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Anyone ER+ 1-10% weakly positive, PR- , HER2+?



Anyone is ER+ 1-10% weakly positive, PR-, HER2+ ?

Do you take anti-hormone pills for ER+ 1-10% weakly positive ?

thank you



  • LoriCA
    LoriCA Member Posts: 671
    edited February 2022

    I am. I'm so weakly positive that I'm considered negative. No I didn't take hormonals. Two oncologists said it wasn't worth it given the side effects and that I'd probably see no benefit.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,156
    edited February 2022

    Sorry - I'm negative/negative. Only HER2+ Someone else should be by soon.

  • Applejj
    Applejj Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2022

    Hi LoriCA,

    Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it.

    Since you joined the BREASTCANCER.ORG in 2017, have you seen any other member's postings with similar situation as I do that ER weakly positive 1-10%? I only received two responses after I posted my concern in the .ORG.

    thank you


  • kaytee1
    kaytee1 Member Posts: 2

    I am ER-, and 10% PR+, HER2+

    First biopsy was 7% PR+. At 7% oncologist and surgeon were adamant I needed no hormone treatment. 7% not considered positive

    Surgery, Paclitaxel & Kanjinti, and radiation were proposed as treatment.

    Post-surgery tumor analysis bumped PR status to 10% making it PR+. No one told me my diagnosis and treatment could change this dramatically post surgery, as the oncologists now recommended tamoxifen or Letrozole after I finished radiation. Although no one mentioned any of this to me for months

    Doctors said hormone treatment could improve my odds by 1%. But I think that is based on ER+ research. I found little research on this profile (- + +). They said they wanted to offer this small possible improvement to me that was based on ER research. No one weighed the benefits against the risks (heart attack, stroke uterine cancer for hormone blockers, and osteoporosis and fracture for aromatase therapy).

    I decided not to do hormone therapy.

    Has anyone had a similar situation? How did you resolve it?

  • ekatarina123
    ekatarina123 Member Posts: 1

    I am. 5% Er+, Pr-/Her2 3+. Completed TH, currently on Tamoxifen. Find it very heavy. ( ovar.cysts, high estadiol itc.) but my MO insists. 😁