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Diet and Nutrition - Together!



  • caiti2067
    caiti2067 Member Posts: 10


    As far as a smoothie with veggies, this is my recipe and I like it, but the true test is my 17 year old son drinks it willingly: (I use a vitamix, I think you need a strong blender for this)

    • Pack blender 1/2 full of 'power greens' - I buy the costco brand ones, it's a mix of baby spinach, chard and kale.
    • Add 1-2 carrots
    • Add 2-3 celery sticks
    • Add 2-3 cups (or top off blender) with frozen berries, any combo of blueberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, rasberries, whatever I have in the freezer. I get the frozen costco ones for cheapness.
    • Squeeze in the juice from a lemon
    • Add a few drops of pure stevia extract (optional, but I like that it cuts out any bitterness to me)
    • Add water to the 'max' fill line and blend.

    It's good with some flax too, but it makes the blender harder to clean.

    This makes 3 large servings, we drink out of mason jars.

    For breakfasts I eat a ton of oats with a variety of toppings but apples especially have good cancer fighting properties.

    I also really like a big bowl of plain yogurt (I use soy yogurt), and add frozen berries, chia seeds, and a handfull of rolled oats for a very fast and filling breakfast. I'll add a little stevia to this too because I have a terrible sweet tooth.

  • rljes
    rljes Member Posts: 499

    Thanks Everybody! Great ideas. I have dinner around 6p then don't have 'breakfast' till after 11am. So the fasting part is already in place.

  • pebblesv
    pebblesv Member Posts: 486

    Hi everyone - how is it going with the holidays? When I first got diagnosed, I lost 30 lbs. now I’ve gained back 10 lbs., all after I started taking tamoxifen which I need to be on still. Any advice on how to lose weight but still satisfy food cravings? What worked for me before doesn’t seem to be working now...

    New pup Finley is demonstrating how much I want to eat those holiday goodies!


  • Yogatyme
    Yogatyme Member Posts: 1,793

    My SIL has this same issue and it is always low sodium and/or potassium. She finds drinking Gatorade helps. This won’t do much for your no sugar diet, but if it keeps you hydrated it may be worth it.

  • hikinglady
    hikinglady Member Posts: 625

    PebblesV Being on an AI has definitely made it harder to keep my weight stable. What has worked for me is to eat 'low-carb,' and a bit more protein over the day than I used to. Seems to stabilize my hunger, and I find that I can eat a plate of this type of food and be satisfied.

    I sometimes make something fun, like muffins, with fruit + ground almonds instead of the flour--separate the eggs for fluffiness. I roast cauliflower florets with sea salt and olive oil and have that as a 'starch' instead of potatoes. Or, I try to have a plate of stir fry with a tiny amount of brown rice and a ton of veggies + some meat. I eat a tiny snack between each meals, always with some protein. (boiled egg + tangerine, corn tortilla + cheese, apple + nuts, etc) This keeps my hunger and blood sugar pretty stable.

    I find that eating NORMAL carbs like I used to (some bread, a serving of potatoes, even a bunch of brown rice or whole grain bread) is what causes me to gain weight. So, I avoid bread, thinking now of it like a dessert-type indulgence. Try to eat a lot of salads w/ protein. No fried or battered foods. I don't eat any sweets or drink soda, maybe 3 glasses of wine per week (that's probably my main simple carb indulgence), so I really try not to eat much sugar or any white flour at all. And, very little of grains or 'white carbs' at all (potatoes, etc.) If I had more will power, I could maintain weight control by just eating less, but I do NOT. So, that's why I find that eating this way is working for me...

    And, I do the overnight 12-hour fasting most of the time, having dinner early at 5-6 and not eating breakfast until about 6:30.

    One meal a week I throw all these things out the window and have a martini or breaded calamari or a piece of great bread. Makes the other days of careful eating possible if I can look forward to a fun meal that's a tiny bit wicked.

  • enjoyevrymoment
    enjoyevrymoment Member Posts: 239


    I finally got off the AI (Femara) and have lost 16 lbs and I am using MyFitnessPal and saw a dietician. some of them are good and some are not but the one I see is really good and encouraging. I still have like 26 to lose to get back all I gained the five years post diagnosis (I don't blame it all on the Femara of course, some of it was not moving like a should for starters). I went for a nice run tonight and as someone weighing 204 I have to say without really good sneakers and going slow I will mess up my knees if not careful but it was fun. It is tricky keeping a good weight over the holidays but I figure that day I will have a few things and then send all the cookies home with the kids!

    Best wishes to all of you, I am not on here much due to work craziness but I do read it and pray for each of you. Hang in there everyone! Cindy

    PS Hiking lady I like what you suggest I am right there with ya. I have an occasional half english muffin (the one with cranberries) and it is something I eat slowly since the old me ate too fast and didn't even see what I was consuming.

  • pebblesv
    pebblesv Member Posts: 486

    Thank you for the detailed advice! Just wanted to pop in for a quick note that I received this and it's really, really good advice. I'll respond more later, it's been busy at work and gearing up for the holidays!

    EnjoyEveryMoment - I use MyFitnessPal too.

    HikingLady - I'm starting to try the 12-16 hour fasts more regularly (7pm-11am the next day), I've heard a lot of good things about that too.

  • GoKale4320
    GoKale4320 Member Posts: 580

    This year for the first time, we had an all-plant based meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year we had a rotisserie chicken for the meat eaters along with plant-based sides for everyone. It was so good.

    This year:

    Thanksgiving main dishes were: shepherds pie, Mac n cheese, roasted vegetables and apple crisp

    Christmas main dishes were: coconut crusted tofu, pineapple fried rice, roasted vegetables and gingerbread

    Despite my best effort at meals and exercise, I gained a few pounds from Christmas treats. So now I have to get back on track

    I hope everyone is doing well!