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how about drinking?



  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,796

    Sunshine, enjoy your time in St. George, beautiful there. I would think it would be more on the warm side.

    Wally, no fainting allowed! As for the drinks, occasionally someone tries one, but usually not. We try and post a drink that has something to do with the conversation, hence DOTD.

    Karen, we have spoke already. We will take whatever good news we can, even if little.

    Got my hair cut yesterday, shorter than I have ever had it, other than "bald" at original chemo. 2 high school friends coming over tonight and another one tomorrow.

    DOTD: Crash and Burn Cocktail

    ● 3 oz Pineapple Juice, divided
    ● 3 oz Orange Juice, divided
    ● ½ oz 151 Rum
    ● ½ oz Triple Sec
    ● 1 oz Amaretto
    ● 1 oz Light Rum
    ● 1 oz Blackberry Brandy
    ● ½ oz Maraschino Cherry Juice
    ● Ice
    ● Maraschino Cherries for Garnish
    ● Pineapple for Garnish

    1. Fill a tall cocktail glass halfway with ice.

    2. In a cocktail shaker combine, 151 Rum, Triple Sec, Amaretto, Light Rum, Blackberry Brandy, Maraschino Cherry Juice, 2 ounces of Pineapple Juice, 2 ounces of Orange Juice; shake 10 times.

    3. Pour cocktail over ice in a tall glass.

    4. Pour remaining Pineapple and Orange juices over the drink; do not stir.

    5. Garnish with Maraschino Cherries and a Pineapple wedge.
    6. Serve immediately

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,181
    edited May 2023

    Karen, that is wonderful that you have a plan and feel great about it.

    I think I PMd you about a myeloma blog; Perhaps something you can share with your onco about the curcumin. This lady (and several patients from other areas) are on 8,000mg of curcumin and have remained stable or reverted back to smoldering MM with no need for chemo or STC or anything. I know these things don't apply to everyone but thought I would mention it again. If you are interested in the blog and info, I can PM or post a link here (or you can simply google her).

    Seattle is having a heat wave but the temps should be coming down by the time we need to go (18th)….though still considered quite warm for the month/area we are in. I may be the one having to drive and DH is usually the driver in the family. Our little town driving is nothing like highways/expressways in Seattle…I hope I don't kill us with my driving skills. I need more stress like a hole in my head. The bridge maintenance of the bridge we need to cross to get over the sound will be in maintenance, supposedly completed by 4am so we can use it by 9am. Did I say stress?

    Watched the end of the Westminster Dog show last night (we taped it) and I could easily learn to hoard dogs; so many beautiful breeds!!

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,698

    DH is our city driver. When we take a road trip, he gets all the cities and I get rural stretches and small towns. I help out with watching for signs the last few years. I also pump the imaginary brake on the passenger side. LOL.

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,967
    edited May 2023

    Congratulations on your good news, Karen! I hope your treatments go smoothly.

    Denver is finally getting a good, soaking rain. Not too heavy, so the ground has time to take it in. It's been raining on and off, sprinkle to shower, all day. The grass is getting really lush.

  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,459
    edited May 2023

    Wallycat - can you pm me the info again?

    It has been raining for the past 24 hours. Moe rain today than we typically get the whole month of May. Supposed to stop sometime tomorrow then rain again on the week-end.

    Added later in the morning - Treatment #7 is done. Only 9 more to go. Hematologist (and two other nurses) stopped by to see the reaction on me as well as the photo. Evidently, the reaction is unusual. If someone gets a reaction it's me. He is stopping the Velcade which is the med that is causing the reaction. My monthly appointment is next Friday. He can write a Rx a stronger anti-itch cream if it gets worse and also a stronger anti-nausea if I keep having nausea. Will wait and see. My weight is down another 1.2#. In tears when I get off the scale. My weight is way too low. I see a Dietician on Monday afternoon. I need some good suggestions. I don't think I'm eating any less at meals - just not snacking and I'm beginning to wonder if it's just not snack or the meds as well as the MM.

    It's finally stopped raining after 2 days of rain. Supposed to start up again tomorrow and rain the next several days.

