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Starting radiation March 2020



  • martaj
    martaj Member Posts: 307


    I had no problem with radiation. 6 weeks everyday. Only side effect I had was burns on my clavicle. Many lotions and potions. You need to use them frequently through out day. I couldn't wear a bra, so I bought all cotton camasoles which worked great. Breast got red but no big deal. I didn't have any tiredness except the last week I got tired of driving to center every day. I finished up radiation end of April. When outside I make sure I'm covered with SPF 100, I do have some dimpling along vertical surgical scar. Plastic surgeon stated he could fix it. NOT!, It doesn't bother me and I don't need anymore surgery. I'm am considered NED, was stage 3 triple neg with axillary node involvement. Marta

  • HeartShapedBox
    HeartShapedBox Member Posts: 117

    I feel like radiation was easy enough to get thru, but it REALLY messed up my chest! I have lots of bumps and scar tissue now (it was smooth with a thin clean scar line before), and I have a lot of pain and tightness in my chest and limited mobility in my shoulder now. Honestly I’m kind of regretting radiation, considering I had a mastectomy with clean margins and my lymph node mets were out of the range of rads field anyway. 

  • Eigna
    Eigna Member Posts: 256

    Hello everyone It’s me again. How's everyone doing?

    Im posting cuz I'm worried a bit 🙄 and i need to exchange ideas with you girls. I have some kind of tenderness on radiated breast But the tenderness is more localized in one part. I don't feel any lump but when I touch it it's tender and it hurts a bit. Do you have this type of feeling? Could this be recurrence? So soon? I'm seeing my doctor end of the month but till then my mind wonders far.

    Also I'm starting to feel a bit depressed with this pandemic and from the looks of it it will be like this for a few years. So depressed I cannot travel with my family and make memories. I feel like I'm wasting my precious time. There I said it. Hope to hear from all of you soon.

  • Festaville
    Festaville Member Posts: 1

    I am interested in your word document...I am starting Radiation Therapy for both breasts on 8/18, and would find it very helpful to follow your routines.. Playing offense rather than defense will help me cope with the side effects.

    Thank you for sharing. Happy you are past the Radiation Treatment!

  • Del13
    Del13 Member Posts: 180

    Question for you all, IDC 2 tumors, 3 positive nodes, started TCHP September 2019, had a double mastectomy February 2020, path showed a complete response to chemo, I fall into a gray area, should I do radiation of not? For those going through radiation what are the SEs, possible damage,, any input would be greatly appreciated thanks Linda