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how about drinking?



  • reader425
    reader425 Member Posts: 764

    Goldie thank you for the update on NM. So glad she's turning the corner.

    FWIW I like your hair short,but as someone else said you had really beautiful long hair so I can understand your angst.

    Had a riesling tonight with Vietnamese black pepper chicken. My DH had never had that cuisine so we went out to try it.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,877

    Goldie - thanks from me too for the update on NM.

    I always had long hair. Often clear down my back but never shorter than my shoulders. After chemo (thank you BC) I wore it shorf for awhile. While everyone said they liked it and I don't think it looked bad - it just didn't feel right. It wasn't me. So during Covid I grew it down to my waist again. Finally had a couple of inches cut off last month - but it's still 3-4" below my shoulders. But I have to admit in Houston heat & humidity (96 today) I usually wear it in a pony tail.

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,871

    Goldie and Minus, I feel you on long hair. Mine used to go past my hips. After my son was born, it started shedding by the handful, and I cut it to my shoulders. Two feet of hair cut off and donated. I've kept it around shoulder blade length ever since, long enough to put up.

    Fortunately, inner beauty shines through, but our hair is still a part of our personal image. And it's hard when we don't have much choice about it.

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    In my 20's I had long hair down to the center of my back. I sometimes wore it in two thick braids. But it was so heavy that it became something of a nuisance and I switched to short hair with a lot of body and natural curl. I would never go back.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    Carole, same for me. I had incredibly thick, lush hair that did anything I asked of it. Perms would take HOURS just to wrap my hair. OY. Once I cut it short, I never looked back. And that was when I still had "good hair" going on, LOL. I've seen a lot of gals at work go short and it made them look years younger…to me, it is a win-win but I do understand the loss of a good head of hair. Like I tell my DH, sometimes it is simply that not having a choice makes it harder to accept.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! I'm finally feeling better, although not completely back to par. Going back to work today. Still coughing some, but not like I'm going to turn my lungs inside out. Still on the steroids but tapering down, hoping this will clear things up finally. I'm still feeling tired all the time but not so bone-achingly tired as I was. I'm going to see how today goes, keeping open the option of leaving early. I've only been this sick once before, and that was the asthma, and I wound up out of work for a month. I'm wondering now if maybe I had pneumonia that time, too? Not that it matters now.

    I did a quick skim through the posts. Looks like I've got some ketchuping to do! Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes!

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    So glad you're getting better, NM.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy Hump Day! My first day back to work went better than I thought it would, I got tired but not as tired as I expected and not as quickly as I thought would happen. I did manage to get a lot done, still have a lot of ketchuping to do, but it will all get done. The puppers weren't so happy that I was gone, but forgave me pretty quickly when I got home. It's amazing what some pets and treats and bowlful of kibble will do!

    Camel Hump Cocktail

    3/4 shot of Butterscotch Schnapps
    1/4 shot of Bailey's Irish Cream (or Irish Cream)

    Pour Butterscotch Schnapps into a shot glass 3/4 of the way full. Fill rest of drink with Bailey's Irish Cream.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    NM, so so glad you are feeling better and things went better at work than you expected! I think it helps that the pups have each other, and are easy to forgive!

    Been a busy 3 days, 4 hours to Phoenix on Monday, had scans. Tuesday was chemo, then 4 hours home. Today was 3 hours round trip to get Faslodex injections and get some groceries. Came home and took an hour and a half nap. Refused the steroids during chemo, but came home today and took an hour and a half nap! Now to make dinner, and it's after 5, I never start dinner that late!

  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,351

    Got home this morning from my DD and DSIL. The baby is so yummy!! She changed so much in the 10 days we were there. It's nice to be home but it was hard leaving the munchkin. Still sinking in that we have a grand daughter. She is 3 weeks.

    Kim - Glad you are on the mend.

    Lori - wow - a really busy 3 days. Take care of yourself. Hugs.

    We are not sports people but DH is watching the Nuggets vs Heats game.

  • 7of9
    7of9 Member Posts: 474

    I switched to red cabs from white chardonnay and hoping it lowers my chance of recurrence. I can't stand it I need a glass of wine to unwind now and then lost two people who ae diagnosed after me. Not sure if it's more scary or frustrating for me or my 76 year old mother. Husband and kid are pretty immune they say ignorance is bliss.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy Thirsty Thursday! It was a bit easier to get out of bed this morning, and I wasn't as tired at the end of the day at work yesterday as the day before. Progress is being made! I will be glad when the cough goes away completely, but am very happy that it isn't as hard as it was. Now to start working on getting the housework caught up and find someone to mow my yard and a bunch of other things that I've been putting off until after vacation.

