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How long have you been Stage IV?



  • lotusblossom
    lotusblossom Member Posts: 21

    Stage IV from the get-go, six years ago.

    TN with mets in lungs, spleen, biliary tract, spine, pancreas, nodes.....

    NED and without treatment since February 2014

  • mo37
    mo37 Member Posts: 12

    stage four from the get go.......11 years.


  • kacy2
    kacy2 Member Posts: 26

    Wow, what a hero you are. with all that going on... sounds like you are still going strong.

  • kacy2
    kacy2 Member Posts: 26

    Just starting, but apparently stage IV getgo.. liver met, although not entirely certain yet. Get final reading Tues. Haven't started treatment yet. these responses do give courage.

  • SonnyB
    SonnyB Member Posts: 33

    Stage IV from get go - March 2012. Extensive bone mets. Still on first treatment, Tamoxifen, and almost all mets are inactive!

  • nancyh
    nancyh Member Posts: 185

    Stage 4 for over 5 years with multiple liver, brain, bone and lung mets. Stage 2 diagnosis was nearly 12 years ago.

  • JeninMichigan
    JeninMichigan Member Posts: 51

    Stage IV from the start with multiple liver mets, bone mets to ribs, hip and chest nodes. 7 years 3 months. I have been NED now for nearly 7 years coming up in June.


  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,856

    Big round of applause for the double digiters: mom of YoungTurk and mo37!!! Wooohooo!!!

  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,856

    Leggo and Kessala, you're almost there!!!!

  • leggo
    leggo Member Posts: 379

    Heidi, I'm so grateful to you and others for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Thank you. Thank you to for giving us that opportunity. It was a horrendous undertaking to find information and to know where to turn before the launch of this site. Because of you guys, I saw my babies who were 7, 4 and 3 weeks old become men. I can't even imagine how our lives would have turned out if I hadn't stumbled on here by accident so long ago. I'd still be wallowing in doom. One very special member forever changed my life. Isn't it crazy what an impact people you've never met can have? And not even know it? Heart

  • terri-c
    terri-c Member Posts: 65

    Stage I in June 2011, Stage IV in April 2014 - 10 bone mets, 1 liver, 1 lung, and possibly 1 on adrenal gland. Had 2 in ovaries, but they were removed.

    This place has been a source of hope for me as well. I'm grateful to see so many living a good number of years with Stage IV.

  • mikarae
    mikarae Member Posts: 133

    1 1/2 years - Stage lV from the start

  • Beatmon
    Beatmon Member Posts: 617

    Stage 1 August 2012

    Mets to lungs August 2014

  • superfoob
    superfoob Member Posts: 121

    Stage IV at initial dx. with multiple (10+) liver mets

  • AmyJM
    AmyJM Member Posts: 134

    Stage IV for 2 years - May 2013, mets to pelvis, spine and rib, Stage III - Sept 2003

  • Karz72
    Karz72 Member Posts: 102

    Stage IV from the outset - 6 months now although was probably there for at least a year. Almost done with chemo which is working well & looking forward to many years of maintaining happy stability. Little one is 6 & I want to be a grandmother so I have to stick around for 20 years plus!!

  • Leah_S
    Leah_S Member Posts: 1,929

    Stage III Nov 2008, bone mets May 2010 (5 years today), liver mets Aug 2014.


  • dlb823
    dlb823 Member Posts: 2,701

    Stage IV since Jan. 2014 (one year+5 mos.). Diffuse and extensive bone mets. Doing well. Original dx Stage II, Feb. 2008 -- so almost 6 years between dx's.

  • Zillsnot4me
    Zillsnot4me Member Posts: 2,122

    Stage IV out the gate. Lungs, lymph, bones (just found the healing spots).

    ER/PR+. 2 years.

    No real issues. Mostly fatigue. Believe it from the tamox but it's doing it's job.

    Son just graduated kindergarten. Want to dance at his wedding. And his three year old sister's. Plan on being a perky granny driving a Mini Cooper.

  • wndrwmn
    wndrwmn Member Posts: 12

    Diagnosed July 2013, Stage IIIB

    Diagnosed October 2013 Stage IV after CT reviewed and bone mets found on spine. Mets were missed on original July 2013 CT.

    Diagnosed September 2014 w/ Brain Mets (13 tumors)

  • camillegal
    camillegal Member Posts: 15,711

    Hi everyone----My sister and I both got cancer withing 4 months of each other --I was first stage Iv from beginning--and being the competitive bitch she is-Happyshe came in with sage Iv at the beginning too. This was 2007 and she's still working (retiring next month) and I've already retired and when either of us have bad days it's not from cancer it's from Se's from everything that u go thru. But we're both doing good.

  • MemaSue56
    MemaSue56 Member Posts: 2,061

    Hello Ladies - glad to see there are so many of us still going like the energizer bunny.

    IV from the on-set.  That was April 20, 2011.  ILC to breast, spine, and ribcage.  April 2014, went to my brain, 15 WBR rounds.  Am still receiving Kadcyla drips every 4 weeks and Xegva injection every 8 weeks.  Aside from some se's that creep up and mental down days....I function quite normally.  Sending prayers and healing energy out to all!!

    Thank you Lori for starting this thread...xoxoxo

  • blondiex46
    blondiex46 Member Posts: 2,726

    5 1/2 years

  • Jill45
    Jill45 Member Posts: 5

    Stage IV from the start 6 years ago

  • roxyandtaze123
    roxyandtaze123 Member Posts: 12

    I was diagnosed Stage I in 2007. I was diagnosed Stage IV in 9/2014 -- severe mets to bone, pelvis, rib, skull, and a few nodules to liver. It's the Liver that worries me but so good to read all of you survivors of Stage IV. I was diagnosed ER/PR+ HER- in 2007. I am now on Ibrance, which is new to me as of a few weeks ago.


  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,835


    I really find this so inspiring and also important for us stage IV gals. We have over 157,000 members here and I know there are more of us out there. Please send your stage IV friends over to comment. I also like how it's stayed on track, straight and to the point of what I was asking. Makes it easy to see how long one has been stage IV. And to give hope to those of us recently diagnosed.

    A HUGE congrats to those in double digits and those that are close. I wish that for all of us!

  • alicia_en_madrid
    alicia_en_madrid Member Posts: 15

    My mom:

    Stage IV 4+1/2 years ago (January 2011). She was diagnosed with ovarian mets after two previous Stage II diagnoses.

    They removed the ovaries and she has been NED since January 2011 and just on Aromasin.

    I never, never, never expected that she would be here today and with the best Quality of Life possible. But I would like to have her many more years...


  • Fitztwins
    Fitztwins Member Posts: 144

    7 years... 2008 with mets

    11 years stage IIIc with BC 2004

  • Coopdizzle
    Coopdizzle Member Posts: 29

    2 weeks. It's back in my chest and diaphragm. Very scared but am hopeful.

  • Coopdizzle
    Coopdizzle Member Posts: 29

    2 weeks at stage 4. I was Dx last year at 31 with 2b and finished treatment 6 months ago. I am hopeful but realistic and seeing all of you who are so far out from getting this news is hopeful.