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Can we have a forum for "older" people with bc?



  • betrayal
    betrayal Member Posts: 1,908

    Not sure residential rehab post TKR is covered by Medicare and in this area, PT is done in home for several weeks before switching to OPT. First ortho surgeon told me that they do not offer follow-up PT and that was up to patient to do on their own following provided handouts. Really? Don't think that PT from a handout would really be helpful or productive. I continue to do home exercises from PT I had pre-trip. I will keep doing them even though knees are feeling good at present.

    Too many doctor appointments coming up and still on the fence about need for repeat echocardiogram since I had one 3 years ago and it was normal. Need a break from physicians, appointments and will lurk here for awhile.

    Hope all having issues get relief soon. Cindyby, sorry you continue to have dental issues and Illinoislady, hope removal of lesion from nose leaves no visible scar.

    Have a good day.

  • petite1
    petite1 Member Posts: 2,115

    Hi, Just wanted to pop in. I saw I had 99 messages to read, so I don't remember everything that is going on. Dentist - I have to have a cap on one of my bottom teeth that cracked. The hygienist got carried away and broke it. That is scheduled in January when my Prolia is at the lowest. Injection in Feb.

    Mistyeyes, good to hear from you. I am hanging in there.

    It has been wet and rainy the last couple of days, but the weekend is supposed to be nice.

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 996

    Petite, I am so sorry to read about your tooth! Someone needs to tell the universe you have had way more than your fair share of difficulties this year!

    Betrayal, sounds like you need time to just unwind and reboot! I will be thinking of you!

    Illinois, I liked your last quote, if only people could let go of things. Letting go of painful events/losses is not something one can "just make" themselves do. It would be awesome if that was the case. I was able to let go of the trauma I endured with my first breast cancer, but not before many years of having those experiences completely ruin my summers! I have no idea how I was able to let go. If I knew how I was able to do that, I am pretty sure if I could make a lot of money by writing a book on letting go. Time certainly helps, but it sadly isn't the only thing that needs to happen in order to truly let things go.

    Crossing my fingers that the eye drops I am using will lower the ocular pressure in my eyes. I have such a fear of losing my eyesight. At least I have a Glaucoma Specialist who is outstanding, and I have total faith in him!

    Sun is out and it is supposed to get warm today! I plan to get the photos I picked up from the photographer yesterday, framed. I need to go to a custom framer for that. Yesterday, I was able to get my bow window blinds cleaned along with the windows. I can tell the difference this morning and that is a good feeling!

    Cindy, my Christmas catus is covered in buds too, which made me think of your plant. I feel surrounded by plants as my DH brings in all the geraniums and some other flowers inside for the winter. Their red flowers really add some cheer to the house!

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,496

    MM, my dh's favorite flower is red geranium. Every spring when we arrive at our camper/summer home in MN I buy flowers for the deck and at least one red geranium is a must buy.

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    When we awaken, we find that we are part of the one great Reality and we realize our union with all things.


  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    I too am way behind and have already MIS-placed most of what I read. All sort of jumbled together. I had my second mols surgery on Tues. as you all know. Just wow. Noses turn out be to a lot harder. We had three rounds until we got it all. It was the 'newer' one and smallest as well. It swelled, bled, and I have been w/o glasses. I do not see well enough to do much of anything unless I'm HIGHLY familiar. So, no computer, no reading mail. TV was possible but awful.

    Today, the swelling is down, and I was able to apply a bandage that has allowed me to wear my glasses. I am hoping it is not making the swelling hang around. It was as well painful. I think due more to the fact that that I was injected all three times I needed more cutting before it was finally clear. That was okay most of the time but a lot more tolerable now.

    Monday, I will hear from the Pulmonologist and will go in two weeks to the Mt. Vernon Skin Care to have my stitches removed from this last go round. The important thing is that it is all gone and I can move on to whatever is next.

