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How Many Are We?

zarovka Member Posts: 2,959

The purpose of this thread is to count the number of people lurking or posting on this forum and gather some basic info. We are trying to get a sense of who is out there and add everyone to the collective cyber hug that is this MBC forum.

This is not a thread for discussions. The only thing you need to put in the body of the post is Hi! (in the language of your choice) and/or the year of your diagnosis. This keeps the thread restricted to a simple head count. (number of posts = the number of people posting)

If you are willing to share the year of your stage IV diagnosis, put it in the body of the post. Also note if you are de novo if you choose. De novo means that you were diagnosed with metastasis from the beginning.

Please don't reply to posts to this thread. Reach out to people by PM. This is just a list.

That said, I do check this thread daily and it moves me deeply to see each name added. Sending peace and healing to everyone. Hope to chat with you elsewhere in this forum. Let us know the good and the bad and, of course, whatever is puzzling you. There are a lot of women on this forum ready to help you through this.

Hola! 2016 De Novo Multiple Mets to Liver and Possibly a Met to the Sternum


3/5/17 addendum. Goodness this list is getting long. - Z

9/15/17 - rats we're over 400.

1/1/18 - happy new year! i sure hope there is strength in numbers ...



  • lovelife49
    lovelife49 Member Posts: 26
    edited July 2016

    Hello! 2015

  • tina2
    tina2 Member Posts: 752
    edited July 2016


    Stage I 1985. Stage I 1995. Stage IV 2011.


  • AnimalCrackers
    AnimalCrackers Member Posts: 542
    edited July 2016

    Hi! 2014 stage IV de novo


  • artistatheart
    artistatheart Member Posts: 1,437
    edited July 2016

    July 2015 Stage IV DeNovo as well....

  • Sary
    Sary Member Posts: 43
    edited July 2016
  • unc_lady
    unc_lady Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2016

    Hi ... Stage IV De Novo 2015

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,751
    edited July 2016


  • Longtermsurvivor
    Longtermsurvivor Member Posts: 738
    edited July 2016

    Bilateral mastectomies in 1991, progression within 6 months. Stable or active disease since then.

  • mikarae
    mikarae Member Posts: 133
    edited July 2016


  • Linda11111111
    Linda11111111 Member Posts: 28
    edited July 2016


    Stage 4 diagnosis in 2010.

  • JFL
    JFL Member Posts: 1,373
    edited July 2016


    Stage 2B diagnosis in 2006.

    Stage 4 diagnosis in 2014.

  • Kessala
    Kessala Member Posts: 91
    edited July 2016

    Hello! 2005 Stage IV de novo

  • Becs511
    Becs511 Member Posts: 118
    edited July 2016

    Hello from NYC!

    May, 2014 de nov

  • LovesMaltese
    LovesMaltese Member Posts: 551
    edited July 2016

    Stage 2-A 1997

    Stage 4 2015

  • blainejennifer
    blainejennifer Member Posts: 441
    edited July 2016

    2012 - ER/PR+, HER - Bone Mets. 2016 - Liver Mets.


  • kt1966
    kt1966 Member Posts: 1,021
    edited July 2016

    Good morning

    2003 Stage IIIA

    2014 Bone & Lung mets

    Edited to add Leptomeningeal mets July 8 2016

  • catsteme
    catsteme Member Posts: 26
    edited July 2016

    Stage IV 2016 - Bone, lung

  • DebK227
    DebK227 Member Posts: 48
    edited July 2016

    Hello everyone!

    Stage 2b 2014 Feb

    Stage IV 2016 March

  • MsTee
    MsTee Member Posts: 18
    edited July 2016


    De novo, 2013 bone

    2014 liver

  • annieoakley
    annieoakley Member Posts: 653
    edited July 2016


    Stage 1, May 2012

    Stage IV, September 2014

  • Texasrose53
    Texasrose53 Member Posts: 290
    edited July 2016


    2013 Stage IIIA

    2015 Stage IV - Lungs and Sternum

  • Ally46
    Ally46 Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2016

    stage Iv denovo March 2015

  • windlass
    windlass Member Posts: 1,813
    edited July 2016

    Hi! 2015 brain mets. Now NED!

    Had neurosurgery to resect tumors. Now on herceptin and copper chelation.

    Original diagnosis 2011 - Stage IIIC, 6 cm (!) ductal tumor.

  • Groovywilma
    Groovywilma Member Posts: 47
    edited July 2016

    Stage IV from the start January 2011.


  • dcjoslin56
    dcjoslin56 Member Posts: 6
    edited July 2016


    Stage 3B in 2008, ILC, lumpectomy, 9/10 lymph nodes removed, 7 chemo treatments, 38 radiation treatments

    Stage 4 in 2015, ILC, large tumor in left armpit is wrapped around nerves and blood vessels, so surgery impossible, no radiation; am taking Ibrance and Femara for 1 year now. Have had 3 PET scans; first two showed shrinkage of tumor, third one showed a plateau; What does de novo mean? Is anyone else in a similar position as i am? What does your oncologist tell you about length of life? Would love to chat with someone in my position. Thank you, Diane

  • DJFJ
    DJFJ Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2016

    Hi - dx in 1999. Stage 4 in 2009

  • Dianarose
    Dianarose Member Posts: 1,951
    edited July 2016

    diagnosed 2004

    Stage 4 2013

  • AmyQ
    AmyQ Member Posts: 821
    edited July 2016


    De Novo bones 2013


  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438
    edited July 2016

    Hi, 2009 mets to bone. Right now I am NED.

  • Jaytee
    Jaytee Member Posts: 738
    edited July 2016

    Hi Stage 2B 2010

    Stage 4 2014