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Haiku for Fun



  • moonflwr912
    moonflwr912 Member Posts: 5,937

    Astrid, thats beautiful.

    Heres a piem I write tiday. Not exactly a Haiku, but feelings.

    Thoughts on After Christmas:

    Christmas tree is taken down,

    lights are put away.

    Ornaments are wrapped up tight

    Safely stored today.

    Memories still burn bright

    As each is snugged in love

    Wrapped in thoughts of those

    who've gone ahead, above.

    Christmas season's in the past

    And a whole New Year to go.

    Learn to use it wisely, fast.

    So heart and spirit grow.

    Cherish every moment

    Of each and every day

    Small things done lovingly

    Are the only way.

    Take the boxes down the stairs

    Turn and face the new

    All the year is right ahead

    Waiting just for you.

  • moonflwr912
    moonflwr912 Member Posts: 5,937

    A New Year awaits

    Plans and Resolutions made

    May even keep some!

  • amygil81
    amygil81 Member Posts: 42

    Breast gone, now arm swells.

    PT, bandages, sleeve, glove

    For life. Damn LE.

  • zogo
    zogo Member Posts: 19,249

    Winter again? No!

    The days are much shorter now

    It's dark too early