    Hopefully, I can join in a little better when I get all through the days I was not able to use the computer at all.

    I thought about all of you with each entry I read and always hoping for a smooth path and not too much stress or discomforts.

  • racheldog
    racheldog Member Posts: 209

    Thanks to all of you who answered back to me about the new site, coming back on this new site, etc. I still really liked the format of the former site and I bet that a lot of people just did not hang on or return to navigate their old favorites. I even tried to look up someone who went to Stage 4 to see how she was doing and that was weird. Found her on a few posts but the navigation is just not the same.

    I had my stereotactic biopsy yesterday and now it is a waiting game for results. I had a lot of soul searching the past week. Just too much anxiety over diagnostic mammograms, etc. and am coming to conclusion that worry will kill you perhaps faster than BC. Just not healthy to have so much anxiety over imaging studies be it every 6 months or yearly. I am backtracking and thinking that the decision I made 3 years ago for a lumpectomy/radiation and chemo should have been a bilateral mastectomy to get rid of both breasts. What ever comes with my results now it may be time to look into mastectomies. Not a Diep procedure—-that is too much recovery for older women IMO.

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670


    I am sorry about the waiting. No matter how hard you try to distance from it, it tends to lay around every corner. I think likely everyone here liked most of the OLD format better. I have to admit I'm a creature of habit and only have two or three places I go here so while there are a number of things, I wish were different about the site, I can't say it is too difficult for me as it is.

    I will send healing hope, wishes and prayers that your tests turn out much better. I've had a couple of biopsies that turned out to be nothing. I will say though it was a few yrs. from original lumpectomy, rads, etc. We all do what feels like the right thing for us at the time.

    Wish I could send you a train load of serenity while you wait, but all I have is a little hope and a few prayers. We are with you.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,878

    Jackie - just wanted to let you know I hear your pain. I had MOHS surgery for Basal Cell cancers on both sides of my nose on the same day some years ago. And they had to go back 3 times!!! Glad you found a way to wear your glasses.

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    Just because so many of us hate it:

  • cindyny
    cindyny Member Posts: 1,054

    Petite, I sympathize on your tooth. As I age, seems I’ve aged quite a bit this past year, my teeth need more work than ever.

    MM, I planted 2 deck rail planters full of geraniums. One dark red, one brighter red. I love seeing them. They’re so beautiful I had my partner pull them off the deck and into the enclosed back porch to try to save them. I plan on putting them in the basement while we go to FL for 5-6 months. I’ve only done it once before, kept it on top of my refrigerator and only randomly put in a cup of water - spring they went back outside. I could leave them in the kitchen on the floor by the radiator (set to 52-55 while gone). My niece house watches for me - all plants go on the kitchen table to make watering easier. Carole & MM, thoughts - basement vs kitchen? I had to snap off all flowers and buds, it had so many buds it was sad to do.

    Illinois, you’re a trooper! I don’t think I’d be able to make it for 3 cuttings without being numb. PS - the Walmart post is hilarious!

    Racheldog, it’s hard to second guess what choices we made at the beginning of the BC journey. Sending HUGS.

    I ran a bunch of errands this morning. It was a beautiful 65 out today! After eating lunch we went out to finish up a lot in the yard. A gf had told me her leaf blower was also a vacuum and how much she loved it. I had said mine does that too, but I’ve never used it that way. So today we set it up as a vacuum. We loved it! I said it was like my partner turned into a monster, he zipped around vacuuming up stuff like a mad man. Little pine needles be gone! We blew a hole in the bag (HA!) and quit for the day. But I’ve already ordered another bag attachment. Imagine the bizarre things that make us happy. What a hoot.

    Raining tonight, cooler tomorrow mid 50’s, but not too bad. No set plans for tomorrow, which I’m good with. Enjoy your Saturday!

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,496

    DH has had a number of MOHS surgeries, including at least one on his nose that required plastic surgery.

