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Is symmetry possible with SMX + perky remaining breast?


I have searched the forum, but couldn't find any posts that were exactly my question.

I have been dx with DCIS. As a fun bonus, I probably have body dysmorphia and I am really worried that if I end up at all 'disfigured' in my appearance, I will become significantly depressed. So, my main concern with this diagnosis is maintaining my mental health and self esteem with any surgical intervention - I know this isn't common, but it's where I am at. (For context, after a lifetime of being flat and being made fun of for being flat, I got a breast augmentation 10 years ago and now have really really nice boobs!)

I initially thought I should get a lumpectomy or cryoablation, to be as least disruptive to my body and appearance as possible. However, recently I have been thinking a SMX might be a better option with direct to implant, since I am also not willing to do radiation.

Is there anyone out there who had breast implants prior to SMX surgery and/or 'perky' breasts? Is great symmetry possible with this breast type?

It is nuts that very few breast surgeons or plastic reconstructive surgeons have before/after photos of their patients. It seems less common for SMX. Even for lumpectomy, I'd love to see what they mean by hiding a scar or 'less noticeable'. It has made it very hard to know who to go with and what to do.

I've been churning this over in my head, trying to find articles on this and can't figure out the physics of how it could work to keep my nipples aligned - I am 5'7, 130, 34' band size, 'D' cup, existing cosmetic 350cc UTM silicone mentor moderate plus profile implant. I do not mind changing how the implants look (ie: high profile, larger size), but having them be symmetrical and hiding the scar (under the fold?) are the most important things to me.

Thank you.


  • jonib
    jonib Member Posts: 94

    Hi - hiding the scar with lumpectomy would be placing the scar around the areola. This was where my scar was with my first lumpectomy and you cannot see it at all. My daughter had a benign growth removed and this is where the surgeon did her incision as well. I don’t know for sure but I think having the incision under the breast fold for a mastectomy would be the most invisible. I understand what you are going through. It was difficult for me to look at my breasts after my second cancer as they are a cup size off in size. Probably wouldn’t bother a lot of people but I’m very OCD.

  • chrysanthemum79
    chrysanthemum79 Member Posts: 3

    I'm very particular as well - I can tell when people pluck their eyebrows or when men get a small trim of their hair - so I know I will be able to see any differences.

    I think my lump is too far from the areola? It's near my armpit almost! I do have hidden half circle areola scars from my augmentation and they are invisible (but a plastic surgeon did them!).

    Thank you for understanding and relating!