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how about drinking?



  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,351

    I'm finally a member of the grandparent club! DD#1 and SIL had a girl Tuesday evening. I can't wait to hold the little one. We hope to go the last week in May or first week in June. Air fares are outrageous!! I want to see if I can move my chemo from Friday to Monday so we can stay a week instead of 4 days.

    Welcome JAG

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    JAG, thanks! I hope the AC continues to be kind to you! I am 64, I live in AZ on 80 acres off grid. I have my siblings and son in Michigan and a daughter that lives in the VI on St. John. I lost my husband a year ago January to ALS.

    Karen, if it were me, I wouldn't "ask" if I could move my chemo, I would tell them I am!

    I bought a house yesterday! In Michigan. My son needs to get some things in order and then I will sell it to him. I did it because he really liked the house and if he did it on his own, probably would not have gotten it.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    Survived our schlep to Seattle yesterday. DH is doing well with his treatment, so far. Hard to remember to keep 3 feet apart but it's only 3 days. Cat isn't happy about the no-lap on his "daddy's lap."

    Words can't express how horrific getting to Seattle is; I do not like the 6 lanes nor the gazzilion cars on the road. A 10 minute injection took them 2+ hours to organize, order and figure out and the 3+ hours to get there, one way…not a fan. The hospital is 18 miles from the ferry and it took over an hour to get there. I need a private helicopter, LOL.

    Much good luck and well wishes to those going through treatments (and traveling there!!!!).

    Happy Weekend.

  • wren44
    wren44 Member Posts: 7,807

    I live just north of Seattle and couldn't agree more about the traffic. I had a 2pm appt for a zometa infusion on Wed. I wasn't done until 5pm. Drove home on the freeway at 25mph. Helicopter would be a hit.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    Wren, I feel your pain. Hope you are doing well.

    We would have happily come the night before or stayed the night of, but the hospital says since he is radioactive, they highly encourage getting home and not "spreading the wealth" as it were.

    Too bad the hospitals don't offer shuttle service. One of the perks of living in the midwest…all hospitals I worked at offered that. Granted, no ferries out there, LOL.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Happy SaTURDay loungettes.

    Wally, as I have mentioned my drive, 4 hours one way, but I don't hit any rush hour. Only about 15-20 minutes is "in" the city. The rest is hwy or country hwy's. Can I borrow that helicopter! When I get my nuclear bone scans, I am only told to stay away from babies, elderly and the sick, we also have stayed in a hotel.

    Wren, I think several of us could benefit with a helicopter!

    I have a bunch of big bills coming in right now. Well, not a bunch, 2. Property insurance, which I have to call on, it's twice as much as my neighbors at $4000, and then life insurance, which I'll just pay the whole year. Cancer center wanting to send $5000 to collections, but they won't tell me what/why the charges. One is $3000 for a blood draw!!! Hoping to feel better today, been a puny week after chemo on Tuesday.

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    Wally, glad the first trip is done and you and your dh survived. If I win the lottery, one item on the To Buy list is a helicopter for you and Wren!

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    And a helicopter for Goldie!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    DOTD: Aviation Cocktail

    • 2 ounces gin
    • 1/2 ounce maraschino liqueur
    • 1/4 ounce creme de violette
    • 3/4 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed
    • Garnish: brandied cherry

    1. Add the gin, maraschino liqueur, creme de violette and lemon juice to a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.
    2. Strain into a cocktail glass.
    3. Garnish with a brandied cherry.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes!

    The Alaska trip was wonderful! The trip home was long and exhausting, and what I thought was a cold turned out to be pneumonia, which knocked me off my feet over the weekend. Feeling much better and going back to work today, more details tomorrow as I really dragged my a$$ out of bed just in time to get breakfast and have a minute to check in here this ayem. More details tomorrow!

  • jazzygirl
    jazzygirl Member Posts: 11,885

    Good morning friends- just a quick hello as the new week starts. New Mexico has been getting a lot of rain this past week and some hail too (so far things look to be okay from that part). We have been in a dry cycle for months so it is good to see the moisture, especially as things continue to bloom. It's been a nice May and the rain is helping all the blooms. I have been busy working on the yard this month to finish pruning and planting the pots and a few things in the gardens. Lots of fun things starting up here as the weather warms with outdoor music, festivals and more. The first long weekend (Memorial Day) is coming up here next and will be staying town for the most part, except for maybe a little jaunt to Santa Fe next Monday.