    On the subject of self checkout, I read an article about stores reconsidering self checkout because of the theft. Also a lot of customers don't like it. I use it only when there is no alternative. I do like using the Sam's App to scan items and pay with my phone.

    I have gotten used to this site. I still haven't managed to get my signature info back but will try again.

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    Always remember, we all have our own opinions and beliefs.
    We have different ways of dealing with life’s troubles and joys.
    To survive our differences without hurting each other is what
    Goodness is all about.


  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    Beautiful sun, but it will be pretty cool today. Will need a coat to go out. Still, I'm thankful for the sun. It makes you feel better even if you have to wear a coat.

    Cindy, I did have numbing injections each time they had to excise more cancer. I felt that was why I seemed so much sorer. Also, could be why I did swell and have very minor bleeding. It's coming along now. Still sore and hard to blow my sinus filled nose, but I'm finally able to wear my glasses. At the same time, higher up on my nose I had a pre-cancer spot and she filed that off. Just something else to make it hard to wear glasses and causing another 'sore' area.

    Our leaves on the ground are fairly thin now. SIL didn't want to ride the lawn tractors (not even the zero turn) because he didn't like the dust. It is not a 'clean' job. He took the blower for most of it. That is a lot of blowing since we have a bit over two acres. The light layer is okay, but we have to get tractors ready to go early this coming Spring.

    Carole, I read that same article about a lot of theft with self-check-out. Some of it is in-advertent. I also know a lot of people are upset to have someone checking their receipts when they leave the self-check-out lanes. I understand that too.

    I choose to not use self-check-out. I don't trust myself for one thing and I don't want to take someone's job either. While it seems like it is something that could save time, They don't offer anything to the person willing to 'check ' themselves out — like maybe a slight reduction in cost. Lastly, I've seen people having to wait in lines for self-checkout machines. Just doesn't seem worth it to me.

    I hope you all have a very nice Saturday. Saying hi to any non-posters who may still come back and read now and then.

  • chisandy
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    I hate self-checkout, not just because I am a second-generation "union maid" but because it's so often glitchy. The other night at Eataly I had bought a number of things after dinner—and they had gotten rid of ALL cashiers! Half my items wouldn't scan because the UPC or QR codes were too tiny (not surprising, they were all Italian imports). When the manager came over to help, she said this happens all the time—it's not just my aging eyes.

    So, speaking of the Eataly neighborhood (River North), third time lucky. Wed. night we intentionally went to Eataly for the truffle-fest menu, taking CTA down & taxi home; Thurs. I had bought the movie ticket online for the 6pm show, thinking it was for that night but turned out to be for Fri.—Thurs. there was only a 9pm show, too late for a 3.5 hr flick, since Bob had an early work morning yesterday.

    So, because he'd already parked at the pricy garage (I took the train again), we walked across to the new Bally's casino, where new Players Club members get free parking. The casino was 100% non-smoking, no free booze (against Chi. ordinance), so it wasn't very crowded. Per Bob, much cleaner (with a more upscale clientele) than its predecessors on the boats across the state line in IN). We had no desire to gamble, just eat. There are only 3 restaurants there, all fast-casual and only one had table service. We chose the Asian one, and the food was reasonable and better than it needed to be, given the setting. (We learned later that Asian patrons got a special menu with all the more authentic dishes). We got our parking receipt validated—but the machines wouldn't read the validation sticker and kept demanding $57! (Had we stayed long enough for the movie, it'd have been $61). We had to call the garage manager, who discovered the reason was that Bob had written his parking location on the ticket—which was what the machines were scanning instead of the sticker! He pushed a few buttons and out we went.

