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So...whats for dinner?

Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047

I thought it might be fun to start a thread on what we are having, making or had for dinner.  Sometimes it is the best tuna steak you ever had, sometimes it's a can of soup.  But we all do it every night in some form or another.  Maybe we can give each other ideas on what to make, or bitch about what we had, or the fact that we did enjoy that grilled cheese with tomato soup. 

Every night my husband comes home and says "whats for dinner?"  no matter what I say he always says "sounds good!"  even if I say it's a 'fend for yourself night'. :)



  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    Your DH is sweet!   Nice idea for a thread.

    Right now I'm looking at ice and snow and 24 more hours of it, so I'm thinking comfort food... some bean soup and cornbread, if the power doesn't go out first :)  If it does, I'll have PB & banana, or a bowl of Cheerios (I have milk in a cooler so I don't have to open the fridge if the power goes out).

    What are you  having, Laurie, and what's everyone else having, and can I come over if  my power goes out? :)

  • catbill
    catbill Member Posts: 102

    DH had a big garbagecan salad waiting for us when I got home from work.  He even cooked chicken breasts to put in it.  Got all my various veggies for the day, and even a few shreds of organic cheese.  Temps are going to hit -10 degrees tonight,  Add the wind chill and -35 to -45 below is expected.  BRRRRRR...

  • Laurie08
    Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047

    Naturegrrl- I love PB and banana!  Hubby thinks I am nuts!  We too are going to get 2 feet of snow between today and Thursday morning, it's been snowing all day here.  I had a busy day and was feeling tired so I am making a salsa chicken dish with brown rice that require no work at all. aka- lazy yummy dinner:)

    And yes you can come over if your power goes out, we can make grilled cheese on the wood stove- I've done it before!  (bring the beansoup:)

  • My son has basketball practice tonight, and my husband is on a business trip so dinner was English Muffin Pizzas. Always a hit w/ my kids. They like to help me make them :)


  • SeasideMemories
    SeasideMemories Member Posts: 2,462

    Hi Laurie,

    LOVE your idea!  Tonight I have a pot of bean soup simmering... smells wonderful but, due to shoveling, got started a bit too late to have tonight....  Eh, it will be even better tomorrow!

    SO, leftover sweet italian sausage with sauteed red bell peppers and onions simmered in marsala wine, tomato and basil.   Choice of over pasta or on a hoagie roll!!  Not exactly (or remotely) healthfood BUT, Soooo Good!

  • Laurie08
    Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047

    tougherthan i thought- I thought I was the only one who made english muffin pizzas?  They were a favorite of mine when I was a kid and still are. 

    Seaside- if I tell my husband what you are making for dinner I think he would be on his way to your house.

  • SusansGarden
    SusansGarden Member Posts: 754

    Great thread idea!  I work, so always need some ideas.. and usually something easy!

    I'm going to Trader Joe's (cheap, mostly "healthy stuff" grocery store) after work, so dinner tonight will probably be one of their fresh prepared meals in the refrigerated section. Hmmmm... lasagna? chicken caesar salad?  enchiladas? stuffed green peppers? .... this is making me hungry! 

    Though for me.... I'm trying to have an "anti-breast cancer" food incorporated in each of my meals.  So I may be sprinkling cut up beets/broccoli/brussel sprouts/kale on one of the above.  Yum!?! Yell 

    P.S.  I love PB and banana too!!!!  

  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    Laurie, how do you make the chicken-salsa and brown rice dinner?  Is it as simple as it sounds?  I love new ideas for brown rice and am trying to eat more lean protein so that sound perfect...

    SusansGarden, the more you eat anti-bc food, the more you may come to like it... I still crave "bad" foods at times but they taste less and less good to me.   I'm a huge veggies, fruit and whole-grains fan now.

    PB & banana -- the best way to eat PB!  I don't get the PB & pickle thing, though :) 

    Stay warm and safe, everyone -- I'm off to fix my dinner!

  • SeasideMemories
    SeasideMemories Member Posts: 2,462


    You all would be welcome anytime!

    My husband left on a business trip yesterday (gone till th ened of the week) so that was his "going away dinner"!  Wish I could say that's how I cook all the time but, I would be lying!

    PB and banana.... Wow, haven't had that in a long time but, used to love it.... Just one question.... How do YOU slice the bananas?  I was a slice into rounds kind of girl.... BUT my sister-in-law is a slice lengthwise person.... I can see how each has their benefits! 

  • SusansGarden
    SusansGarden Member Posts: 754

    Carol ~  I actually started a big "health kick" (eating & exercising ~ and lost 25 lbs) about 4 months before I was diagnosed.  So I've been "upping my game" since BC and started adding more varieties (like the beets, brussel sprouts) ... and you are right.. I actually do like a lot of it now!..and the processed foods will often taste too salty, too sweet, etc. and are getting easier and easier to avoid. 

