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This has been a rough few days...
It is time for us to hook up our horses and circle our wagons around some of our dear sisters who need us the most right now.

Robin, Rhymee, Mena, Denise, Marsha, Katz & Sarah, Gwenn, Pennylane, Dianne, Shelliks and all who need some love and care from the sisterhood.

I will take the first watch.

(edited to add that since we started the circle, we have lost many angels mentioned above and others who were inside the circle.  Nicki/Chemosabi kept watch over the circle many nights for us. Now, she will watch over the campfire with the angels she joined tonight. Rest in Peace you beautiful friends, we love you all and will never forget you.)



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 47
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    giddy up !

  • fancy2
    fancy2 Member Posts: 14
    edited August 2006

    Haw, mules! Git!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 47
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    ummmmm now that mule is gonna be going in circles !!!

    Mules have " signal blinker " words..........

    geeeeee and haw

    not of course to be cornfused with ye haw !

  • fancy2
    fancy2 Member Posts: 14
    edited August 2006

    Well, you SAID to circle the wagons!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 2,728
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    Well, I can take early monring watch. But I am gonna be sending positive energy through out the day.

    Man oh man I hate this disease.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 47
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    sorry.....a bit forgetful !
  • Member_of_the_Club
    Member_of_the_Club Member Posts: 263
    edited August 2006

    My shotguns are loaded and my eyes are keen.

  • trixiegram
    trixiegram Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2006
    i'm up early any more - i'll start the biscuits and coffee. more alert with something in your tummy. the mules will have to fend for themselves.

    sending out love and prayers for all our sisters in need.

  • fancy2
    fancy2 Member Posts: 14
    edited August 2006

    Nope--I'll do hay and feed for the mules. Ifn we'ns doan feed 'um, they won't work. Jest lik me, 'ya know?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Member Posts: 282
    edited August 2006
    I'm here having some of Niki's "one armed biscuits" bless her heart...and she's right, the mules can fend for themselves somewhere else...

    I'll be here for a couple of hours....but I'm sending love, and prayers to all the sisters in need, even those who just read us but don't post...I'm sure there are plenty out there who need comfort and are too shy to ask...but we are here...
  • PoohRN1962
    PoohRN1962 Member Posts: 176
    edited August 2006
    I don't "know" who all of these people are, yet...but I'll join in.

    Circling, and sending my love!
  • magsandmattsmom
    magsandmattsmom Member Posts: 43
    edited August 2006

    Pulling into the circle armed and ready for the fight.

  • Member Posts: 1,435
    edited August 2006

    I'm in too, armed & ready!

  • tflowers
    tflowers Member Posts: 232
    edited August 2006

    I'll take the later shift so everyone can rest for this journey. Must protect the women first....

  • susanmcm
    susanmcm Member Posts: 699
    edited August 2006
    I'll take some biscuits and coffee, thank you. And I'll take the next watch, ok?

    It's time to "COWBOY UP"

    I think about this term, and what it's all about?
    Well it's reaching deep inside when your DH has turned you out.
    It's gettin' bucked off every bull that you've seen;
    Going hungry, and telling yourself "I'm not starvin', just lean".


    It's watching your friends go to the county fair;
    And staying behind, cuz the fence is in need of repair.
    It's knowing what's wrong, and doing what's right;
    Though it means you're going home alone tonite.


    It's what makes a cowboy tell it straight;
    It's being in pain, and calling your gate.
    It's having nothing, yet having it all;
    It's brushing off the dust and knowing how to fall.


    It's a spirit tried and true;
    Like a guardian angel, it'll see you through.
    So when you're down and things look rough;
    Look deep within yourself, and

    "COWBOY UP"...
  • slanderson
    slanderson Member Posts: 14
    edited August 2006

  • csp
    csp Member Posts: 119
    edited August 2006
    Susan I love that !
    I have one to share ~

    Courage is easy when a tame horse you ride
    When rivers are low and no clouds fill the skies,
    But that’s not the test that must really apply
    And there won’t always be tame horses to ride.

    When the winds from the northwest, its teeth filled with snow,
    And the temperature is dropping with each hour of the blow,
    And you’re twenty miles from a warm bunkhouse fire,
    You freeze where you stop if home’s not your desire.

