Lymph Nodes on Ultrasound



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    Thank you so much! I will look.

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    Thank you for this info! Would lymphoma nodes also appear malignant or just enlarged? I’m dealing with an inflamed right axilla node, appeared benign on u/s, but am referred for a biopsy. Mammogram and u/s found no abnormalities in breasts. I was curious that if it’s ‘more than likely’ benign, could it be something else, like lymphoma.

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    @Wen513 I'm dealing with a similar situation- One palpable reactive lymph node that I felt and which led to a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound. Both came back clear thankfully, but I have to go back in 6-8 weeks and see if the lymph node ( I think there are actually 3 of them that were larger than they should be) return to normal size. I received a Birads 3 and it says "probably benign". I'd love to know the accuracy of a radiologist in predicting this based on an ultrasound alone.

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    The radiologist who used to post here said ultrasound is a great tool on lymph nodes and being able to see if they are just enlarged or abnormal. Birads 3 is estimated to have a less than 3% chance of being cancer