    Chicken, salsa and brown rice does sound simple! .. and delicious!  

  • tracie23
    tracie23 Member Posts: 214

    I am hoping my husband calls me from the basketball game to say he is bringing me something good for dinner otherwise it's going to be cereal.

  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    I used to slice rounds, but now I slice lengthwise.  No particular reason for either, except fewer pieces to fall out when I slice lengthwise.  Yum yum either way.

    OK, really, I'm going to do dinner now -- I just was looking at the weather map because it suddenly got too quiet out!  Feel like I'm in the eye of a hurricane!

  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    PS Tracie, cereal is an underrated dinner! but I hope your DH brings you something that hits the spot.

  • tracie23
    tracie23 Member Posts: 214

    Thanks naturegrrl.... I had chemo a few days ago so I don't really care to much about what I eat as long as I don't have to cook it... LOL

  • thePuppetLady
    thePuppetLady Member Posts: 21

    I've 2 chickens flopping about on the rotisserie...we'll have that and some home-made macaroni salad...:)

  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    tracie, I hear you.  Big hug.

  • LuvRVing
    LuvRVing Member Posts: 2,409

    Paula Deen's "basic meatloaf" recipe, last night's leftover low carb macaroni and cheese, and waldorf salad.  It's the first time I've ever made this meatloaf recipe.  Next time I'll replace the oatmeal with brown rice, which will turn it into a "reverse" stuffed pepper meatloaf.   It was a good dinner for a very snowy, cold night in the midwest.


  • Laurie08
    Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047

    The salsa chicken recipe comes from a friend of mine.  It great, easy and healthy.  Usually I hate left over but this one is the exception, it makes for great wraps or enchiladas a few nights later.

    2-4 chicken breasts- put them in a Pyrex dish and dump a jar of your favorite salsa over it.  Open a can of black beans and drain- dump that over it too.  Cover and bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours. (it works like a fast slow cooker and makes a sauce out of the black beans and salsa, the chicken just shreds apart.)

    Make some brown rice and 2 minutes before you are ready to eat uncover the chicken and top with cheddar cheese, or mexican blend, what ever is handy,  We eat it using the salsa mixture on the rice as a type of sauce and a spoonful of sour cream on the chicken.

    Whats great is it takes literally 2 minutes from fridge to oven AND you get to say you made dinner:)

    Tracie- cereal is great for dinner.  Thats why I thought this thread could be good, you shouldn't feel bad about having cereal, we all do it, and we enjoy it sometimes too.  At least I know I do.

  • sheila888
    sheila888 Member Posts: 9,611

    Thanks Laurie for the fun thread.

    You can always have breakfast for dinner.Wink

  • I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does cereal for dinner once in a while! Especially when we're busy in the evening w/ kids sports, etc. My husband travels a lot for work, too, so that makes it easy to not cook! Cereal w/ some fruit or a piece of peanut butter toast is fine w/ me!

    My problem w/ dinners is that my kids are so picky now. Before I had kids, I always said I would NEVER cook separate meals for them. They need to learn to eat what I make...well that hasn't worked out for me. I caved and now I regret it!

    Laurie, the English Muffin pizzas were a childhood favorite of mine, too! That and the grilled

    cheese with tomato soup! Total comfort foods! So good, especially with the cold weather and snow we've been having here.

    I'm hoping you ladies will pull through for me with dinner ideas! Great idea! Thanks Laurie!


  • rakulynda
    rakulynda Member Posts: 151

    Here's a totally indulgent comfort food dinner idea:  saute some diced green peppers and onions and add them to a finished box of mac and cheese and mix in a can of (drained) tuna.  Bake for about a half hour.  I bet picky kids would love this one. 

  • Laurie08
    Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047

    catbill- Just saw your post on garbage can salad!  LOL!  I bet thats a lot like what I create when I need to go grocery shopping.  Whatever is about to go bad and needs to get eaten goes into some sort of pasta type dish.  Believe it or not some of my creations my husband actually asked me to repeat.  Not that I had any idea what the hell I had to done the first time:)

  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    Laurie, the chicken salsa sounds great, added to my list to try!  I have all the ingredients so it might get made before the week is over.  I had a roommate in college who made some outrageous meals out of whatever was left at the end of the week -- I still make one of her "stews" as a favorite -- you have a talent!

    I never got my bean soup last night (played too long on the computer) so I had PB & banana.  Today I was snowed in most of the day so I thought I'd do something slow -- my thinking started like this and went downhill fast: 

    Chili sounds good.  Yum.  Yep, have everything. Perfect!