    Since we already had our prepaid movie ticket for last night, once home I decided to look up SpotHero—and found that I could input Bob's license plate and car model. Voilà: $20, good for 5pm-3am! We went to the multiplex and to our chagrin noted that BOTH the down escalator (as steep as in the London tube stations) AND the elevator were still broken. We knew from Thurs. night there was a freight elevator, with Security escorting patrons down. We were 1/2 hr early so we went to the bar, where the champagne pour was generous for the price. But all the dine-in options were variations on bar-food crap, extremely high-calorie. We decided to wait for dinner afterward, and didn't even buy popcorn, as Bob isn't a fan. One pit stop after that and in we went.

    Coming attractions were 20 min. long! So a 3.5 hr movie was closer to 4. Amazingly, we both held it in—the movie (Killers of the Flower Moon) was that good. While enjoying our bubbly pre-show, I made a 10:15 res for Steak 48 afterward. Was sort of apprehensive, as at 10pm the place was still chock-full of noisy, hard-partying urban millennials—but the food was excellent with massive portions, the place quieted down after the partiers left, and we were not given the bum's rush after kitchen closing time. But when we got back to our car, we found ourselves hemmed in by a Range Rover on the passenger side and a giant pickup from SD on the driver's side. Bob's belly was less of an obstacle than my "rack" and puffer coat, so he slid in, backed us out, and we switched sides so I could drive us home. Unfortunately, a massive line of cars (whose drivers had visited the casino) were experiencing the same difficulty with their validated tickets as we did Thurs. night—so it took us 20 minutes to get to the exit gates. But thanks to SpotHero, the gate read our license place number and out we went!

    Got home a bit after midnight for Heidi's medication time & night meal—but between Googling the movie's history and watching a program I'd recorded, I didn't get to bed till 4am!

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,064

    Jackie, I hope you can find a solution that lets you comfortably wear glasses to read and for sun protection. Cindy, I hear you about the tooth! As long as you let 4-6 weeks elapse between invasive dentistry and Prolia shot, you should be fine.

    Betrayal, over the years—not to mention regional differences, capricious insurers, and post-pandemic protocols—PT after TKR is no longer a uniform "given." When I had my TKRs a decade ago, I was not yet on Medicare, but my insurer (United Choice Plus PPO, from Bob's office group) covered both inpatient rehab stays (10-14 days). After that, 2 weeks of 3/wk visiting at-home PT, followed by 3 more weeks of 3/wk outpatient PT (ATI & Athletico). United also paid for my Athletico pre-hab in 2013. Back then, all the Medicare Part B patients at both facilities were 80%-covered (those with supplements had the 20% co-pay covered too). Supplemental coverage for the co-pay depends on whether Part B covers it at all—and Part B shouldn't differ state-by-state. So I guess Medicare is applying a cost-benefit analysis these days, covering only visiting and outpatient PT. Could be worse—per the site to which I used to subscribe, in the UK patients are given the option of whether to do any post-op PT—and if they choose, it's DIY with online exercise instructions. Guess everyone is cheaping-out these days.

    Heidi had her semiannual exam & bloodwork yesterday (skipping the rabies shot, due to her age and condition and the fact that she never goes outside). She lost more weight since last Fri. (almost 1/4 lb.), and her thyroid levels are elevated again; so the vet has increased her transdermal methimazole dose to the standard 2 "twists" of the applicator pen BID. (At first, she couldn't tolerate that, which was why she was on only 1 twist, but now that she's been getting the med for half a year her little gut is likely more used to it). Also, she now can get her appetite-stimulant gel (Mirataz) whenever her appetite flags, but no oftener than once a day. (Her previous dose was over 2 wks ago). And feeding instructions are now "on-demand," and whatever she likes and keeps down—so we have her on both kitten foods and her fave Royal Canin "Aging" pate (non-Rx, but pricy and hard to find). Goal is to keep her weight from dropping too much more—at nearly 19, we're seeing the writing on the wall and keeping her comfy and well-loved. At least her kidneys and liver enzymes are normal for her age.