    The puppers say Hi to everyone!

    Teka--ticks, yuck! I've found a few on me, only a couple that have actually bitten in, for the first time ever that I can remember. I've taken some off Colt, but Zoe seems to be immune. They are both on flea and tick protection. Both had tested positive for Lyme when I adopted them. I hope lunch was good!

    Goldie--that is a busy few days! How is it going without the steroids? I've hit that point in the asthma/pneumonia steroid taper that I can't sleep, but at least don't feel tired. It's a weird feeling.

    Karen--I bet you enjoyed grandbaby time! They are so precious when so new. I bet it was hard to leave.

    7--it is scary when people diagnosed about the same time or after you are taken. Hugs.




    • 1ounce Midori melon liqueur
    • 1ounce malibu coconut rum
    • 1⁄2ounce banana liqueur (optional)
    • 1ounce prepared sweet-and-sour mix
    • 2ounces pineapple juice


    • Mix well and pour over ice. Enjoy!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Karen, I smile when I read your post, especially when you say she is so yummy! So yummy, you ate her up! Just think how much she'll change the next time you see her! How are you feeling?

    7of9, I say have your wine, red or white! Unless it makes you feel guilty. You have to do what you feel is right.

    NM, hurry up and get there (better), you've been sick long enough! To heck with the house work, do it when you are up to up. Ha, I should talk! My house needs a lot done too, but it's been because I've been working outside. As for the steroids, I refused them this last time. It's horrible when the fatigue hits you from the chemo, but the steroids don't let you sleep.

    I at least need to get my dishes done today. I have leftover seeds, I may plant more of those. My green beans and lima beans are doing well, and I need to get tomato cages on the plants.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    I hope all of you dealing with the ugly air get some relief. We had this in 2020 out here and it felt like the apocalypse.

    Goldie, you amaze me…driving all that way for treatments; not stressing about scans. I want to be like you when (if) I grow up, LOL.

    Hope all who are sick or getting treatments are doing well and improving.

    I have my endoscopy tomorrow (still no call from hospital as to my time) and my mind is going to all the ugly places. OY!

    DH's oral situation continues to be painful albeit some improvement.

    Red wine is my drug of choice. I dread the day it will give me reflux.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Wally, I refuse to grow up and look old, altho the later is sneaking up on me! I guess I don't stress over stuff is because I know it doesn't change things, and would only make me feel bad. Perhaps it's sort of a denial. I guess if I felt bad, or was in pain, I would feel differently. I sure hope they call you on a time, maybe you should call them? Remind me of DH's oral situation, of which I'm glad there is improvement. And may your red wine NEVER give you reflux!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748
    edited June 8

    Because I hate my short hair so much, I decided to go with a hat yesterday.

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,407

    Goldie, hats work for you, you look cute!

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,407

    Well, I made the Mai Tai I’ve been wanting. I used an older recipe and it nearly all booze! The 1st sip made me snort, 2nd was better but next time I’ll add some pineapple juice.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,877

    NM - so glad to see you back. Goldie - Yup - the picture with the hat is adorable. I'm going to make the 'Camel Hump' this very night. Mae - so how many Mai Tais did you manage to get around? Wally - good luck with the endoscopy.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    Illimae, YUM. Loved your visual explanation, LOL.

    Goldie, Love the hat! Don't hate your hair; consider it man-bait. Really! Think of all the young actresses that do pixie and spiky and super-short hair…I'd kill to look like Halle Berry in short hair!! DH has developed horrible gum pain, reddening and swelling, some bleeding. This is new and post Pluvicto treatment. Mayo clinic says it's a thing/side effect. His oncologist in Seattle said he called Novartis and they claim no…clearly others are having this since it is listed on several prestigious websites. They will file an adverse event situation but now he has to decide if he wants treatment 2 in 4 weeks. FDA just approved a different treatment with his tumor mutations…ugh. Decisions, timing, stressssssssssssssssssss!!! The oxy is letting him sleep and he's only taking 5mg at bedtime.