    Oh, getting late to start chili (I love to let it simmer and meld).  OK, split pea soup, that sounds good, and doesn't take too long at all. With cornbread.

    Then I shoveled for about an hour and came in, fed the cat, sat down, and decided tougherthan's tomato soup and grilled cheese might be all I get done.


    Lazy, I'm lazy.  But I only have to please myself so I have an advantage.

    Bon appetit, everyone!

  • lago
    lago Member Posts: 11,653
    I'm about to make some of my sweet & sour cabbage soup. I do put some meat in it. Really adds to the flavor.
  • Laurie08
    Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047

    Carol I am so laughing about the peanut butter and banana for dinner, when someone else talks about a certain food, it makes you want it!  I had planned on making blueberry muffins today, I never got to it either.  There is always tomorrow and to be honest I hate to bake, but my kids love baked goods, so I try sometimes.

    However I do like to cook, at least most of the time.  I took out chicken again for dinner tonight...haven't decided what to do with it yet...

    Lago- sweet and sour cabbage soup...whats in it I've never heard of it but love soup.

  • NatureGrrl
    NatureGrrl Member Posts: 681

    lago, yes, please share?  I love cabbage and that sounds wonderful.

    I love to bake, Laurie, but live alone and it's hard to bake for one without throwing a lot out later... so I'll send some your way! :)

  • lago
    lago Member Posts: 11,653

    Sweet & Sour Cabbage Soup is very Russian and/or Jewish. I am not allowed to give out my mother's recipe but there are many online. It's really hard to screw up. I do use brown sugar, not white sugar in the recipe. I also use sour salt (citric acid) instead of salt. Below are links to recipies that sound pretty close to my moms:


    Sweet and sour cabbage borscht

     cabbage soup

    1 pound of flanken

    2 tablespoons of canola oil

    3 onions, chopped

    2 28-ounce cans of crushed tomatoes, in puree

    1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, more to taste

    1/4 cup of brown sugar, more to taste

    2 teaspoons of kosher salt

    1/4 teaspoon of pepper

    1 bay leaf

    1 teaspoon freshly ground ginger

    1 large head of cabbage, coarsely chopped

    In a large pot, cover the flanken with water and boil for 15 minutes.

    In a large Dutch oven, saute the onions in the oil until soft. Stir in the tomatoes plus one can's worth of water. Add the meat, stir, cover, and simmer for an hour. (or till cabbage is don)

    Stir in the lemon juice, brown sugar, salt, pepper, bay leaf, and ginger. Add the cabbage, stir, and cook until the meat is tender and falling apart. (about 1 more hour).
    --------------------------------------------------------- or ----------------------------

    Hungarian Jewish Cabbage Soup

    3-4 lbs. beef short ribs
    2 T olive oil
    2 T beef base
    28 oz. can diced tomatoes with juice
    3 T brown sugar
    2 large onions, chopped
    salt & pepper
    1 large cabbage, cut in quarters, cored, and finely sliced
    1/3 cup white wine vinegar
    4 qt. water

    • Brown short ribs in olive oil till well carmelized in 8 qt. soup pot. Remove, reserve for later.
    • In same pot, cook onions till carmelized (15-20 min).
    • Return short ribs, add cabbage and cook till cabbage is "sweated",
       or starting to turn translucent.
    • Add tomatoes, beef base, sugar, *vinegar, salt & pepper and cover with 4 qt. cold water.
    • Bring to a boil, then turn heat to simmer and cook for 3 hours, stirring occasionally.
    • Taste when finished and adjust seasoning, perhaps more s/p, sugar, or vinegar.
    • Let pot sit overnight in fridge when cooled, then you can easily remove any fat.
    • Remove short ribs and shred or dice meat in small pieces, return meat (not bones) to pot.

    This improves with age, can be kept a week or fridge (not in original pot) or frozen for several months.

    *[I use sour salt (citric acid) instead of salt & lemon juice instead of vinegar]

  • SeasideMemories
    SeasideMemories Member Posts: 2,462

    Tonight's an easy one...

    We're having the bean soup that I made yesterday but, after shoveling for a lot of the day, it didn't get done in time for dinner last night....

    So pretty much let it simmer for a bit tonight, make a salad and heat up a couple of frozen dinner rolls and done!


    Both of those soups sound wonderful!  I could eat soup every day if my family would let me get away with it!

    By the way.... what is flanken?  Not sure I've ever heard of it.

  • lago
    lago Member Posts: 11,653

    Flanken is short ribs

  • SeasideMemories
    SeasideMemories Member Posts: 2,462


    Would love your recipe for a low-carb macaroni and cheese...