    I have my end of the year evaluation this afternoon. I finally completed all my paperwork for it. I have to do a self appraisal - it is hard to rate myself - don't want to be too high or not high enough on my ratings The comments are easier to do.

    Have a great Friday

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,181

    Happy Friday, ladies.

    I've got my endoscopy scheduled for June 9th and already hving melt-downs, convinced they'll find something ugly. I hate what cancer has done to my life and my interaction with healthcare folks. UGH!!!

    Next few days will be hot (for our area) and I'm wishing my life away….October, any time!!

    Karen, I will PM you.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,796

    Karen, my eating habits have not changed and I lost 20 lbs, 5 of it was ok, now I'm 15 below where I'd like to be!

    WallyCat, sorry about the melt downs, and I'm sure we can all relate! Altho, October in AZ is beautiful, I'm not rushing anything!

    10 years ago 6 of us BCO girls met up in Vegas, this is 4 of us that went to see the Chippendales, this was on my FB as a memory for today. Left to right, me, Dorothy (don't remember her BCO name) Allison (MrsVino), Sue (MemaSue). Oh what fun we had

    Wishing all my girls a Happy Mother's Day, even if it's just to a fur baby!

    WallyCat, can you see it?

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,967

    So my former employer is at it again. This time, he let his employee health insurance lapse. It was discovered when one of the MTs went to the doctor for a massive sinus infection. By then, it had been two weeks since anyone at any of his studios was covered. Another MT has Hashimoto's disease, a thyroid condition. It can be managed, but she needs regular assessments from an endocrinologist to ensure that her medication is at the right level. If it isn't managed, it can cause all sorts of other chronic conditions. Not something you want to be cavalier about.

    In the past when he forgot to pay the insurance bill, he had been able to get it fixed in a day or two - just write the damn check, and we're golden. But we got really worried when it was still several weeks later, and the insurance hadn't been restored. Yesterday, he announced that the insurance wasn't going to be reinstated, and he would be going to insurance stipends instead. Of course, no word yet about how much the stipend would be, if it would be pre- or post-taxable, or any details. We suspect that he's lost so many employees, he no longer had the membership numbers to qualify for whatever plan he had set up before.

    And with insurance gone, this puts our two remaining unionized therapists under a substantial burden to stay at the studio. (We have four unionized MTs. Two, including me, were terminated unlawfully, but we don't have a hearing date until mid-September. Two MTs are still in situ at the studio, but the environment is getting increasingly hostile trying to drive them to quit.) We are legitimately afraid that for the sake of their health, they won't be able to continue there. And if they do leave, where does that leave the union?

    We've reached out to our Union organization for help, but there's only so much they can do until we get our contract. It sucks to be so vulnerable to such obvious union-busting tactics.

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,698

    Miriandra, a horrible situation. MT is massage therapist?

    Goldie, the four of you girls are cute. I can guess that you had fun.

    I had a top shelf margarita at Texas Roadhouse last night and it was one of the best margaritas I have ever sipped and enjoyed. It should have been at the price. When the bill came, I saw it was $16. Dh was a little shocked. We don't normally eat at Texas Roadhouse but my sister and her dh eat there often so we met them at 5pm, far too early for us, but I thought it might not be crowded at that early hour. It was full of families including a lot of children and the noise level was beyond high.

    No offense to any fans of that restaurant chain but I hope not to be going back any time soon. But if I do, I'll have an appetizer and that margarita! A weekday night might be quieter than a weekend?

    Happy Mother's Day to all you moms. DH and I are grateful that we each had a good mother.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,466

    miriandra, that is unbelievable! I can't even imagine! I wish I had the perfect solution to offer you…

    Carole, I'm sorry your experience at Texas Roadhouse was disappointing. The $16 margarita might have been worth it had it not been for the noise. Who knew that going earlier would be that way?

    I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day. My DS sent me the cutest singing video. It looked like he was in the Swiss Alps. It's the typical May Gray here in San Diego.

    Couldn't sleep last night, so I finally got up and read and knitted a few rows on the baby blanket I'm making for our neighbor. I'm grumpy today. Please pray for DH! 🤨


  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,509

    Happy Sunday!

