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33 yr old TNBC Stage 2B and 13 weeks pregnant


Hi community, I'm:

  • 33 yrs old and 13 weeks pregnant
  • Diagnosed with TNBC, Grade 3, Stage 2B
  • Cancer found in right breast and size 3.8 cm
  • Cancer not found in lymph nodes yet

I'll be in 2nd trimester next week and my husband and I are trying to evaluate the pros/cons of different options:

  • Option #1: Keep the pregnancy and move forward w/ treatment (chemo, then lumpectomy, then delivery, then radiation)
  • Option #2: Terminate the pregnancy and move forward w/ treatment (chemo, then lumpectomy, then radiation). Try to conceive again in 2 yrs or so

Note: Per doctor, freezing the egg is not an option as it'd severely delay the treatment.


I understand this decision is very personal but would like to hear from fellow ladies (that been through similar situations) on what would they have done in my situation? How would you go making this extremely tough decision? Any guidance would be immensely helpful. THANK YOU!


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    tnbc33, we are so very sorry you find yourself here, facing such a difficult situation and decisions. It truly does feel like an impossible choice, and we're all here for you to support you in whatever you decide is best for you.

    You may find some helpful info and similar member stories in our Young with Breast Cancer forum. Members who are diagnosed under the age of 40 often face additional obstacles and decisions related to their treatment, fertility, and in some cases, their current pregnancy. Everyone's choice will be their own and it is certainly a deeply personal choice to make, but perhaps reading the stories from members in similar circumstances and connecting with people who can understand your unique situation, can provide some guidance and comfort.

    Also you may find this page from our site helpful on Being Diagnosed During Pregnancy:

    We hope this helps!

    The Mods

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    @tnbc33 We've been thinking of you. Have you made any decisions? Please keep us updated; we're all here for you!

    —The Mods