to find. ANother great one is on head coverings listing websites for great hats & scarfs and list of sites that will send free ones to cancer patients with doctor verification.

    I found having the chemo box with the med suggestions from the tip list by my bed is like asecurity blanket, it is so much easier to know the meds are there rather than hunting in the house or worse sending someone to the pharmacy. What I have used tylenol, aleve,motrin (I had cramps so not really a SE) colace,senacote,biotene toothpaste and mouthrise, saline spray and AYR saline gel for nose. I have not worn my contacts but eyes not too dry. vaseline/lip balm for lips. I also keep a refillable waterbottle by my bed for hydration and drymouth. I also used claritan infusion day and the 4 days after, helps with stuffy nose from EC and antidotatal evidence that it helps avoid nuelasta pain. I have not had bad pains so it either works or I am not in the 15% that has bad pain. I was given a satin pillow case in a chemo care pack and find it to be very comfortable and limits the shedding in bed and allows sleeping hat to slide. I found a loose turban or sleeping cap good for catching the hair once shedding starts (day 16 for me and typical for AC/EC) and keeping bare head warm. Hats that were comfortable during day or with hair did not always work for me for sleeping wanted looser.

    Shop for wigs as soon as you can if you want one to give your self time to find one that is comfortable and YOU. It does help to have one when you need it, I wear to work and use scarves hats at home and some local running around. You can shop online but measure your head. Custome wigs fit well but are very expensive. CHekc your insurance many will pay part or all of the cost see what the allowance is for a craniel prothesis. You onc will need to write a perscription.

    I also recommend taking a snack bag for chemo with light easily digestable snacks, peppermint or ginger tee and other comfort food. My center provides lunch forhte longer infusions like taxol but not routinely for the shorter ones like EC/AC. however I am there for a long time to do bloodwork,see doctor and chemo. I send my driver to get lunch in the break between doctor and chemo so that I don't have to smell any food one I am done, I usually need to pop tylenol as soon as the infusion is done so that is in my small hemo bag that stays in purse (see tips)

    Good luck ladies you can do this.


  • JeanH
    JeanH Member Posts: 132

    sorry even after that long post I forgot, don't mess with fever, have a good digital thermometer in your box. Doctors want you to call in immediately if temps hit 100.4 warning sign for infection or low WBC.

    Also don't suffer from nausea I have Emend (pill) ALoxi IV Premed) and Decatron (steroid anti nausea) pill that are given to me each treatment and pills containue as home. Compazine is the extra I have for breakthrough (I needed once and it worked like a charm) The doctor and nurses all said take meds as soon as you need easier to prevent than stop once it gets going. they also said to call them right away if what we are given does not work they have more in the arsenal and will work with you to find out the best med combo for you.

    staying hydrated is key drink lots the 2 days before and especially the 3-4 days after but keep it up during the entire time. mixing in chicken broth and other drinks is great advice.

    I do not have a port and so far so good. they have got it first try each time in my hand or wrist.

    Good luck ladies, love the cancer haT

  • Anniemomofthree
    Anniemomofthree Member Posts: 370

    Jean - such great advice.  

    The "waiting for chemo" ranks up there with the "waiting for surgery" and "waiting for scan results."   Once you get there, you will realize how doable chemo is...

    Remember this chemo is a gift of health.  It is killing any errant cells. We are so lucky to have access to such great medicine!

    Best of luck!!!!!

  • bikenyc
    bikenyc Member Posts: 57
    Had my 1st round of 8 yesterday and am feeling surprisingly ok.  Not fanstastic, but pretty good.
    But I have to say the day was insanely stressful.  They scheduled my port placement for the same day as my chemo (port morning, chemo afternoon).  Of course there was a blood test that had been missed so I had to go really early to NYU to get that done before they could pop in the port.  The results were so long in coming back I was just sitting in a room for 2 1/2 hours waiting (and of course checking work emails which didn't help put me in a zen mode).  
    By the time my one simple blood coag test came back (seriously NYU blood lab..."stat" means 4 hours?")  I was running so late that I was in danger on not being able to get my chemo that day.   I've been waiting for this to just start already long enough, so that was not happening.   My option was to get the port placement without the sedation...just local...which I figured would be weird but I could roll with.  
    They tented me all up so I could just see a little window of room on the opposite side of the doctor.  But of course here everything like my heart rate, and the doctor whinging about it not being the room he likes to work/equipment he likes to work with (awesome).   It was sort of interesting in a really uncomfortable way.  you could feel him burrowing a little space for the port and then a tunnel for the line....really digging into your neck.  A wire goes in first, then the line.  When he had the wire in my heart started going into arrhythmia. I could totally feel it jumping in my chest but that stress was coupled with hearing it on the monitor.  Fucking freaked me out.  He took the wire out and it stopped but then about 10 minutes later it happened again once the wire was out.  Everyone was just telling me to breathe slow and deep but it wasn't doing anything.  This has happened to me before in real life about 3 times in the last 2 year.  My doctor chalked it up to stress and said it's quite common, but the second time it happened I googled ways to stop it an found all theses manuevers like bearing down while holding your breath and putting pressure on your eyelids.  They worked then like flipping a switch.  Couldn't really bear down while laying down so I managed to get my one free hand up to put my fingers on my eyelids.  And it stopped. 
    All I could think is "oh my god what else is wrong with me" (they found v early thyroid cancer during my pet scan that I had to wait almost 2 weeks to find out it wasn't weirdly metastatic breast cancer). Burst into tears when my mom came into the recovery area.
    So long story short, by the time we got over to the cancer center for my chemo, it was very anticlimactic. they took me to a nice private little area with a comfy recliner. Set me up with my popsicles. Pushed the three things of adriamycin in pretty quickly, then just an hour of the "C" from IV.  In and out in way less time than I thought.  
    Went and got a pedicure with my mom after, feeling pretty good.  Just a bit of the physical feelings of nausea last sweating...but no actually urge to puke. A friend had sent my chicken matzo soup and the saltiness was perfect to counter the metal taste in my mouth.  Took a proclhorazine.  Knocked myself out with the ativan and slept like a baby.   
    Feel fairly decent today...but just the thought of certain foods isn't doing it for me.  Waiting for my energy crash but keeping my fingers crossed they all go this easy (minus port placement).  
    Best of luck for those still waiting to start.
  • mdg
    mdg Member Posts: 1,468