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,466

    Love it, mae!

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,989

    Oh my goodness Mae - it that the famous Beach House?? Wonderful.

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,509

    minus, it’s the beach bar. That’s the lounge side with a futon, in case I get too drunk to make it home, which is only a few hundred feet away, lol

  • jazzygirl
    jazzygirl Member Posts: 11,923

    Happy Funday Sunday!

    Also happy Mothers Day to all the women here who are mothers in some way to something- children, grandchildren, neices and nephews who may not have a mom, pets, plants, even employers (some people have called me the Mom Project Manager, lol). Hope you are being celebrated or otherwise enjoying your day doing something for yourself you enjoy.

    Been 2.5 weeks since returning from HI and the "vacation bliss" sort of wore off at work this week but lasted as long as the time I was gone, so that is good. I unfortunately had several passings that went on in my community before I left and right after I got back so I was trying to keep up with all the cards, etc. One of them was here in town and happened right after I returned- a good friend who was fighting a rare kind of liver cancer (his third cancer in this lifetime) and he was very clear when we talked in the fall that he probably was not going to survive this one. He was having surgery right before I left and got out of the hospital a day before I was flying out. I said I would come visit as soon as I was back and settled and was reaching to him to set something up when I got the news he passed a few days after I got back. Sigh, this one hit hard. There will be a memorial service in August which I plan to attend. We played music together for years and had the best jam sessions at his house, but not for awhile now. Holding on to the good memories and being reminded to be grateful for each day.

    Been working on some home improvement. Outside paint job to touch up the trim which came out great with my painter, and they also did some inside touch up work around the recessed lighting that got done in the kitchen last fall. Now we pause again to pay some things off and next home improvement project will be the master closets, but won't be done this year.

    I am on FB with NM and saw some of her pictures from the cruise. Looks like a great time and think she is finishing up today and heading home tomorrow. I am sure the pups, her mom and job will be glad she's back! Welcome back NM and hope it was as good as you hoped!

    Karen- belated happy birthday and glad you don't have to do the bone marrow transplant. That is a tough procedure, a cousin had it and know it brings risks with it. The protocol you have sounds better. I heard it's been raining a lot in Denver from a friend who lives there. I hope your eval goes well too.

    Illimae- that bar is looking as alluring as ever. Hope you are enjoying the beach bar and you can always crawl home, lol.

    Carole- so many of the chain restaurants here are like that with families packed in and a lot of sound. Makes it hard to have a conversation. They opened a new fast food chain here called Raising Cane some of you may know that everyone is talking about. I am not a fast food person, so won't be going there either!

    Mirianda- that sucks about the insurance lapse, people need their benefits especially when we all go to the doctor pretty regularly. I hope things get worked out but sheesh, what a hassle…..

    Wallycat- hugs on the upcoming test. I always think they are going to find cancer. I hope you get good answers without it being anything serious.

    Goldie- do you like your new cut? I am happier with my cut short after all the issues with variable growth. The AIs did a number on my hair growth.

    Hope everyone else here has a good day and good week. Memorial Day is coming up fast, I am ready for a three day weekend!

  • janky
    janky Member Posts: 478

    Happy Mother's day to all who celebrate!

    Goldie - what is your new cut? short from longish? I am debating going short…

    illimae and jazzy - great to "see" you!

    I am sure NM will have lots to say upon her return, and I am sure her mom and pups will be super happy…

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,967

    Happy Mothers' Day to all the Moms! (Fur baby Moms count too!)

    Very tasty looking, Illimae!

    Carol, yes, MT is Massage Therapist. I and another MT were let go back in August for organizing a union at my studio, but I still hear the goings on from my old coworkers. The NLRB said that our terminations were unlawful, and he has to reinstate us. We have a hearing before a labor judge set for mid-September. On a hilarious related note, a different massage studio went on strike Saturday! They didn't get paid on time, and the franchise owners blamed it on ADP processing. But curiously, the other studio that those franchisers own was paid on time. 🤔 I'm sure there were other concerns, though, for them to straight up go on strike. I sent them the contact information for our union organizer in case they want to unionize too.

