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ILC - Old Lady Cancer?

vbishop Member Posts: 332

When I was diagnosed almost a year ago, my oncologist told me that my daughters and nieces did not have to worry about increased risk of breast cancer, as ILC was "old lady" cancer and not hereditary.  Now, I'm not that old (57) but I am post menopause.  That being said, I am hearing more and more young women (pre-menopause) being diagnosed with ILC.  WTH?!

ILC Ladies - do you mind sharing your age at diagnosis?  I am curious if we can detect a trend.



  • Bellis
    Bellis Member Posts: 2

    I was 45 at diagnosis - pre-menopause  and still is.


  • leelee52
    leelee52 Member Posts: 1

    I was just diagnosed with ILC and I am 52.

  • Lily55
    Lily55 Member Posts: 1,748

    ILC treatment makes you feel like an old lady........I was 55 at diagnosis

  • DiveCat
    DiveCat Member Posts: 290

    I seem to recall there was a thread on this topic, or at least many posts within a thread on ILC, asking age. There were MANY women in their 40s and early 50s. So much for it being old-lady cancer!

    My mother was originally diagnosed with ILC at cusp of her 48th birthday, and she was pre-menopausal. Her mother, and two grandmothers also had breast cancer, diagnosed in 40s-60s, but type (IDC, ILC) unknown.  So, my risk comes from there being a strong family history (including of pre-menopausal, aggressive breast cancer) beyond just my mum.

    90% of breast cancer is sporadic so usually your diagnosis - assuming there is not a pattern of other breast cancers or related cancers in the family - would not mean your other family members are at higher risk than the general population.

  • Momine
    Momine Member Posts: 2,845

    Most of us who post here were late 40s/early 50s when DXed, not exactly "old ladies" by any standard.

  • vbishop
    vbishop Member Posts: 332

    My overall prognosis is good, but I worry about my girls and my nieces.  My mom had BC in her 50s, don't know what type.  She had a mastectomy, swore they misdiagnosed her and refused other treatment.  Twenty years later and she's still going strong.

    Something to chat with my oncologist about at our next visit.  He was the one who told me my daughters were not at any greater risk, yet my sister's OBGYN suggested she get tested for the BRCA gene (or is it BRAC?  I get confused) because of my diagnosis and my mother having bc.

    Thanks for responding ladies!

  • kt1966
    kt1966 Member Posts: 1,021

    I was in my 30's when I was diagnosed, but I also had a bit of IDC in the mix.

    So, no, I don't think its an old ladies cancer!


  • rozem
    rozem Member Posts: 749

    my good friend had ILC at 35 - she is 6 years out and doing great (big 5 cm tumor)

  • Evgeniya
    Evgeniya Member Posts: 10

    hello!  36 years old. Blody hell and hell i live inn.... my son is 8 and he s got nobody but me ..... old lady cancer? Ha ha ha i wish...

  • Evgeniya
    Evgeniya Member Posts: 10

    am i the yongest here? Well beat all statisticks up again.....   i wish i would be old lady when diagnosed when children grow up... it would be easier..

  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 493

    Couple of thoughts: as DiveCat recalls, many of us put age at diagnosis in the long "ILC - the Odd One Out" thread. Historically, film mammograms did not detect our tumors until they were quite large and growing for several years. Also, most of our older sisters may not use computers or be on line in this type of forum to offer their experience.

    Vbishop, you would probably be the best candidate for genetic testing in your family at present unless your sister also has breast or ovarian cancer. The panels now on the market go far beyond the basic BRCA 1/2 and the cost has come way down since the Supreme Court decision which invalidated the Myriad company patent. Ask for a referral to a counselor at your clinic who can assess the situation.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,344

    I was 49, 1 month before turning 50.  I was still having regular periods.

  • Mischief46
    Mischief46 Member Posts: 68

    I am 46 and menopausal.