  • illinoislady
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    One of the noblest words in our language is "grace," defined as "unearned blessing."  We live by grace far more than by anything else.  Accordingly, I find that the one thing which I want to put into practice in my own life is the conscious and deliberate habit of finding someone to thank.    -Elton Trueblood

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    We are having an overcast day, but since it's so cool, I've kept inside with little desire to go out. Helps that I'm using a bandage sort of jury rigged to keep my glasses off my nose excessively. Doesn't look too good, but it works.

    I hope you are all well and having a good day with decent weather of some sort. Likely some of you are watching sports on tv right now. I'm not sure but they seem to take up late afternoons into evenings. I'll root for your teams even if I'm not a sports fan. I do admire those who can and do enjoy them. For one thing I'm sure its a great break from some of what is on tv these days.

    Dh is going this afternoon with the kids to their Church for Thanksgiving dinner. I want him to go because I know we won't do a big elaborate meal like we use too. No reason for him to have to miss out. I have home prepared fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gr. beans. All extremely low salt. Not really as much as you should have for two, so it works perfect. I GET all the leftovers I might want, and he gets a great Thanksgiving meal with people he likes. I don't mind eating alone — and in fact, like it at times.

    Looking forward to getting the week started. Hope you all are to.

  • cindyny
    cindyny Member Posts: 1,054

    Low 40’s today but with some sun. I stayed inside until almost 4. I went to see my grandniece play soccer. They had back to back games. First game ended in a tie, 2-2; second game was a 3-2 win. Very happy for the girls, the 2nd team was much more aggressive.

    This morning a gf told me they were going to a concert, and there were still seats available. I ran it by partner and he was game. She was a blues guitarist, Joanne Shaw Taylor, and boy could she play. Very enjoyable time and home about 10.

    Tomorrow I’ve got a chiropractor muscle therapist appointment at 3. I’ll be glad to see her as my back has been aching most days. A lot from things I do - picking up things prior to robot vacuum, I repeat to myself “use your legs & not your back” and when we used the leaf blower as a vacuum, I’m tall enough to have to bend over to get the vacuum to the ground. She’ll fix me!

    We had football on early, and just put it on again as we came in the door. We do weekly picks with the local newspaper and last year my partner was very high on the winners list. I think I’m ranked as being in it just for fun. Oh well.

    Hope everyone’s weekend was good.

  • chisandy
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    edited November 20

    My "sports clothing" superstition only half played-out this weekend. Wore a purple top Saturday for U. of Washington (Bob's grad/med alma mater and my former employer as a lab tech); and Northwestern (one of our "local" schools)—they both won. Donned my Justin Fields jersey (actually, an oversized T-shirt) yesterday. I'd always been afraid to wear Bears stuff lest I jinx them. But Fields had a great game and everything went swimmingly…until they not only blew a 12-point lead in the last 4 minutes (putting them three points down) but got slammed with a safety when they tried to return the kickoff in the last 20 seconds. Oh, well—at least Fields is back in top form.

    My throat has gotten tickly and now sore from coughing. No fever—just the opposite. I'm allergic to Heidi (all cats, actually) but she needs me constantly. Not just that but it's also leaf-mold season here, and the "tripledemic" has begun to rise. Up to date on all 3 shots, but the new COVID one was Sep. 19, and I hope it hasn't already worn off. (Day 2 of symptoms—just home-tested negative). Also worried that the improperly-injected RSV shot may not have fully "taken" beyond doing a number on my arm. Think I'll pay a visit to Immediate Care for a strep test, though the symptoms feel almost exactly like what I brought home from London after Thanksgiving 2019. I never went to a doctor or clinic for that, figuring it was viral and there was nothing they could do for me besides advising hydration and chicken soup. The coughing lasted more than two weeks, with larynngitis the second week. I already have laryngitis now. Good thing I have no rehearsals till next Monday. If it's strep, Bob will have to take Gordy to dinner Wed. night and host Thanksgiving for our friends. (If it is and I start abx today, I'll be non-contagious by Wed. aft.).