    Got the call; check in at 10:45 and no doubt procedure at 11:30; I asked if the anesthesia crew could be ready for a wussy-girl.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy TGIF day! I am definitely on the upswing now, but will be very happy when the coughing goes away completely. I got through yesterday at work pretty well, only getting the real fatigue around the time I usually start feeling tired at work. Now if my ears would clear out and I wasn't hoarse from coughing I could probably get by without people knowing I've been sick! Getting older is not for sissies. It takes so much longer to recover from EVERYTHING!

    The puppers say Hi to everyone, they are currently outside growling and barking as some critter that I can't see. I hope whatever it is stays outside the fence and isn't a skunk. My sense of smell has returned and I do not want to celebrate with that aroma!

    Goldie--I hear you about the steroids and not being able to sleep. I'm on the last few days of my steroids and am looking forward to being able to get to sleep easily again. I wish I got the energy boost from them that some people do.

    Wallycat--good luck with the endoscopy. Saying a prayer for your DH's condition to continue getting better and that the wine never gives you reflux!

    Goldie--both the short hair and the hat are great looks for you!

    Illi--That sounds like one wonderful Mai Tai! And it looks beautiful!

    Minus--Thank you and good morning!

    El Gringo Wussy Drink


    How to Make It

    Shake liquor ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass over rocks. Add splash of soda and garnish with an orange slice.

    From <>

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    BabyGirl, lol on the snort! Did you have half of that cocktail, or did you just make a short one?

    Minus, you'll have to let us know how the Camel Hump was, and I hope you took a picture!

    WallyCat, I had to LOL at your comment of "man bait". That will NEVER happen, I'm not interested in getting into a relationship, esp. being stage IV. Sorry about DH and the mouth issues, changing treatments is always scary. Well, it is to me. Ha ha, wussy pussycat girl! Good luck today, simple procedure and quick.

    NM OMG, the energy boost. I got that once! It def. makes the steroids a little bit easier to handle. But when you throw the fatigue in there, and just want to sleep, but can't, is when it sucks. That is why I refused them this last time. I did have some dry heaves this morning, but didn't feel sick. So I don't know if chemo related or not. I've never gotten sick on this treatment. Skunk smell when you don't feel good, no thank you! Love the cocktail for our Wussy PussyCat girl!

    Thank you everyone re the hat and short hair. The hat is more of a way to "hide". The important thing is that I'm still here and still doing good. My neighbor/friend Patty got 2 surprise babies yesterday, twins. She said momma must have mated with their male through the fence, as he's fenced in a different area than the females.

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,407

    Goldie, I made a short one.

    Love the baby goats!

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    OMG on the baby goats!!!!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Too funny not to share! I'm still laughing!

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    4 biopsies taken and I get to wait…ugh.

  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,351

    Wallycat - wishes for only good news on the biopsies.

    Kim - glad you are feeling better

    Lori - the hat is cute on you. I get you missing your long hair. I can't wear my hair long anymore as it gets stringy. I do miss my Gilda Radner hair before BC. It came in nice after finishing chemo, but Aromasin ruined it. I am grateful to have a good head of hair. Baby goats are cute

    Have a great Friday night and Saturday

  • mistyeyes
    mistyeyes Member Posts: 556

    Hello All! Godie I love the haircut! I know you miss your long hair, but you look so cute-short and sassy! I really love the baby goats.

    NM - I am glad you are feeling better.

    Karen - Congrats on new baby.

    Teka and Jazzy - I love the flowers, I did not inherit my moms green thumb, I keep trying.

    Wally - My husband used to get ocular migraines, I always had regular migraines, but thankfully less as I have gotten older.

    Carol- I was telling my daughter that I knew a well know romance author…thought I would use you to lift up my credentials, lol.

    One of my granddaughters graduated from high school this year and plans to be an aeronautical engineer. I hope she sticks with her plans.

    Tomorrow I go to see 2 in their dance recital. The recitals always last so long, but I am a little excited because they did so well in their competitions that I did not go to.

    I hope everyone is doing well, I think I am going to look up illimae's mai tai and try to make one.

  • jazzygirl
    jazzygirl Member Posts: 11,885

    Hi ladies- happy Saturday. Just a quick hello before I head out to my outdoor morning yoga class. Love doing outdoor yoga in the warmer months, I do a home practice too on my patio.