    Welcome home, NM!!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,796

    Just a short post, as I have to get packed and ready to go. My hair went from short to real short. I do not like it, I miss my long hair, but it is what is, and I'm still here. That's what I keep telling myself anyways! I'll try and post pics after I get home.

    BabyGirl, you take the best pictures! Are you just using your phone?

    Jazzy, sorry about the losses.

    Sunshine, I don't remember what issues your DH is having, but sending some prayers anyways.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,466

    goldie, are you packing for your cruise? I forgot. I'll bet your really short hair is still cute.

    DH has been having issues with his back, which he's never had before. He's always been super active with running, surfing, rock climbing, backpacking, etc. My ortho dad had what sounds like the same thing with his back and gave him some good recommendations. Hopefully DH will call the doctor today and get some tests scheduled.

    miriandra, what a fiasco! I hope it gets resolved soon!

    Love to all,


  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,459

    Took today off from work. Overwhelmed and exhausted. Just needed a day away. Only 3 weeks left, but it is a long 3 weeks.

    It's been a hard two months. So much to process and understand. Still so many unknowns. I only got one of the two injections on Friday due to the reaction the previous two weeks. I felt so much better with getting just the one. Not sure if it is just a week break or will not get the Velcade anymore. I have my monthly Hematologist appointment on Friday so hope to have some answers then. Then is an oral form of Velcade, but serious nausea is a side effect - no thank you. Transplant oncologist said if take it at night, pre-med before taking it and then again in the morning, should be okay. Not Karen - I struggle with nausea with many meds and don't want to be miserable if this is presented as an option. The skin reactions are fading.

    9 days till DD due date. She is feeling good but ready for the baby to make his/her entrance. We will go a week or two after baby is born as she is having a baby nurse when she first comes home. I'm limited on my travel as I need to be home for chemo on Fridays. I will go again after I finish chemo and hope to take a couple weeks FMLA when she goes back to work to take care of the baby before baby goes to daycare. Of course, I will need to work this out with work. I have plenty of sick time, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    Rain last night, and more showers on and off this week. This is the wettest May in years. More rain so far for the first half the month, than the average for the whole month.

    Going to go heat up homemade chicken soup for lunch. Have a good Monday.

  • justagalwholoveslife
    justagalwholoveslife Member Posts: 46


    I found my people!!!!!


  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,509

    Goldie, yes, I only use my phone. I went from an iPhone 6, which died suddenly in 2020 and got the 11 pro almost exclusively for the much better camera. I took photo class throughout high school and have always loved it. I admit to improving some pics by using the enhancement feature but only when an image is too bland or dark. Most filters feel like cheating to me.

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned Mai tai’s lately but they’re on my mind, so that’s happening soon.

    Justagal, welcome!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,796

    Sunshine, no cruise for me, I was in Michigan visiting family. NativeMainer was gone on an Alaskan cruise, but should be home by now.

    Justagal, welcome indeed. Pull up a stool, order a drink from one of the Tenders and tell us about yourself. Hmmm, just to shorten, I may refer to you as JAG, just a gal.

    BabyGirl, then Mai Tai's it is!

    I'm back in AZ, flight was good. Off for chemo this morning then my 4.5 hour drive home, stopping for something to eat, I'm thinking 5 Guys?

    DOTD: Mai Tai

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,466

    goldie, enjoy your visit in Michigan. I remembered someone was packing for a cruise. It might have been on another thread, but my poor brain doesn't remember.

    We're heading (driving) to Utah tomorrow to visit my sister and her husband and to see their new home. Looking forward to it.

    JAG, I think you just got re-named! Welcome! When I first found this thread, I was afraid it would be debates and judgement about drinking. Nope - not here. This is a fun, welcoming group. I'm glad you found it

    Karen, thinking of you today. I agree about the nausea. I can take pain, but nausea is the worst. If a med says, "May cause nausea" it's a no-go for me.