    I hope it's not my long-dormant cat allergy kicking up, as whenever she's not sleeping, eating, drinking, or excreting Heidi is all over me—literally in my face. (She really misses our HK). But at nearly 19, I don't know how much longer she will have a comfortable life, so I must indulge her at every turn. She's stone-deaf (vet confirmed that), nearly blind and definitely demented. I am her whole world now.

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    To a large degree, the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.  Irrespective of what happened yesterday or last year, and what may or may not happen tomorrow, the present moment is where you are--always!

    Richard Carlson

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 996

    Today was nice and not too cold. Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be rainy, but nice on Thanksgiving and Friday.

    Had coffee with my sister and a group of special ed students and their teachers and Aides came in to shop for those less fortunate. It was so great to see them. I hugged some of the students I had, it was so great to see them.

    Then not long after, my former PCP who retired came in. Both my sister and I were her patients. We hugged and invited her to sit with us, which she did. Also, so great to see her.

    Cindy, you asked about where to keep your plants, we have ours by our sliding glass doors in our kitchen. They face the east so they get the morning sun. My Christmas cactus that is blooming in in the living room window facing west and gets the afternoon sun. I hope your therapist appointment went well!

    Sandy, I hope your allergies lessen for you. I too am allergic to cats which was sometimes an issue when I worked as a Vet Tech. It is actually the saliva people are allergic to, not the fur. Because cats groom themselves by licking, the saliva gets on their fur. Also why some long hair cats are supposedly hypoallergenic. I am glad Heidi is seeming to be more active, even if her activity is getting as close to you as possible. Fur babies are awesome! I miss mine, but don't see any in my future.

    Illinois, glad you found a way to keep your glasses where they are at good place off your nose. Also glad your DH could have a good Thanksgiving dinner with people he likes! I agree, sometimes having dinner alone is actually a welcome change!

  • illinoislady
    illinoislady Member Posts: 31,670

    Late again today. Was waiting to get Dr. Dave's report. Otherwise, it is overcast today and not too pretty. I'm in the middle of making some stew so at least the house smells delicious. Our house is fairly open so smells waft around well. Thinking about Heidi Sandy. Being a HUGE cat person over the yrs. and still having multiples here in my own house. You are a good mother for Heidi. She has value even though she is old, a bit frail, and may have limited time. You are willing to do what it takes to keep her satisfied and as happy as she can be.

    What a nice treat to have meetups with former students, teachers' aides and even your former PCP, sounds like it was all real delight. It is nice to touch bases with people we have had relationships with even if they were more professional than anything.

    Well, Dr. Dave is very concerned about the "nodule". He wants to have a surgeon consult with me and then talk to me again himself. I am left with more questions than answers. According to Dr. Dave, maybe the nodule has some cancer to it and maybe not. The Pet Scan didn't turn red but was a little pink. I never heard of anything quite characterized that way — not red but maybe pinkish.

    As far as I was able to tell, it is the size of the nodule that he does not like. It is at 4.1 so has grown from 2.7. Well, I don't like that either. He says it is not in a good place to go in with a camera and remove it. That would mean a much larger invasive surgery and I am not a good candidate with my lower ejection fraction. Sigh !!!!! I really hate that thought even if I had a better fraction rate. I've had a lot of cutting on lately, but I will see what the good surgeon has to say. Then I will consult with my PCP and Dr. Dave and try to figure out where to go and what to do. I'm baffled for now, but I do think for now I am fine. I just have to have a lot more information because maybe cancer, maybe not is a bit on the thin side for me.

    Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. Today I am able to go w/o the nose bandage which actually was a bit of a pain but happily did allow me to easily wear my glasses. I have three corrections in my glasses so going without them is difficult and makes me feel out of control a lot. I go on the 22nd. to have my stitches out. A bit sooner than the other ones, but they came out because I was going to be there for the nose surgery.

