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How long have you been Stage IV?

goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,835

We have a thread of what age you were diagnosed at Stage IV, so how about "How long have you lived with Stage IV". Also please state if you were Stage IV from the get go.

I'm asking for this information in hoping to have MANY more years than the 2-3 I was given and to give hope to those newly diagnosed with Stage IV.

1 year for me. Original diagnosis 2008 at the age of 49, Stage IV 6 years later, 2014. Bone mets to right hip and spine @ the base of my neck.

Edit May 27, 2015


I really find this so inspiring and also important for us stage IV gals. We have over 157,000 members here and I know there are more of us out there. Please send your stage IV friends over to comment. I also like how it's stayed on track, straight and to the point of what I was asking. Makes it easy to see how long one has been stage IV. And to give hope to those of us recently diagnosed.

A HUGE congrats to those in double digits and those that are close. I wish that for all of us!

Edit May 26, 2022

Wow 7 years later, I'm still here! And so very very grateful! Bumping, in case anyone wants to chime in.



  • leggo
    leggo Member Posts: 379

    9 1/2 years. Lots of ups and downs. To be honest, I only know one women personally who fell into that 2 year statistic. 

    I was originally Stage 3.

  • LindaE54
    LindaE54 Member Posts: 1,379

    1 1/2 years - stage 4 from the start


  • jjski62
    jjski62 Member Posts: 43

    Relative newbie here. 8 months with stage 4 from the start with numerous bone mets throughout my spine and pelvis.

    I was wondering what type and extent of mets people were originally diagnosed with as well, as it would give hope that those not diagnosed with just a single or limited mets were also outliving statistics.

  • cymom
    cymom Member Posts: 10

    My mom was diagnosed 19 years ago. 13 years in the clear, then mets, stage IV. She's been stage IV for 7 1/2 years. ER+PR+HER2-

    It's been hard on her. Lots of ups and downs, but mostly we're filled with gratitude for time we never expected to have.

  • CarlaK
    CarlaK Member Posts: 35

    2 years, Stage 4 at diagnosis with 2 mets in the lung (on the opposite side from my primary breast tumor, so that was weird!) My onc said at the beginning "I'm pretty sure we can get you 5 years, 10 would be a stretch". I need 5 more years to get to both kids' HS graduations. Let's do this

  • Kandy
    Kandy Member Posts: 424

    18 mos as stage 4, original was stage 3,5 years ago.

  • lauriesh
    lauriesh Member Posts: 82
    Almost 5 years with stage 4, two liver mets. ER/pr-, her2+
    Orig diagnosed stage 2 10 years ago
  • shutterbug73
    shutterbug73 Member Posts: 284

    9 months, Stage IV from the gate, extensive bone mets. Thankful every day for Herceptin!

  • GG27
    GG27 Member Posts: 1,308

    I am identical to Goldie. Original stage II in 2008, age 49, 6 years later went to stage IV with numerous bone mets, hip, spine, rib, arm & head. I never asked & was never offered an expiry date, I just live everyday well. GG

  • diana50
    diana50 Member Posts: 253

    Mets 33 months. Stage 3 dx in 2002.

    Been a cAncer patient for 13 years. Still here and living my life. ThumbsUp

  • Teakie88
    Teakie88 Member Posts: 97

    Diagnosed Stage III ER-/PR- HER2+ May 2011, three years later June 2014 Stage IV with numerous mets to liver and bones. Current status as of PET scan in March----NED I am feeling great and am absolutely not putting any time limitations on my life. Best wishes to all. Ann

  • sandilee
    sandilee Member Posts: 436

    It will be four years with mets for me in June. In 2011, found mets throughout my spine, skull, and some in hip, but bones were kept stable with Faslodex and a little radiation. Recently found a few tiny liver mets, so that's my next target.

    Original diagnosis was Stage I in 2007.

  • Nel
    Nel Member Posts: 597

    DX  stage  3B  in Sept 2011

    DX  stage 4 Aug 2013.     Mets to adrenal gland

    NED since October 2013

  • Ohmydarlin
    Ohmydarlin Member Posts: 43

    Stage IV from the beginning

    February 2012



    Bone mets

  • Northtexas
    Northtexas Member Posts: 29

    Stage IIIA ILC in May,2000

    Stage IV with bone mets, April, 2015

  • MarshaMay
    MarshaMay Member Posts: 14

    Stage IV from the start Oct 2011

    Her 2 +

    NED since Oct 201

    Mets to bones, lungs, and brain

  • kt1966
    kt1966 Member Posts: 1,021

    I've been stage IV for 10 months. Mets to bones, lungs & lymph nodes. Just had a pleural effusion drained.

    Originally stage III in 2003. Good to see long term survivors with lung mets :)

  • Tina72
    Tina72 Member Posts: 32

    stage 4 from beginning. Diagnosed May 2012. Her2-, er/pr +. Mets to omentum and colon. Currently stable but in a lot of daily pai

  • lynn1234
    lynn1234 Member Posts: 90

    Stage VI for two years. Hope to have many more! Feelin' fine so far

  • steelrose
    steelrose Member Posts: 318

    FIve and a half years at stage iv. Mets to spine/sternum/liver at diagnosis. Very grateful to be here!!

  • bottkota
    bottkota Member Posts: 22

    stage 4 for 5 1/2 years, triple negative

    Original diagnosis was spring of 2005, stage 2. Recurred 4 1/2 years later.


  • youngturknyc
    youngturknyc Member Posts: 115

    My mom has been living with Stage IV for 14 years (into her 15th year now).  She was originally diagnosed with Stage IA 22 years ago (she recurred in 8 years).  She has extensive bone mets.

  • Jule
    Jule Member Posts: 85

    Stage 4 since January 2015. Previously diagnosed Stage 2B in April 2008. Mets to brain, bones, and lymph nodes.

  • Kjones13
    Kjones13 Member Posts: 662

    stage 4 from the beginning sept 2012. 3 mets in my liver and one on my L5. ER+/PR-/Her2+

  • 3-16-2011
    3-16-2011 Member Posts: 279

    stage iv since 11/2014 dx stage II 3/2011

    er/pr positive her 2 negative. mets to bones rib, spine, hip and pelvis. greatful for palliative radiation

  • Groovywilma
    Groovywilma Member Posts: 47

    Stage IV from the start since January 2011. Who knows how long before that? So it's been over four years, mets to bones everywhere. Aside from aches and pains, I'm living life well and enjoying it! Sending my best wishes to everyone here

  • Kessala
    Kessala Member Posts: 91

    Stage IV from the start.  Diagnosed 9 1/2 years ago.

  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,856

    8 years in August. Stage 4 at initial diagnosis.

  • RosesToeses
    RosesToeses Member Posts: 244

    I love this thread idea! I found a lot of hope out of BestBird's exceptional responder thread a few months ago.

    I've been stage IV just over a year (15 months to be exact). I was first dx at stage IIIa and got a year and a half there before being dx at stage IV with extensive bone mets. I have some small spots on my liver now, too, but hoping my new tx will take care of that.

    ETA: I feel really good, thank goodness. I work the same hours I did before dx, and do most of the same activities. So far it's been 15 decent months

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,843

    I'll start my fifth year at stage IV in July. Originally thought to be stage II but bone met was was discovered by accident 6 weeks after bmx, so we know it was there all along. Never had chemo, just rads to the femur and AI's. It is bizarre when I think of it because my life is largely unchanged, but I do have MBC and things can go south at any time. I'm definitely enjoying it while I can.