    Happy whatever-day-of-the-week this is. 😁


  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,767

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy Hump Day! I got home from Alaska Monday afternoon, picked up the puppers, went home and collapsed into bed with a horrible cold that started making itself known about the time the ship docked in Vancouver at the end of the trip. Spent Monday night coughing, hacking, peeing myself, throwing up and generally feeling miserable, called in sick Tuesday. I was surprised when the COVID test came back negative. I managed to get some sleep finally during the day yesterday, and put myself out for the night last night with Robitussin and ativan and serious pupper cuddles and am feeling better today. Going in to work today, not sure if I'll make it all day or not, but will try. Lesson learned—when traveling cross country, make sure there are a couple of days of recovery time on the return end! The cruise itself was great, more on that tomorrow. I'm still moving in pretty much slow motion this ayem, so I'll start ketchuping tomorrow or later. Got some great pics to share, and my cousin took a whole lot more. she took 300 to 500 pictures and videos a day and is going to share them with me when she gets a chance. Her husband was sick the entire trip with uncontrolled high blood sugars and is now in the hospital, so she'll be processing those a bit later. So, it was a good vacay with a side story of drama. More later. Glad to be home.

  • justagalwholoveslife
    justagalwholoveslife Member Posts: 46

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kristen but JAG is perf! I’m glad to have found this thread!

    A/C chemo starting today and I’m ready!

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,967

    I hope your chemo goes smoothly, JAG. And welcome!

    (((Hugs))) and strength to you, Karen.

    Glad you're feeling better, NM, and may it be a rapid recovery.

    Safe journeys, Carol.

  • wren44
    wren44 Member Posts: 7,841

    NM, What ship were you on? Glad you enjoyed the views.

    Jag, Welcome. Glad to have you here.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,796

    Sunshine, I'm already home from Michigan, was gone for 2 weeks. Ha ha, I have a tendancy to shorten names or change them up sometimes. I call Illimae BabyGirl, because I thing she is the youngest one here.

    Well NM, I glad the sickness didn't kick in until the end of the trip and not right before or during. Sorry it hit you so hard too. A day or two of recouping after vacay is def. a plus, IF you can do it! Sorry about your cousins DH.\

    Jag, good luck with your chemo. I managed pretty well on AC, never got sick, only felt a bit ick for a few days and continued to work, of course work was at home. Where do you live, children?

    Yesterday was not the best, I was tired but couldn't sleep. Tried to take 2 naps, no go. Sleep was far and little at night as well, plus I ended up getting a little bit sick. I put an offer in for a house in MI yesterday. Plan is for my son to buy it off me come June. It's a cash offer, should know something later today. I see our locations have disappeared again!

    DOTD: The Apollo Cocktail with St. George Terroir Gin

    • 1″ piece of peeled fresh ginger root, sliced
    • 7 fresh sage leaves
    • 1-1/2 oz St. George Terroir Gin
    • 1 egg white (tip: separate the egg in a small bowl, then pour the egg white into the cocktail shaker)
    • 3/4 oz simple syrup
    • 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
    • Garnish: 1 dash of angostura bitters (6 drops), fresh sage leaf
    1. In the glass portion of a Boston Shaker, muddle the sage leaves and the ginger root until well pulverized. Add the gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white and add ice to the level above the liquid.
    2. Shake as vigorously as possible for 30 seconds or until the liquid is frothy and foamy.
    3. Immediately strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add six drops of Angostura bitters in a circular shape in the foamy cap of the cocktail. With a straw, connect the dots, forming a circle. Garnish with a fresh sage leaf.

  • justagalwholoveslife
    justagalwholoveslife Member Posts: 46

    Hi Goldie,

    I feel fine today so I hope that’s a good sign. I am 51 and blessed to be retired. I have a husband, Bryan also retired, and an adult daughter, Brittany, who lives with us. We are a tribe to be reckoned with. They are my rocks. We relocated in 2021 from RI to VA for the peace, beauty and the nice people. We are blessed to be here.

    I’m glad I found you all here. My daughter was concerned about drinking while going through this. I drink when I want to but not to excess. I like apple whiskey on the rocks, mixed vodka drinks, sometimes a good beer or glass of wine. I told her I’m not changing my habits unless the dr. tells me I have to, which he hasn’t done.

    I have to read back a bit and get to know you wonderful warriors.