    I do still have a pretty sore nose, but overall, I can't complain much. I don't complain much anyway and so I feel fine about it all. It is bound to take more time since I needed extra in injections and cauterized each of the three times.

    Hope you all are having a really good day and not having to work too hard for your Thanksgiving meal if you are cooking. Saying hi to any not wishing to post. You are in my thoughts.

  • harley07
    harley07 Member Posts: 224

    Illinoislady - sending healing wishes for a quick recovery from the MOHS surgery. Having it on your nose sounds uncomfortable especially with wearing glasses.

    Chisandy - I hope it’s only allergies and not one of the ‘tripledemic’ illnesses.

    MM - I can tell from your writing how much the special ed students mean to you. Glad you were able to see them once again.

    I had a great weekend. Met a childhood friend for lunch on Saturday and spent several hours catching up on life. We’ve been friends for over 60 years and live about 3 hours away from each other so we meet for lunch once a year. Yesterday I was with my family for my grand niece’s senior year (university) clarinet recital and then we went out for dinner. Since we no longer gather for Christmas or Thanksgiving it’s always wonderful to see them. Driving home a deer ran into the side of my car and damaged the driver’s door and front quarter panel. In 50 years of driving it’s the first time we’ve (DH was driving) actually collided with a deer although I’ve had many close calls. It’s not unusual this time of year but nonetheless it is annoying as I’ve only had the car for 5 weeks. We’ve gotten a repair quote and are waiting on insurance approval. Once we have that it should take 4-5 days to repair.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • cindyny
    cindyny Member Posts: 1,054

    Sandy, I’m highly allergic to cats, even taking 24 hr antihistamines daily. They bring on an asthma attack. You’re a good cat mom to Heidi.

    MM, I’m undecided on geranium placement, I just hope they survive. Chiro muscle therapist, one hour long, felt heavenly. It’s nice to hear you enjoyed your get together.

    Jackie, might be, might not be, UGH! That’s stressful. All modern technology and still no exact dx. I’m hoping you’ll get more info as you meet again.

    Harley, a deer hitting you in your new car gets a double UGH! Fortunate no one was injured, luckily the car can be repaired. I was hit once by a deer on a beautiful sunny July day on the Mass turnpike, back quarter panel, no dent just some fur left behind. I was shaken up, but no injuries with us either.

    This is my mini blind story of the day. For about a week I was finding these little white pieces of plastic on the kitchen floor. No idea what they were, I was throwing them out. About five days later as I pulled up the blind in the large kitchen window, the bottom rail was hanging askew - the little white plastic pieces that hold the stringers into it were gone. HA! This morning as I was pulling up the blind the left upper side was sagging. The top rail where the stringer hooks in, was just hanging there. No idea how that fell apart, but my guess is X number of years with the sun beating on them has taken a toll. I only pull them up when it’s full sun to let it heat the room. And I’m usually not here this time of year to pull them up daily. Whine whine whine, I pick up a new blind tomorrow. The longer I stay here, the more things need fixing.

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 996

    Harley, so glad you and your DH weren't hurt, but feel bad that your car was damaged! I hope it is fixed and you don't notice that it was repaired!

    Illinois, wow, sending you big hugs!!! I would want that nodule removed too, but thankfully you have good doctors. Good health is the gift overlooked by most people!

    Cindy, wow, your deer story was scary too!

    Years ago I drove the PA turnpike to the Altoona exit often and I used to notice how many deer were killed on the highway. I would often follow (with a lot of space between) semi trucks after dark because I felt it was better if they hit a deer than me. You could easily tell where a truck had hit a deer because of the blood stains on the road. As an animal lover, I always found that upsetting. One time when I was riding with my DH we saw a deer caught in a wire fence and a semi truck driver cut the deer free! Not an easy or safe task but thankfully successful as the deer ran away!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • illinoislady
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    People are living books.  The real library of life is community.

