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WOO HOO! Now a 12 year survivor of Stage 4 breast cancer!!!!

denny123 Member Posts: 1,436

Original liver mets, remission for 6 years. 2 1/2 years ago I had recurrence to nodes behind my sternum, but Gemzar is doing a good job on those.

Yay me.

I should edit this-the Gemzar quit working and now I am on Kadcyla....



  • AmyQ
    AmyQ Member Posts: 821
    edited December 2013

    That is indeed uplifting news. Congratulations.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,689
    edited December 2013

    Congratulations Denny! And thanks for sharing your milestone with everyone. image

  • Kjones13
    Kjones13 Member Posts: 662
    edited December 2013

    Awesome! Congratulations! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing!

  • susan_02143
    susan_02143 Member Posts: 2,394
    edited December 2013


    I am so very pleased for you.... and to be honest, for all of us. Thank you for sharing.


  • tina2
    tina2 Member Posts: 753
    edited December 2013

    Wow! Fantastic news. Yay you, indeed!


  • chanah
    chanah Member Posts: 90
    edited December 2013

    May you continue to be blessed with good health and may the rest of us hope it is contagious!

  • camillegal
    camillegal Member Posts: 15,711
    edited December 2013

    Denny Wonderful news Congratulations.

  • brandall
    brandall Member Posts: 97
    edited December 2013

    Wonderful news!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, your story gives me hope :)

  • surfdreams
    surfdreams Member Posts: 179
    edited December 2013

    That's so cool!

  • Romansma
    Romansma Member Posts: 650
    edited December 2013

    Wow, that's awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • curveball
    curveball Member Posts: 1,583
    edited December 2013


  • Catesmom
    Catesmom Member Posts: 45
    edited December 2013

    Absolutely awesome!!! That is fantastic!! Kelly

  • AmyJM
    AmyJM Member Posts: 134
    edited December 2013

    Yay you is right! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! It really does give us all hope - thanks for sharing and here's to many, many more years!

    Hugs, Amy

  • fujiimama
    fujiimama Member Posts: 236
    edited December 2013

    Hooray for you!HappyThanks for gives me great joy and hope!

  • Leah_S
    Leah_S Member Posts: 1,929
    edited December 2013

    How wonderful!

    And thank you for giving us all hope.


  • stagefree
    stagefree Member Posts: 360
    edited December 2013

    Great News Denny! congrats!!!


  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,856
    edited December 2013

    Yay you!!! Praying for many, many more years!

  • Rakovina
    Rakovina Member Posts: 51
    edited December 2013

    That is just wonderful!

  • Racy
    Racy Member Posts: 974
    edited December 2013

    Thank you for your inspiring post. It is what we all hope for.

    Wishing you good health!

  • teacher911
    teacher911 Member Posts: 152
    edited December 2013

    Denny, that is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing.

  • Padiddle
    Padiddle Member Posts: 139
    edited December 2013

    Congratulations Denny! Twelve years is a awesome! Jean

  • dmacw
    dmacw Member Posts: 64
    edited December 2013

    OMG, Denny,, that is great. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  • Scandophile
    Scandophile Member Posts: 5
    edited December 2013

    Happy Brilliant News!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Sending out warmest wishes and may God Bless you for many, many more!!!

  • MarshaMay
    MarshaMay Member Posts: 14
    edited December 2013

    How marvelous. We are so happy for you. You give us all hope. Marsha

  • JeninMichigan
    JeninMichigan Member Posts: 51
    edited December 2013


    You continue to be my inspiration!! Yay you indeed!!! Wishing you another 12 years!


  • BanR
    BanR Member Posts: 238
    edited December 2013

    thanks for sharing denny..

    wish you many many more years...and to all of us too!!

  • Connis
    Connis Member Posts: 10
    edited December 2013

    Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you.Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for sharing.   Connis

  • cmhartley
    cmhartley Member Posts: 23
    edited December 2013

    Fantastic news! I would love to hear more about your experiences with Gemzar as I will be going to this next due to bone and liver progression again. You can PM me or share here.

    Way to Go! How encouraging!!!


  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438
    edited December 2013

    Yay you indeed!!! Congrats!!! That is awesome and gives others hope that they too can reach the twelve year plus with mets.......I know I'm one of them.

    Love n hugs. Chrissy

  • Cafelovr
    Cafelovr Member Posts: 75
    edited December 2013

    So happy to hear this! Congratulations!