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How long have you been Stage IV?



  • pearlady
    pearlady Member Posts: 390

    Originally diagnosed in 1997.  Stage 1V since 2001. 

  • susan_02143
    susan_02143 Member Posts: 2,394

    Original dx, Stage II, Grade 1, May 28, 2005

    Progression mets, May 8, 2010

  • jkelsey4
    jkelsey4 Member Posts: 2

    HI everyone!  So encouraging to read about how strong everyone is in their fight!!  I was diagnosed stage 3 in May, 2013.  Diagnosed stage 4 with mets to liver and spine in April, 2015, so almost two months for me at stage 4.  I have a little boy who will turn 3 at the end of June.  I will do EVERYTHING I have to to see him turn 13, 23, 33...

    Stay strong, ladies!!  I want us all to be here when they find the cure!!

  • courtnjury
    courtnjury Member Posts: 1

    Stage IV from the start 1 1/2 yrs ago

  • Teakie88
    Teakie88 Member Posts: 97

    jkelsey4: I agree with you. I want everyone to be there for the cure as well! Let's all work toward that! Ann

  • Becs511
    Becs511 Member Posts: 118

    Just over a year for me. I was diagnosed at Stage 4 from the start May 2014. One and and half months at NED!

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 6,154

    I was diagnosed from the start with stage iv bc (bone metastasis to the hip, rib and scapula) er+, her2- in January 2011, so have been *living* with it almost four-and-one-half years. You can see the treatments in my signature, so far stable.

    I'm inspired by this thread. I like that the question uses the phrase 'how long have we been *living* with stage iv'. Because we are all doing our best to move forward with life and all it encompasses.
  • VivianS
    VivianS Member Posts: 43

    First diagnosed Stage III in 2008, then just one month shy of 5 yrs I got the Stage iV diagnosis - That was Dec 2012 mking in 2 yrs and 5 mos. Wow! I have mets throughout my bones (both sides of pelvis, sacrum, sternum, ribs, spine). You are all an inspiration to me!

  • kayrnic
    kayrnic Member Posts: 111

    3+ years at stage IV (March 2012). Determined to beat that 3-5 year average!

    Originally diagnosed stage II in 2001.

  • Moniquee22
    Moniquee22 Member Posts: 2

    stage 1 ER/PR + Her2- 2011

    Mets to liver Oct 2013, 19 months and counting. Hoping for many more!!

    Very encouraging to see all these posts.

  • KLynn
    KLynn Member Posts: 490

    hello ladies...

    I just hit my 15 years since dx..

    Dx in May of 2000

    Then in Jan of 2006 as stage 4..

    That makes me 91/2 years as stage 4's been a long battle, but happy to be here every day...!!...Klynn...

  • MicheTheVanquisher
    MicheTheVanquisher Member Posts: 62

    Original diagnoses 5/2012. Mx with clear margins and negative sentinel node. Just a few HER2+++ cells in a tiny invasion...

    Mets to Liver 2/2014.

    NED since 7/2014. Hooray!

    And thank you all for posting--it's inspiring.

  • Romansma
    Romansma Member Posts: 650

    I am about 3 months shy of 22 months since stage IV diagnosis with extensive bone mets. Still looking for my magic potion. It's nice to read that many of you are getting many many years!

  • ABeautifulSunset
    ABeautifulSunset Member Posts: 600

    Stage 4 ~ 2 large breast tumors and a single bone met dx at the get go in July 2011. NED by December 2011.

    Recurrence April 2015. ~ bone mets to spine (two spots)

    Working toward another NED (just started Ibrance, so fingers crossed) and a few more years of living like I don't really have cancer. Except for all of the shots, scans and doctor visits, of course.

    All of you long timers give me so much hope.

  • ninetwelve
    ninetwelve Member Posts: 328

    Stage IV from the start, nine months ago. Mets on my lung and sternum. Still doing hormonal treatments only. My doctor says I can call myself stable, with TM's under 30 for the past four months (down from 100).

  • wrsmith2x
    wrsmith2x Member Posts: 127

    Fairly new to Stage IV and really I am Stage II with mets to lung and bones. Stage I 2007 TN, Stage II 2011 TN, mets to lung and bone 2014.

    Does the pain ever end?

  • Alphabet
    Alphabet Member Posts: 3

    Original dx-Stage III Grade 3, Jan. 2001

    Progression-single bone met (ilium) confirmed with biopsy Feb. 3, 2011. Faslodex 4+ years. Zometa 3 years-stopped until future progression.

  • leftrightrepeat
    leftrightrepeat Member Posts: 6

    15 months metastatic, 3 1/2 years overall! Hanging in there.

  • Judi1952
    Judi1952 Member Posts: 20

    Stage IV since Oct, 2012. Mets to stomach, peritoneum, colon, bladder, omentum. Currently starting Xeloda. Have taken Faslodex, Avastin in the past. I was originally given 2 mos to 2 years to live. I am proving them wrong. Life is beautiful.

