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Middle Aged Memories

Let's see, so far we've reminisced about dittos, drive in theaters, lick-a-stick candy, five-and-dime stores, Donny Osmond, Dark Shadows, what have I missed? 



  • elimar
    elimar Member Posts: 5,877

    I had one of those Fuzzy Wuzzy soaps that grew fur.  Still don't know exactly how that worked.


    Also, I loved Crazy Foam soap that came in an aerosol can.  I had the one with a parrot head.

  • thepinkbirdie
    thepinkbirdie Member Posts: 24

    Duran Duran

  • elimar
    elimar Member Posts: 5,877

    Michael Jackson, with the features he was born with.  (O.K., that could go for half the entertainment world, but I'm sayin' I was into the J5 when I was a kid.)

  • smithlme
    smithlme Member Posts: 383

    Black and white Oxford shoes, lava lamps, transistor radios, AM radio, reel-to-reel tapes, 8-track tapes, drive-in movies, wax lips, Breck girls, black and white TV's with antennas on the roof, go-go-boots, Laugh In...remember Laugh In? Goldie Hawn in the bikini with her body painted? Hmmmmm....I'll bet she's to blame for my love of tattoos. I have 26 and want more. Yep, I blame Goldie! Verrrrrrry interesting.....


  • Sige
    Sige Member Posts: 334

    high-waisted, bell bottom pants long enough to cover your wedgie shoes...

  • OG56
    OG56 Member Posts: 377

    Ohhhhh, I had the best pair of platform shoes and they were about 3-4 inches high and had Love and Peace carved into the cork! I wore them with my elephant bell bottoms and my tube top! Now I would be asking alot from elastic lol!!  I graduated high school in 1972 it was a hot year with outfits called Sizzlers, it was a little dress with panties to match because it was so short!

  • pickle
    pickle Member Posts: 70

    David Cassidy, My bell bottoms were never wide enough so I sewed a triangle of material down the side below the knee. They were extra cool if you walked on them so they frayed on the bottom. Earth shoes, Farrah Fawcett hairstyle, silly string, a Mateus Bottle of wine and after we drank it we had to put a candle in it and let the wax run down the went well with our black-light velevt posters. Such lovely room decor!

  • barbergirl
    barbergirl Member Posts: 4

    Bras after surgery

    I have been reading about you ladies having a hard time finding a bra after surger.

    If you have ins., you hosp should have a womens gift shop that has those.

    Or in my case, I went to the mall in Alpharetta, ga. to a store called"Wet Seal" and they have a little bra that just slips on , its cotten, it $6.50 and it has very small pads in it, but if you have

    prothesis, they fit in it perfect, if you are like a 32 to 36 B or C cup

    I found this to be really comfortable, and the other day I found one at Walmart for $1.00 clearance.  there are no snaps and really small straps.

    Just wanted to let you ladies know.

  • Meece
    Meece Member Posts: 10,618

    How about the flavored lip gloss, I think it was called Lip Smackers.  Okay a little before Farrah, there was Dorothy Hammill haircuts.  I loved driving my 65 Mustang to school.  And how about the Pat Benitar look?

  • elimar
    elimar Member Posts: 5,877

    Pot O' Gloss lipstick.  All the Yardley and Mary Quandt make-up in the Mod 60's--the eye shadow that came twelve colors in a watercolor paint tray.  My friend's mom had that and we got into it, unauthorized, of course.  I loved Yardley Oh! de London cologne.  I saw a website that claimed to sell the original formulation of it, and when I bought some it was nothing like the original.  Bummer!


    Striped mini with a chain belt, fishnets, go-go boots and a spray of this.  Carnaby Street, baby!

  • bettysgirl
    bettysgirl Member Posts: 645

    love my puka shells, bell bottoms and my pot of lip gloss- how about charlie perfume...and Marcus Welby MD- he could figure it all out for us..

    love david cassidy and loved laugh in...and the carol burnette show.

    izod shirts, polo shirts...after the bell bottoms, straight leg jeans worn with candies...and had to have a tube top in every color...

  • bettysgirl
    bettysgirl Member Posts: 645

    man i miss the 70's

  • Kleenex
    Kleenex Member Posts: 310

    Tube tops can sometimes still be found at Walmart. I just have bad memories of running to catch the school bus in high school and having one become more of a cummerbund. Luckily, I had a shirt on over it. And they always made me itchy. I had some sundresses that were tube top-esque with straps that tied, and after a while you just wanted to scream and pull the dress off and scratch. Perhaps that's just me, growing up in toasty Tucson...

    Michael Jackson was SUCH a cute little boy! What a weird transformation. I still do love his music.

  • Mazy1959
    Mazy1959 Member Posts: 254

    Denim shoulder bags with Peace signs and flowers all over. Having 15 pom poms on your roller skates was super cool. Sneaking out of the roller rink early so we could go party LOL. Driving up and down the strip for hours while honking and waving at everyone you knew.

  • pickle
    pickle Member Posts: 70

    Ahhh. The 60's and seventies.

    Clackers (I think these got banned) . Magic 8 Ball. Ouiji Boards. Spin the Bottle. Hot Pants

    Bewitched (loved Elizabeth Montgomery)

    The Million Dollar Man


  • elimar
    elimar Member Posts: 5,877

    I heard that after 20 years, my fave peanut butter is once again being made.


    Fresh, Pure, Delicious.  You know which one you are.

  • otter
    otter Member Posts: 757

    OMG, now I do feel old.

    Ipana toothpaste (anybody remember Bucky?):

    Lincoln Logs (still have 'em):


    Mighty Mouse cartoons on Saturday mornings:

    The Slinky:

    That's enough for now.  There's an original Barbie Doll in the basement somewhere...