    I have been following the terrible air quality stories. back east from the Canada wildfires. We in the west have been dealing with this for a good decade or more with all the fires out here in CA, AZ, NM, and CO. I remember one summer where the whole city here was thick with smoke from AZ fires. With asthma, I have to be super careful as I am sure some of you back east did too. I think it's cleared out and hopefully they can get those fires out soon. We had our worst fire season here last year with several hundreds of square miles of land burned up north, which has forever changed that area and the families who had ranches and farms up in northern NM. Hugs to those in Canada here too.

    Regarding hair loss, I didn't do chemo but was on the AIs for 5 years and had a lot of thinning of my hair. It improved after I finished my protocol in 2018 but do still have some sort of male patterned baldness around the top of my head. Sides and back are thick top still has plenty of hair but not as much up top. But here is a bit of an experiment I am doing with something I learned on my HI trip- I had a scalp massage there using peppermint oil and the woman who did it told me peppermint oil helps with hair growth! I am a fan of aromatherapy and decided to get some peppermint oil spray from the local healthfood store and give it a try. Read up on it and even the national institutes of health says it works better than some of the commerical products. So I am trying it and things I have researched said it take a month for it to really start working and probably am to the month mark now and will do this over the summer to see if I see a difference. Will let you know how my experiment turns out.

    Teka- ugh, sorry to hear about the tick bite. I used to get those a lot back east and one time got very sick from one for a day (not sure what that was about).

    NM- I am glad you are feeling better. I know it will take awhile to feel better. Hi to the puppers!

    Goldie- I have to be careful with my petunias as I have caught a squirrel eating them before. I cannot do lilles at all because something snips off the tops. The baby goat is cute and think animals always find a way to each other. We raised rabbits when I was growing up and same thing would happen, male and females kept separate but he would always find a way to get to them.

    Mistyeyes- nice to see you here and hope the recitals go well for the girls!

    Wallycat- prayers for B9 results on the biopsies. Hugs sister, the wait is just awful on this stuff.

    Outdoor jazz starting here tonight which is my favorite thing to do. Putting on my dancing shoes. Have a good weekend everyone.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy Saturday! My Friday started out with me pin-ponging around. I was almost at the office (half hour drive) when I got a call that one of my patients was going the ER at a hospital 10 miles from my home in the opposite direction from the office. So I turn around and head to the ER. Get past my home and almost to the hospital when I get a call that the patient/family decided to go to the hospital in the same town as the office. So I turn around again, and drive to that hospital. Fortunately, it was nothing serious and easily managed with the patient going back home but it really chewed up an hour or so of my morning driving back and forth. Oh well, such is life, right?

    We've had an entire week of rainy and chilly days, the puppers have made more muddy paw prints all over the kitchen and living room floors that I need to get after today. The grass has shot up, so they come in damp, if not wet, and then want to get in my lap. I used to be able to tell Sadie to go dry off in her crate first, and she would, but these 2 do not get that idea at all! Ah, well, that's what slip covers are made for, right?

    Goldie--yeah, the steroid energy boost would be better without the no-sleeping part. I'm counting down the days now, 3 left until I'm done with them. I have felt noticably better the last couple of days, for which I am very grateful. The surprise twins must have been something to come across! Did your friend have any idea momma was preggers? Life certainly does find a way, doesn't it?

    Morning, Illi!

    Wally--can I ask where the biopsies were taken from? I'm praying for B9 results for you.

    Morning, Karen!

    Misty--thanks. I hope you enjoy the dance recital. Aeronautical engineer, hmm? That's an exciting field of work. Lots of opportunities there.

    Jazzy--I'm fortunate that the air quality where I am doesn't seem to have been too terribly affected by the wildfire smoke that I've noticed. I do remember times in the past when the smoke was so thick it looked like fog. Maybe all the rain this past week has been a blessing. Interesting about peppermint oil and hair growth. I'm going to have to look into that! I'm curious to see how your experiment works out.

    Wildfire Margarita


    1.5 oz

    Roca Patrón Silver

    .5 oz

    Giffard Banana

    .25 cup

    Chopped celery

    .75 oz

    Lime juice

    .5 oz

    Honey syrup (1:1)


    Tajîn salt rim


    1. Place celery in shaker and muddle lightly with back of spoon or cocktail muddler.
    2. Add all remaining ingredients and shake with ice.
    3. Fine strain with a cone strainer to remove any celery fibers.
    4. Strain over fresh ice into a Tajîn salted rocks glass.
    5. Garnish with a celery ribbon.