    When the water is rising with no way around
    And a bunch of stray steers spread over the ground,
    You’ll have to hold up there till the water goes down
    Or force a fording where some may drown.

    When the nights are so lonely that there is no familiar sound
    And where you are at isn’t close to home ground,
    Then its what you are made of, what you’ve seen and learned
    That keeps you up and not getting burned.

    You can be sure of yourself, the person you’ve become
    When the world drops it’s load out where you come from.
    You won’t whine or cry or make an excuse
    But face that problem and not let it loose.

    The days that will test you are always on the way
    And you don’t run and hide to avoid the fray.
    You grab on the problems and just tan their hide,
    You made your own courage and tamed the horses to ride!
  • cheryl58
    cheryl58 Member Posts: 5
    edited August 2006
    I absolutely love these inspirations... I have one also that is helping me..

    When we walk to the edge of all the light we have,
    And take a step into the darkness of the unknown,
    We must believe one of two things will happen....
    There will be something solid for us to stand on
    Or we will be taught to fly.
  • DoreenF
    DoreenF Member Posts: 59
    edited August 2006
    circling.... circling ... here to support those in need.
  • Fitztwins
    Fitztwins Member Posts: 144
    edited August 2006
    I will put on the beans... can I bring the beer?

    Oops make that red wine. Antioxidants.
  • AlaskaDeb
    AlaskaDeb Member Posts: 1,159
    edited August 2006
    I'm armed and ready to FIGHT! I am so sick of cancer and I will be damned if it is going to win!!

    For all my sisters in pain,
    for the ones who are fearfull,
    for the ones who are waiting,
    for the ones who are tired.

    I am praying and hoping for better days soon.
    Peace be with you.

    Adding my wagon to the circle ladies...pass the coffee
    Deb C.
  • Naniam
    Naniam Member Posts: 586
    edited August 2006
    My wagon has joined the circle; of course I have a modern wagon that has refrigeration so we can keep the wine cool and have all the fix's with the beans, biscuits, and other goodies!!! Fancy, it will be more than fine with me if you tend the animals - mules/horses not my thing!!

    Oh, God, girls, my heart and my prayers goes out to these wonderful women. Thanks NS for starting this. I am up all kinds of hours, so I'll be sharing in many of the watches. Hope this circle just keeps growing and may these sisters feel the love.
  • Sandra1957
    Sandra1957 Member Posts: 1,064
    edited August 2006
    I'm here,
    I'm praying,
    I'm mad,
    I'm sad.
    I'm hopeful.
    What else can I do?
    Please tell me.

  • MargaretB
    MargaretB Member Posts: 771
    edited August 2006
    I'm here - since I can't seem to sleep after 2:30 a.m., I'll take that shift. I had biscuits and gravy this morning for breakfast with my coffee - yum. Let me know what I can do to help out here.

  • grubby
    grubby Member Posts: 16
    edited August 2006
    I'll cowboy up and ready to ride! Let me know what I can bring! Lots of prayers, good thoughts go out to each of you! Cheers and beers will help too!
    Lots of love
    Grubby (Kath)
  • lv2cmp
    lv2cmp Member Posts: 899
    edited August 2006

    Count me in also. Don't forget the donkeys either. They are such loving animals and once they are your friend they are your friend forever. I also have a 3 month old baby donkey that is full of spunk so count her in also.

  • Unknown
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  • 2up
    2up Member Posts: 944
    edited August 2006

    i'm ready too.......i'm bringing the "wrangler guy" from another thread........i might need protection in the middle of the night.

  • newvickie
    newvickie Member Posts: 2,941
    edited August 2006
    I'm here...with lots of heartfelt prayers.
    Hey Shel...can he come protect me during the day?!?
    Cowboy up!!
  • susanmcm
    susanmcm Member Posts: 699
    edited August 2006
    Carrie, that's a good cowboy up poem.
    Alaska Deb, I'm with you. I'm just so damn angry about all this. I want to kill cancer.
    Grubby, you sound like you would be a good chuck wagon cook.

    I love you all. Peace and comfort to all our sisters in need.