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My Favorite Childhood Memory is.....



  • footprintsangel
    footprintsangel Member Posts: 35,657
    edited November 2021

    Me too, was a Brownie

  • m0mmyof3
    m0mmyof3 Member Posts: 9,401
    edited November 2021

    Becoming an aunt for the 1st time in the 5th grade

  • celand
    celand Member Posts: 223
    edited November 2021

    A couple of nice memories from my childhood, walking to Mardi Gras parades from my parents house in Metairie, a suburb of NOLA. We only lived a couple of blocks from major parade route and would bring our lawn chairs, Popeyes Fried Chicken, bag to catch beads and trinkets thrown from the floats!

    Another memory of my childhood was taking very long car rides to visit my Grandmother and Aunt in Spartanburg, SC, I loved chasing after the wild rabbits, but never caught one! Also, picked green apples from the tree near their house and watching my Grandma peel it in a perfect spiral pattern. I saw my first snow in Spartanburg and it was so beautiful. My Grandma made me some snow ice cream! My Grandma lived to be 97 and I definitely am glad to have these special memories of her.

    Now, when we would visit my Aunts, one lived in Clover, SC and Winston Salem, NC, I enjoyed spending time with their families, eating wonderful meals together, both were good cooks, playing in the basement, taking walks in hilly neighborhood, catching lightning bugs and visiting a place called Carowinds!

    Well these are some happy memories of the wonderful, carefree days of my childhood!