    NM- I am sorry to hear you got sick on your trip and that it's pneumonia too. Ugh sister, that is a terrible thing to have to deal after getting back. I hope you are feeling better as the week goes on.

    Goldie- glad you are able to help your son with the purchase of the home get him started. I hear you on the big bills too, been wading through some of those and hope to have some things taken care of by June. I hope you feel better after a not great week last week too.

    Karen- congrats on the new granddaughter. I hope you are able to work out to be with your family a bit longer to visit your daughter and new granddaughter. Does the little one have a name yet?

    Justagal- welcome to the thread. There are many mixed opinions about drinking with BC. My first oncologist told me I really needed to limit drinking, the one I had for the longer term didn't think it mattered. I don't drink much anymore (I am 10 years out), mostly social when doing outings with family and friends. One of the most challenging parts of limiting my drinking years ago was dealing with all the heavy drinkers who wanted me to party with them and couldn't understand my need to limit my consumption. I certainly don't feel alcohol helps me that much at this age (63), but do still imbibe to enjoy life. Enjoy your cocktails and the ladies here will share fun recipes for you to enjoy!

    Wallycat- I agree some folks who have to go far for treatment could use a helicopter. Wouldn't that be a wonderful service medical organizations could offer, beyond emergency care. Free of course, it would need to be free. I heard from a friend years ago how much a helicopter cost them when her husband had to go by life star after a bad motorcycle accident (it was not covered by insurance, eek).

    I need to get on line to my busy work week. Wishing you all a good week and holiday weekend coming up too!

  • wren44
    wren44 Member Posts: 7,807

    NM, thanks for posting; I was beginning to worry. Sorry about pneumonia - a cold is bad enough. It takes a while to recover so don't push yourself.

  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,351

    My grand daughter's name is Sara Faiga. Sara if for both my husband's and my mother. Faiga is for my grandmother. Three amazing women. We are going this Sunday and I can't wait to hold her.

    NM - hope you are feeling better.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    NM, what a bummer! Hope you feel better soon.

    Jazzy, I'm feeling better, thanks. Just comes with the territory and I know it will pass. I'm sure your gardens look beautiful, as they always do.

    Karen, I can't wait either! I'm so happy for you.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,269

    Congratulations, Karen!!!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748
    edited May 29

    I'm so pissed at the cancer center, they have sent $5000+ of my bills for collections, but won't give me a straight answer as to what it's for. They say it's "facility fees" and it "Covers the overhead for the facility including nursing, registration, equipment, supplies, building, etc"


    But in my portal, I get this….

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    BabyGirl, saw this on FB and it made me think of you and the Beach Bar. I think it was supposed to say Michael, not Michelle. That doesn't look like a Michelle to me!

    Let me know if you CAN'T see it.

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,407

    Goldie, I like it! And maybe Michelle is a French man, I think I’ve seen that spelling used in that respect before but not sure.

    Also, those bills are crazy, Even at MDA, it wasn’t that expensive. I’m sorry you’re dealing with that.

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    Greetings from MN! We arrived yesterday in the early afternoon and are getting settled in. No evidence of mice. Yay!

    Wow, NM. Pneumonia. That's serious illness.

    Goldie, that's a big bill! You don't need that aggravation.

    I should have taken a picture of the wonderful margarita I enjoyed at a Green Mill restaurant on Monday night. I am becoming a real margarita drinker these days. But only top shelf. The regular margaritas are mostly sugary mix. Their only advantage is that they cost less.

    Last night we took our martinis over to Mary's deck for the first Happy Hour of the summer with a few people who were here at the campground on a Tuesday night.

    The forecast for Sunday is high temperature up to 90 degrees. So much for cool weather. It's cool today though with a high that won't reach 70 degrees. I'll get out the jeans. At least here in MN there's some variation from hot to less hot.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,876

    goldie - I agree, that bill is NUTS. Love the Patio Bar sign.

    Carole- thanks for posting the temperature. I was going to ask. Does it drop way down at night due to the lake effect?

    NM - Sending good thoughts. Hope you recover quickly.

    Jazzy - glad you're home safely, but I'm still jealous of your vacation.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,269

    goldie, I'm stunned! Talk about adding to your stress level! I wish I had an answer for you…


  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,351

    NM - how are your feeling? No posts from you so worried.