  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,690

    Oh, my, fuzzy wuzzy soap!  Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't Fuzzy, Was he? 

    Carol Burnet Show--remember the Gone With the Wind skit, with Carol sashaying down the stairs in the dress made from curtains with the curtain rod across her shoulders?  I used to crack up when the other cast members tried to hide how hard they were laughing when Harvey Gorman got going on one of his bizarre things--remember him as the dentist who sticks himself with the novacaine in the hand, then the leg, then the forehead while trying to do a procedure by reading it in a book?  I just saw that clip on you tube recently. 

    I remember Laugh In, too--"and that's the truth, thpthpthpthpthpthpthpthp"

    Then there was Sweet Honesty perfume from Avon, anything described as "psychodelic", tie-dyed t-shirts, hot pants.  Were pet rocks and cabbage patch kids part of this time frame or did they come later?

  • smithlme
    smithlme Member Posts: 383

    I have an original Skipper doll complete with a case full of clothes. The ballet suit and tutu are my favorites. I even have the lace up toes shoes in the pink satin drawstring bag! Remember when Skipper was flat??? How about Erector Sets? All those little sharp metal corners, nuts and bolts. Surprising we're all still alive!

    Brusha, brusha, brusha...made popular in Grease, too. Go greased lightning!


  • Morgan513
    Morgan513 Member Posts: 303

    I loved Fuzzy Wuzzy!!!!  I also got go-go boots in Kindergarten.  Had, had, had to have them!  I loved Bobby Sherman (I was a devoted Here Comes the Brides fan), David Cassidy, and elephant platform shoes.

    I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut too, twice I think!  I had one of those Sizzler outfits too!  LOL.  

    I am laughing so hard thinking about all the things wee had growing up!


  • PatMom
    PatMom Member Posts: 322

    Pet rocks were part of my childhood, along with mood rings. 

    Cabbage Patch Kids were part of my kids' childhoods.  They went national only about 26 or 27 years ago when they were the hot Christmas toy for my son's first Christmas, but the original inspiration Adoption Babies were a big thing in Georgia for a number of years before that, so if you're on the younger end of the middle and from the south.... 

  • lvtwoqlt
    lvtwoqlt Member Posts: 765

    growing up Skipper doll, twist her arm and her boobs grew and legs got longer (I felt like her during expansions)

    About Carol Burnette, wasn't it Tim Conway who did the dentist and Harvey was the patient in the chair?

    I too had the Dorothy Hamill Haircut. I tried the Farrah haircut but my hair just wouldn't do it. I made a sizzler outfit (zipper in the front seam to make it as short as you wanted it) with the matching shorts underneath for my 4-H project in the 6th grade (got a blue ribbon for it) then couldn't wear it to school, and I had the Fuzzy Wuzzy soap as well!

    I remember party line telephones, you had to listen for your ring to answer the phone, and pick up the phone to see if anyone else was on the line before you dialed.

    Charlie perfume

  • elimar
    elimar Member Posts: 5,877

    Was DELIRIOUS to get Skipper one Christmas.  Kept her for so many years to pass down.  Then spawned two boy-children.  Skipper got sold on Ebay..  I'm Sorry Skipper.


    That's my actual Skipper with her lovely fashions.

  • elimar
    elimar Member Posts: 5,877

    "Kinda New, Kinda Now, Charlie!

     Kinda Young, Kinda Wow, Charlie!"

  • daffodil45
    daffodil45 Member Posts: 18

    No one has mentioned......Ditto's!!!!!! Remember the pants with the horseshoe seam around the butt? I had to BEG for them in seventh grade! I finally got a pair of mint green ones! And "Love's" Baby Soft and Fresh Lemon perfume? Bonne Bell also had the tanning gel!!!!!!!


  • smithlme
    smithlme Member Posts: 383

    Dittos were mentioned pre this forum. I loved those pants! Remember the ones that had the rainbow that went up the front, around the side and down your butt and leg? Also, the ones that started out dark blue on the top and faded to light blue at the bottom or visa versa.

    elimar I still have the Skipper skater outfit minus the skates. I think the family dog chewed them up! He had a dislike for Barbie and amputated many a foot, leg and arm of various dolls.

    Oh, and Troll dolls? Those silly things have made a huge come back with the Bingo crowd for good luck. Anyone else have a Hi-Heidi doll. You'd push her belly button and she'd raise her arm. Kind of weird now that I think about it. There was Heidi and Kim...


  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,690

    It may well have been Tim Conway as the dentist, in fact that does sound right.  Can I claim it was too long ago for me to remember correctly?  Laughing

    Remember Petticoat Junction?  Beverly Hillbilles?

  • sue-61
    sue-61 Member Posts: 262

    I had a pogo stick; am  I dating myself to a different era?

    I also had a pinkie ball. One Two Three O'Leary, my first name is Mary......

    Double dutch jump ropes. 

    Dodge ball

    tiny tears doll. ....when you fed her a bottle she cried real tears.

    oof, I think I am outta my league with you youngsters! PEACE, Sue 

  • desdemona222b
    desdemona222b Member Posts: 90

    OMG, I loved my Tiny Tears doll!

    Remember Chinese Jump-rope?  Wow, I invented about fifty ways to do that.  The "challenger" was to do the stuff with the rope around your knees instead of ankles.

  • smithlme
    smithlme Member Posts: 383

    My brother had a paper route and we'd make Chinese jump ropes out of rubber bands. I had a Teary Deary...same concept, squeeze her stomach and she cried. I would too!

    OK ladies....Barbie. How many of us wanted her wardrobe and her body? I use to borrow one from a friend that had wigs. Who would have guessed I would get to live that fantasy!