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  • illinoislady
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    I am here late again today. It is dank outside from the moisture that mainly shows up at night. No sun which will make me gloomy so fast. Never have been much of a fan of our no-sun days. Had a couple in a row now and that is enough for me.

    We see more deer this time of year. Partly though in our yard feeding. They can appear nearly anytime though on your way to town and sometimes even right in town. Thankfully that is not too often. I tend to drive slow since most of the deer emerge out of fields where they may have found something to eat or a tree line from a wooded area. Since they change coat color from hot to much cooler temps. they can be tricky to see in the dim light.

    Since I too am a big animal lover, I hope and pray never to collide with a deer or have them collide with me. I will admit, (whether I'm laughed at or not) that I tend to watch out for anything that might get in front of my car. Squirrels, rabbits, possums, and even snakes. Of course, that includes pets. Mine or anyone else's. I may not be overly fond (thinking snakes mainly here) of many things, but they are here for a reason just as I am. I don't see being put here to be their exterminator. The snakes and possums get rid of so many other things we don't want around that I have no desire to be rid of them —- but I would like a really respectable distance with many of them.

    I am glad MM that the nice truck driver was able to free that deer. How scary for the deer. Probably good they are too freaked out to stop and say thank you, but I'm sure he/she must have been.

    Got bills to pay and hopefully stitches out tomorrow. Tonight's dinner is ready, and Dh went to the store for me. Scary — I gave him my debit card. Hoping he doesn't stray from my list too much.

    Hope you all have a good day.

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    Last night was leftover Singapore noodles, but I could barely finish them. Uh-oh….sore throat, coughing spasms, headache. No fever this morning, rapid-tested negative…but I don't trust negative home test results if I have symptoms. Figured even though my updated COVID shot was two months ago, anything can happen. And you can catch strep over and over again. So I went to get PCR-tested.

    Nope—this time it's flu (one of the "A" strains not in this year's shot). By the time I got there, I had a low fever, but now it's major-league (over 101). They prescribed Tamiflu, but when I got to my neighborhood "third-world" CVS they were out of it. (Not the first time this has happened with a prescription there). Since the symptoms set in last night, I had to take it by today. Fortunately, there was a branch of CVS…right across the street from the Immediate Care clinic, and I was able to start it by 5pm.

    Nothing to eat since last night, except for the corner of a matzo cracker I ate to have something in my stomach for the Tamiflu. Then about 12 oz. of bone broth. I have NO appetite, not even for "no-nos." I'm barely able to knock off a liter of water. Had no sleep last night, just napped and napped at home. Bob gave Heidi her thyroid medicine 90 min. too early (he claimed he can't stay up till midnight and didn't expect me to be able to do it). At least she's eating decently, though I may give her more Mirataz if she starts getting super-picky again.

    Natch, no Thanksgiving for us—Bob expects that his exposure to me would lead him to catch it and endanger our guests. (Maybe if I have an appetite by Thurs. I'll order out for delivery). Union Health says that if he catches it, he should just mask up as long as he's in shape to work.

    Off to bed now, after loading the dishwasher and taking my second Tamiflu. I may not be checking in here for the next few days, given the circumstances. This would have to happen the week I have no help, of course.

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    edited November 21

    Aaaand…the hits just keep on coming, Not only do I have the flu* (spiked to 102 last night, no appetite, forcing myself to drink water) and my HK is in Alabama with her family for Thanksgiving—this morning Bob discovered there is NO power to the garage, so he had to take 3 trains to & from work. I can't get back to urgent care unless I taxi or Uber it. Having the handyman and electrician come over today to figure out what happened. Electrician thinks that overnight when it rained, water got into the exterior photoelectic motion sensor light and shorted the entire circuit out, (No, resetting the breaker didn't work).

    *Influenza A, one of the strains not in this year's vaccine. Taking Tamiflu & Tylenol (can't do ibuprofen due to GERD, especially on an empty stomach).

    Afraid to ask what could go wrong next, lest G-d go "Hold my beer…."