  • trail2
    trail2 Member Posts: 33

    I was 48 when I was diagnosed and pre menopausal.  My cancer surgeon said it had most likely been there for 6-8 years.  I had been having mammograms, but never showed.  I had an ultra sound after feeling a lump.  MRI and further ultrasound discovered two  more tumors.  Total of 3,,  I would recommend your daughters getting ultrasound along with mammogram since ILC tends to be invisible on mammograms.  Good Luck,  

  • Racy
    Racy Member Posts: 974

    I was 48. That was nearly 4 years ago!

  • Purplegurll
    Purplegurll Member Posts: 89

    I am 49 pre-menopausal at time of diagnosis. Mine is combined ILC and IDC. 

  • MrsDarcy
    MrsDarcy Member Posts: 50

    I was 45 at dx.   

    Just had a clear mammogram and ultrasound and coming up on my one year NED :)

  • momand2kids
    momand2kids Member Posts: 118

    Was 48 when dx--clear mammo 6 months prior-- pre menopause.... definitely not just for "old ladies"....

  • Annette_U
    Annette_U Member Posts: 13

    Old Lady Cancer! Is that said to comfort us. Shame we could all not time getting it at 65-75 so then we'd survive another 15 years, right! Too bad many or us got this before 55 (the reality) . I found out about mine within a week of turning 50 , I ran every day and was in better shape then many women in their 30's.  I guess some "Experts" figure we should live in the movie "Logan's Run" - then we wouldn't have to bother with "Old Lady Diseases"

  • lojo21
    lojo21 Member Posts: 39

    I was 41, and yes, my surgeon was surprised when he read the pathology report and did say that it was typically old lady cancer.  (mom was 45 when diagnosed - not sure what type she had).

  • northwindsgs
    northwindsgs Member Posts: 41

    I was 45 when diagnosed with ILC and also IDC.  Hope I get to be a old lady!

  • gemini4
    gemini4 Member Posts: 320

    48 and pre-menopausal at Dx -- all my oncologists called me "young".

  • awb
    awb Member Posts: 213

    my mom was 57 and post-meno when diagnosed with ILC. (I was 46 when diagnosed with LCIS).  My doctors and my 2 sisters doctors have always said that we are at double the risk of bc due to my mom's bc. For your doctor to say your daughter's aren't at a higher risk, just doesn't make any sense. (even if  one isn't BRCA positive, the risk is still somewhat increased due to a primary relative having bc--a mom, daughter or sister).


  • csardas
    csardas Member Posts: 2

    I was diagnosed 12 days after my 46th birthday and was pre-menopausal. 7cm spread, HER2 positive and the Oncologist said it was an aggressive cancer and they would treat it aggressively. Old lady cancer? My a..e!!

  • anothernycgirl
    anothernycgirl Member Posts: 821

    I was diagnosed with ILC years ago, - 4 days after my 49th birthday.

  • victoriasecret
    victoriasecret Member Posts: 37

    I was diagnosed in June 09 I turned 50 in August probably had been there for years !!!l

    love n light Cheryl

  • robinlk
    robinlk Member Posts: 363

    DX was 1 month after turning 49. Pre-menopausal. 

  • yogamama
    yogamama Member Posts: 9

    43 at dx.  Sigh.  Felt the best I ever have the day before I got diagnosed.  I'm vegetarian, thin, yoga instructor, no smoking, no family history, nursed  my babies for a total of SIX years….did it all right to dodge this bullet.  Yet, here I am.  After chemo and now radiation, I DO feel like an old lady. Best to all of you in this boat with me.  I'll ride it out as long I as I can, if it'll let me be here for my kids!

  • Kiss77
    Kiss77 Member Posts: 91

    35 at dx. But the lump has been there at least 4 years before dx. All the doctors that I have visited during this 4 years told me not to worry!


  • Holeinone
    Holeinone Member Posts: 1,418

    I think I win the ol' lady award so far...dx July of 2013, I had just turned 58. Stage 3, with  extranodal extension. 

    I have been thankful that my kids are adults with good jobs. They have been very supportive. My heart breaks for those of you with young children. My treatment was aggressive, horrific, but over, except for the Arimidex.