    Last day of the school year for me - taking FMLA next week to go meet my grand daughter. We can't wait to hold her. My team had our last meeting of the year and they gave me a gorgeous plant for the yard and a gift card. So many sweet notes on the card. Really touched my heart. They went out for a celebration after the meeting, but I didn't join them as my son was coming to dinner to see how his mother is doing. What a great young man (what is the correct term for a 34 year old) - love him to pieces.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    BabyGirl ahhhh, wee wee Madame! Perhaps a man's name.

    Carole, no mice is a good thing! I assume you leave your camper in MN for the winter? Glad you enjoyed your top shelf Margarita. Our temps will be rising to triple digits here, very soon!

    Minus, I like the sign tooj. Thinking of getting one for my brother and his partner, you can change the people, guy/girl, 2 guys, 2 girls. You can change their skin color, hair, their drink, etc. I emailed them to ask them if they could change "patio" to "partio", as that's what we call it.

    Sunshine, exactly! Just what I need, more stress!

    Karen, I think young man is appropriate. I still refer to mine as "kids", even though they are grown adults. Was the plant and card for the birth of Sara?

    NM, I hope you are just taking care of yourself and getting caught up with rest and getting back home from vacay.

    So I wrote back to the cancer center, showing that they are charging for infusions and lab draws, not facility fees. And this is their reply....We are only billing for facility charges. If you look under September 23, 2022 right before the line it will tell you account number and above that it will say Hospital Services-Hospital and so on..

    I understand this is a lot that's why I was suggesting:
    You can complete our financial assistance application to see if you qualify.
    I will not qualify for assistance.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    DOTD: Madame Cocktail………..Sounds like a Mimosa to me!

    • 30 ml Champagne
    • 30 ml orange juice/ 2 oranges
    • A slice of orange

    1. Orange juice is recommended to be freshly squeezed, for this, two ripe oranges are taken, cut into 4 pieces and squeezed.
    2. Then in a shaker add orange juice and champagne
    3. Later it is strained, to prevent any residue of the orange from sneaking
    4. Served in a flute-like glass
    5. And finally, it is decorated with a slice of orange

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    Yesterday was cool enough for a winter cocktail before dinner so I got out the bottle of bourbon. DH made us a bourbon old-fashioned with plump cherries and a slice of orange. It tasted really good.

    Goldie, I would check into the assistance. DH takes an injection every two weeks for cholesterol because he can't take the statins. It would cost hundreds if we paid full price but he gets it cheaper through a program offered by the manufacturer. Ropatha is the med.

    Hope NM is feeling better.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Carole, I don't think you can apply for assistance for "facility fees", drugs yes. They are claiming the fees are for facility, and it "Covers the overhead for the facility including nursing, registration, equipment, supplies, building, etc"

    Your bourbon old fashion sounds yummy!

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,871

    If it's been sent to a third party collection agency, you may have some legal protections from that exorbitant bill. It would be worth reading up on the collections laws in AZ. Good luck!

  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,351
    edited May 26

    Lori - the plant and gift card are for all the health challenges the past 3 months.

    I'll be off line for the next couple days - religious holiday starts tonight and ends Saturday night - probably won't get back on till Sunday

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Miriandra, I spoke with my health insurance gal yesterday, since I turn 65 in August. I was telling her about those bills and she's going to contact my insurance company for me. So grateful for that!

    Karen, I think you are leaving Sunday to go see your grand daughter?

    Have a neighbor coming by today to fix that hydrant that was leaking before. I really need that spigot to work. It's the only place where I have a concrete pad to wash my car or anything else, without being left in mud.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    A few stressful days here, watching DH, who is thankfully doing very well so far. Not sure when they will rescan to see if treatment is working.

    I had my first ocular migraine yesterday…the emergency is getting to know me real well. I swear, from never having to go to the doctor to this. I also think I'm developing hypertension so need to figure that out…which is stressful since going to doctors is a PTSD thing with me.

    Karen, hope you have a fun visit. I've never been a baby-person but I can see how they can be endearing. Glad you are feeling well and doing well to travel.

    NM, hope you are feeling better. Pneumonia is serious, no kidding, LOL.

    Goldie, I'm glad you have someone in your corner to help navigate that ugly bill. Sigh…I get so depressed thinking about our healthcare system. Hope it works out well for you.

    Carole, we have been having beautiful weather. I know the midwest will hit 90s so I hope you can stay cool.

    Still have not seen Sandy posting; hope she's doing ok.