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Physical aging appearance



  • GointoCarolina
    GointoCarolina Member Posts: 95

    I have been using something I make here at home around my eyes and I have seen a big difference.Take one pound of shea butter,add 2 ounces of oils..(you can scale down the amount,just use the same proportion,if you make less than a pound it might not be as fluffy,but will still work)I use a mix of coconut,jojoba,emu,sweet almond,whatever I have on hand(I make my own body lotions, soaps and foaming bath butter)You let the shea get a little soft,just set it someplace warm..don't let it melt completely.Add the oils and beat with your hand mixer until it gets nice and fluffy.Spoon it into jars..I add fragrance to mine if I am using it as whipped body butter,but for around the eyes,I don't.After I shower I put on my regular moisturizers,then I dab this gently under my eyes and on my crows feet and gently rub it in.It will not reverse wrinkles,but it does hold the moisture in, so your wrinkles look much softer.The longer I have been using it,the better I look.All of my friends love it,they can't wait for any holiday to come around because I always give my concoctions to them!.I was feeling pretty discouraged,but this really is helping.

  • LtotheK
    LtotheK Member Posts: 487

    Lulubee, you really touched me today, thank you so much for your pep talk.  I am going to try a new gel, I've been negligent of it lately, to be honest.  Thanks for being a doll!

  • lulubee
    lulubee Member Posts: 903

    L-->K, no charge!  :-)  You're alright, you're just a girl in need of a slumber party.  

    See if you can get your hands on some Rusk Blofoam root-lifting and texturizing mousse. It's like crack for hair.  Amazon sells it. My hairdresser has all his clients hooked on it, including moi. That and some Rusk Smoother to make the ends remember who's boss, plus a poof of W8less Plus spray all around, and my wattage is way up.  

    If I don't have those three things, my hair is a flat platypus tail hanging in my eyes. 

  • MariannaLaFrance
    MariannaLaFrance Member Posts: 166

    LtotheK, I saw your post only today, but wanted to tell you that I have also had really, really good results on my face using Apricot Kernel Oil.  Whole Foods sells a bottle of this in the skin care /oils section (it's only labeled as Apricot Oil-- doesn't say Kernel in title).  This stuff is great, though it won't solve the oily bottles situation.  I found a couple of small, glass vials that I use when I travel for work. I pour in the Apricot Kernel Oil and use on my face.  I have a small, plastic one that I scoop out my Coconut Oil into.  By the way, I don't ever heat my oil up either. I just use it as a cream, and rub it between my palms to make it smooth onto my skin.  

    It took me quite awhile to get used to the "shiny" look after application, but if I put it on before bed, it's like magic when I wake up!! (Except for the stringy, oily hair) 

  • MariannaLaFrance
    MariannaLaFrance Member Posts: 166

    And... thanks for sharing the information on Origins. I have pondered buying their products recently, but will stick to others that don't use suspect ingredients.  I am still using Tarte foundation, but have not figured out how to really get great coverage from any foundation except Lancome.  When I have to look extra special, I break out the Lancome..... pthlates, parabens and all.

  • Smithy
    Smithy Member Posts: 13

    Great thread! I find my skin looks best when I have been keeping up on my water intake. sleep is also an important factor. I do not use soap or any products on my skin - just water (not too hot) and an Asian fabric scrub towel. I had always had breakouts and oily skin. My mother never used anything on her skin. She has beautiful skin. But it wasn't until I was 30, working as a flight attendant, I had met a woman on one of my flights who had the most beautiful skin. The other flight attendants and myself just had to ask her what her secret was - she said just water. Shortly after that, I was in a pub in London, the town drunkard - a man in his 80's - looked in his 60's - somehow got on the subject of skin care - lol - he told us that his secret was no soap or anything on the skin - just water. I was sold!! I gave it a try. At first my skin felt oily and horrible, but in no time my skin cleared up and stopped producing too much oil. First time in my life! And I wear makeup....rarely foundation. I read in a magazine that power/powdered makeup brings out the deep look of wrinkles. Avoid the powders.

    Sugar is not good...but I love sugar. I will take those wrinkles. Lol.

    A lot of wrinkles come from sleeping on the side of our face...If you can sleep on your back you are very lucky.:) I find my chin and neck looks best if I keep my chin up.

    Now that I am thinking about it - I need to go get a drink of water. I've read that it takes three glasses of water to make up for the dehydration caused by a cup of coffee. Coffee, tea, and sodas are causes of dehydration. Plus if you are dehydrated your body will bloat. Off to go drink water.:)

  • MariannaLaFrance
    MariannaLaFrance Member Posts: 166

    Thanks for the reminder. I need to get a glass of h20 right now!! I am terrible about keeping up with water.

  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 777

    Sleep (a good 8-9 hrs 1 night) and lots of water have really helped. One of the most important things is to have a terrific lipstick, as in color.  I bought a MAC lipstick and the color gives me great skin color.  My hair changed from having a blond bob to dark brown.  I decided to live with the new color (my real color, which i hadn't seen in like 50 years) at first because I didn't want all of the hair color chemicals.  I really like my hair color and have had so many compliments.  with the new hair color, I can't wear a lot of colors that used to look so good on me so I am learning new colors.  People do say I look healthy.

    so, sleep, water, a great lipstick color, a good makeup (i don't use heavy makeup) and you're good to go! 

  • lifelover
    lifelover Member Posts: 263

    Smithy - thanks for that fab advice.  I agree!  Especially the part about sugar :)

    I don't use any foundation or blush because I find my hot flushes give my complexion a lovely colour!!!!  LOL 

  • JustinNeil
    JustinNeil Member Posts: 1

    Skin changes happen with a decrease in the number of pigment cells in the skin after age 30. Since these cells allow tanning, there may be a difference in the ability to tan as evenly as before. And harmless spots made up of remaining pigment cells may appear. Skin may become thinner and may bruise more easily. Changes in the fibers and thickness of the skin can result in wrinkles and looser skin, especially in the face and neck.

    The size of the abdomen may gradually increase after age 35 to 45. This is in part because of more fat deposits in the abdomen fat storage sites, even though the total body weight may not increase. After age 40 to 50, some of the fat tissue under the skin may disappear and over years bony prominences such as the spine, shoulder blades, and facial bones may become more apparent.

  • LJDH0709
    LJDH0709 Member Posts: 19

    yes!!! good nutrition and sleep and lots of vitamins and protien shakes helps ALOT.  I use whey protien with berries and take 

    extra vitamin C and one vitamin E pill in addition to my multi every day.  I agree with the sunscreen( no parabens) and 

    also a little Retin-A doesn't hurt!! 

  • meow13
    meow13 Member Posts: 1,363

    Yes I think I have aged so much more than normal these past 8 years.

  • Rosanne7
    Rosanne7 Member Posts: 25

    Realized today that I'm being treated "like an infant" lately -- don't know whether it's due to walking w. cane (S/E of anastrozole), turning 60 this year, or because it's my second BC recurrence.

    Oncologists won't answer questions: young store clerks call me "My dear" & "Sweetheart" in a sarcastic tone: & med office staff replies "An-y-thing you waaanntt..." in a loud, drawn out voice, if I ask for something basic.

    What's up with all this? It's frustrating!!