  • amontro
    amontro Member Posts: 185

    Stage IV from the start - early October 2008.  My oncologist told me to get my affairs in order and to plan any trips I'd like to make. She said my cancer was aggressive and would spread quickly.  When my surgeon came out of surgery for my single mastectomy, she looked at my daughter, lowered her head, and shook it sideways (no).

    Mets are to lungs and spine and still are. Started and ended radiation last two weeks of November 2008.  Started Herceptin and arimidex December 2008.

    Still alive and sometimes kickin'.  Still working at 73, so that I can feed my wanderlust once a year (couldn't afford last year, though).  Employers were wonderful enough to give me a sit-down job doing research and admin duties. 

    Still dealing with side effects, which have slowed me down from the active person I used to be.

    My heart goes out to those Stage IV who are young and to those who have young children.  You are in my thoughts often.

  • marsen02
    marsen02 Member Posts: 2

    eight years with mets now. Original dx was in 2000 when I was 37, mets dx in 2007. Initially mets to my liver and bones. In 2011 I was dxed with mets to bone marrow. Been doing pretty good on hormonals, but getting ready for a treatment change this month. My husband and I just got back from a nine day trip to Scotland!


    St Louis, MO

  • pearlady
    pearlady Member Posts: 390

    Amontro it is so encouraging to hear how well you are doing and so great that you can work. You say you're still feeling side effects but remember that we all feel more tired as we age. Not many people 73, without cancer, still work. What type of treatment ate you on?

  • Rose07
    Rose07 Member Posts: 1

    hello everyone, i was diagnosed stage 4 , nine months ago, originally stage 1 in 2007,

    I am just wondering is anyone experiencing pain, i have back pain and on pain meds. Any suggestions for pain managements. Thanks

  • mirryp
    mirryp Member Posts: 15

    Stage 4, at initial diagnosis, 4 years ago on Monday. Still work full time, and stay active running races. A lot creakier and slower but still feel joy crossing that finish line. My surgeon who I refer to as Dr. Doom, told me 2 years and used the word terminal.  My lovely onc uses incurable but treatable. I've lived long enough to see both my children get their masters degrees, attended my daughters wedding, and have welcomed two new grandchildren.  I get much hope from those of you who are living well into the double digit years with this darn disease.  The main difference in my life is the sore muscles and joints and the fatigue. I've learned to get up and moving and I feel better, but to nap as needed.


  • Macy
    Macy Member Posts: 93

    Love the encouraging trends on this thread, especially from other Her2+++ ladies like myself!

    Diagnosed June 2013 - stage IIIA

    Lung mets for at least 6 months now but they were probably there longer than that. By the grace of God, suspicion was aroused by spots on a routine x-ray after my DIEP reconstruction in early December 2014. Always felt great--dealing with a few chemo-related side effects right now but I can deal with that.

    Love you ladies, I surely do!

    KLynn and MichetheVanquisher: I'm inspired!

  • eshinall
    eshinall Member Posts: 41

    I'm so happy I found this thread! I am REALLY encouraged to read how many of you have surpassed 5 years with Stage IV. I need at least 4 more years to get my daughter through high school--she will be a freshman in the fall. Scary..teen daughter. Winking

    I was diagnosed at Stage Ia in 2008 at age 38, 0+ nodes, and was on Tamoxifen for 4 years before I recurred at Stage IV. I was diagnosed at Stage IV in July, 2012 (age 42) and so am almost at 3 years---here's hoping for 5+ more. I have had lots of ups and downs recently and am concerned about finding more treatments that work.

    I always wonder why nobody looks into what is different about long-term Stage IV survivors, if anything.

    Thank you all for this thread! I just added this to my favorites. I hope we can all be celebrating cancer-versaries for many years to come.


  • MemaSue56
    MemaSue56 Member Posts: 2,061

    Rose07 - Back pain is my major source of ICK.  I rest a lot, heat, and naproxen when needed.  It helps.  HUGZ!

    To all the other FAB are rocking your world and doing a dang fine job of it.  The 'tude (attitude) I think is just as important as all the tx's they can pump into our bodies.  I have my good and bad days, think I sed that in earlier post, but I find many reasons to get up everyday and go for I can do.  Everyone comments on how 'strong' I am...I say 'I got 2 choices, lay down or get up and fight'  I chose the later every single day.  Sometimes I have to talk myself into it, but I always do.  I am excited to hear the years fought and ...hey...we're still here!  Onward and upward....That's how we roll!!

    Love, prayers, tranquility, and positive energy going out to all!!


  • mscal02
    mscal02 Member Posts: 167

    Hi All:  Diagnosed stage 1V Aug , 2013 bones ,lungs ,and supposedly good breast,until it decided that it wanted to try to kill me!

  • Roberta2
    Roberta2 Member Posts: 13

    First dx 2003 stage 0 (no reason to debate if 0 is cancer or not) slim to no chance to recur.

    2010 recurred stage 2

    2013 10 years after first dx stage 4 for two years now

  • ccrews59
    ccrews59 Member Posts: 1

    Stage IV from the start- 10 months.....Scared