    Good Saturday ladies.  I am just checking in with a bit of advice and an update.  Just so you know, you WILL get constipated from the chemo.  Good lord!  I had to send my hubby to the pharmacy at 5:45am this morning for a dreaded enema.  Yes, this is TMI but I think we all checked out modesty at the door when we got diagnosed.  All I am going to say is that the stool softeners do not work.  I am taking laxitives on chemo days from now on......that's my plan and I am sticking to it!  I drank gallons of water...did not make a difference.  Just keep this in mind...that has been the worst part of the chemo....the constipation!  Have some supplies on me!  You can burn them at the end of chemo if you don't need them!

     As far as updates...feeling OK.  Chemo has not hit me yet that I know of.  I did not sleep well last night but I had a tissue expander fill yesterday and I never sleep good on those nights. I am sore but not from the chemo - from the workout I did yesterday at the gym!  My poor booty!  I can feel the workout today for sure.  I was starving yesterday.  I continue to have an appetite today but nothing sounds good to eat.  Nothing appeals to me so I am keeping in bland - pasta, toast, pretzels.  I am starving and want a real meal for dinner though....just don't know what!  I am behind on water today..I gotta get going on that.  So far - chemo has not zapped me.

    KCandJSmom- the drinks are strong and the women are too!  There is a big bottle of wine on the bar, help yourself!  I added you to the list at the top post.  I know how hard it is with kids...I have a 4 year old.  They are little joys at times in this though....I simply melt when my son says "mommy, I just want to hug you because I love you so much".  Makes every painful moment better for sure!

    Migallen - got you added to the list.  Aren't you drinking a strong drink...very dirty martini.  Go girl!  I also PM you information on the cold caps.  Glad you are going to freeze along with me all in the name of hair!

    Jenn_H:  Did you have your hair party?  I am sorry it is starting to go....I wish I had the right words but I don't know what to say.....I am usually not speechless but since BC came along I have had many speechless moments (go figure).

    Silia - you made it through #1!  I hope you are feeling ok.  Post an update....waiting to hear how you are doing!

    Pennycookson:  How are you feeling? I am so jealous you are by the sea!  I am freezing in the rain here in Detroit!  Oh how I wish I could just pop over and take a walk with you at the sea!

    Ckelly:  no tampons?  What's up with that?  I have not been told anything about that but then again I suppose I will be in "chemopause" so it won't matter anyway.   I like your drink...sounds nice on a cold, rainy day.  I added it up at the top along with your start date.

    Bikenyc - you got one session down!  Good for you.  I hope you are feeling OK.  Sounds like it was a long day. Hoping you feel OK.

    JeanH - thanks for stopping by and sharing information.  It is so helpful to hear how others are getting through this before us!  I hope you are doing well.  Congrats on knocking out another chemo!

    Have a great weekend ladies....

    Best wishes to those of you getting your first cocktail this coming week:

    Mauimama  3/7, KCandJsMom   3/9, MaxineO  3/10, and Colodisneylover  3/10

  • EmilyInOntario
    EmilyInOntario Member Posts: 288

    Wishing you all smooth sailing through chemo. I am ALMOST halfway through FEC-D chemo regime (from the January/February group..started Jan 28) If I can help anyone with suggestions or advice just PM me, particularly if you are on this same regime. I think once you get through the first cycle and understand what to expect it will be mentally much easier. The hair thing does take a bit of getting used to. ( Mine is mostly gone now) But have great support here and I wish you all the very best!

  • Colodisneylover
    Colodisneylover Member Posts: 183

    Thanks for the updates, ladies. I have been wondering how everyone has been doing.  I think I am ready to start on Thursday. I feel like I just need to get it started and quit waiting! I finally went and got fitted for my mastectomy bra and wore it for about 2 hours today. It hurt like crazy! I am not sure if they didn't fit me right or if I am just not used to it or what, but I was really upset.  Did anyone else feel like that?  Also, no tampons?  Can anyone explain that?  For those that were constipated, did you start taking stool softeners before chemo and it didn't work?  Should I just avoid that and go for the laxatives?