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For Older People with Sense



  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604

    im really liking "getting to know" all the new people to me. your stories awe me.. Alyson, still on pins and needles, also..will be waiting anxiously to hear! 3jays

  • Mazy1959
    Mazy1959 Member Posts: 254

    Hi chrissy and all you wonderful ladies. I havent had a chance to read all the posts but from what I have read it seems like a place I would like to join. I dont know if I qualify by age, I'm almost 52, but I feel older . I like having fun but in a low impact kinda way LOL. I have 2 sons ages 33, 30 and a daughter 26. Three grandsons ages 8, 5 and 5. A spolied rotten black toy poodle, a flamepoint siamese and a tabby cat. We enjoy camping in good weather. Campfires after dark are so relaxing. I crochet and sew some and I like to read. I like to grow veggies when they cooperate LOL. My friends call me practical. I have had my moments of not thinking b4 I speak but usually I sit back and analyze things first. I am a christian but not a bible thumper. I pray alot for others and myself. I dont know who all is a christian and who isnt. So if I offer prayer to you and you dont want it, just tell me.

    I'm very tired of reading the heart breaking, hurtful words said to others or to myself on some of these boards. For quite some time, I pretty much just get ignored on those threads but once in awhile I do still post if I think I can be of help to someone. I try hard not make anyone feel like I'm challenging them etc but sometimes I think people are just looking for something to cause a stink over, in my humble opinion. There are thousands of hormonal or non hormonal women on this site and I have never expected for everyone to just luv me to pieces. Hugs and luvs, Mazy

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604

    hey Mazy, glad you came here. there are really responsive ladies here, we jumped ship here, from elsewhere, well, some of us did, others joined us. he issue is to be ablre to express ourselves truthfully, that was what i needed, and Chrissy accomadated it with the space.

      i understand what your saying about estrogen levels flucuating, but we gals here, check it at the door, so it'll be all good. mostly, i wanna be able to say how i feel, good, or bad, and these ladies are pros at just letting me be me. i ve learned to just let others be themselves, so it all works!

       i'll look forward to seeing you hear. just jump in, and don't look back!       3jays

  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    Hi Mazy, glad you could join us and even though I said older in the title, age doesn't come into it .  I'm sure there are going to be times when someone disagrees with something that has been said, but I'm sure, with a little thought we can all go yup and move on without causing a ruckas. 

    Love n hugs.  Chrissy

  • mostlymom
    mostlymom Member Posts: 378

    Good night hugs to everyone.  May your dreams be sweet and come true.

  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    Back at ya mostlymom!  Sleep well!

  • Alyson
    Alyson Member Posts: 3,737

    Baby boy arrived about an hour ago, will see him in the morning. Missed my birthday by a few hours but happy all is well.

  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    Congratulations Alyson!  Glad he is here safely!  Give him a little kiss on the head from me please.   I just love the way a new baby smells.....mmm.mmm.mmm.  Shame he missed your Birthday but now he has his own.

    Love n hugs.  Chrissy

  • Good morning all.  I finally got to sleep last night and I honestly do not know if it is the steroids in the premed or not, but I hate not being able to get enough sleep because mid-afternoon I am crossing my eyes and about to fall over on top of a patient or off my stool....I am always hoping they have their eyes closed.  Makes you glad you don't come to our dental office, doesn't it?  

    Congratulations on Samuel, Alyson....for sure that calls for another glass of wine.

    Mazy, I am sure we all need extra prayers so you can send one my way any ol time.  I do not go to church on Sunday as I probably should, but it is more an issue of time than anything else.  However, I most definitely do believe someone is looking out for me, or I would not be doing as well as I am. 

    Age is really a state of mind....somedays I look in the mirror and wonder who that person is with the gray hair because she is way too old looking to be me.  The other day at work the other hygienist was talking about her mom's birthday coming up, said she is going to be 63, and I said Wow, she's my age!  I get along great with the other gal and never think of her being that much younger than I am, but that just about blew me away thinking I could be her mother. 

    I think you definitely did a good thing here, Chrissy.  We needed a place like this.   Hope you all have a good day.  

  • Isabella4
    Isabella4 Member Posts: 1,352

    Alyson...congratulations...and Happy Birthday to you for yesterday?? (Wednesday was yesterday here !) Right now it is almost midday Thursday. I think we are about 13/14 hours behind you.

    In our family we have this odd thing of ALWAYS having 2 family occasions two days running. My Aunt was the next day to me with her b/day, my son was next to my Gradmas b/day my DD is next to my wedding anniversary. All my G/children are next to a birth or death of another family ALWAYS happens this way WHY ??? Strange.


  • barbaraa
    barbaraa Member Posts: 3,545

    Alyson, so happy to hear of Samuel! And Mazy, welcome to our thread where we can, as 3jays said, check it at the door and let it all hang out. We want to help each other in a non-critical, non-judgmental way. Respect and support R US!!

  • jo1955
    jo1955 Member Posts: 7,545

    Mazy - I see that you crochet & sew.  There is a quilters and crafters thread.   We would love to see some pictures of your projects.  The ladies on that thread are so talented.  We love sharing our projects.

  • GramE
    GramE Member Posts: 2,234

    Good morning everyone - good afternoon to those over the pond.    I am in the Washington, DC area and the blossoms are popping out everywhere - and the allergies have kicked in.   The other threads with bickering turned me away from posting much as I try to avoid conflict and arguments.   Even if I do not post much, I like to think I am "sensable".  Hugs for all.  

    A bit of my story:   widowed almost 8 years ago, one son, one grand daughter that  I get to see at least once a week - 13 months old now, was 2 months premature, but doing great - not walking yet, but could be any day now.   Sold house 4 years ago, downsized significantly, and have been in an apartment since - in even smaller apartment for past year and love it.  

    BC dx May 2008, chemo, lumpectomy, no rads, no hormonals, no node involvement, but Herceptin for a year since I am Her2+.   NED is great to hear with each test,scan, Dr visit.   BTW, by the way, I am 65 since January.    

     3 B's occupy my time - bridge and bingo & babysitting for grand daughter.  I may not post much, but I enjoy reading about you all.   I too had joined the word game threads for a while, so the # of posts looks like a lot, but not really....     Prayers and Hugs, as wanted or needed.    Nancy  

  • barbaraa
    barbaraa Member Posts: 3,545

    Hi Nancy!! I used to live in DC and man oh man did the oak tree pollen do me in! But DC in spring is breathtaking, especially the cherry blossoms. I heard that New Jersey got 6 inches of snow yesterday. What a brutal winter.

    I never did my bio so here goes:

    I am 59, no history of cancer except my mother's sister had ovarian CA. All the other people in the family dies of heart attacks, stroke or diabetes. I have low cholesterol, low body mass, blood sugar and blood pressure and never took any meds. Bam. Last April was diagnosed. Did lumpectomy, then a re-excision. Had a low Oncotype so no chemo. And here I am, approaching my one year cancerversary in a month.

    BCO has been such a lifeline to me. I do agree that the 'mean girls' who attack people really put me off but no way was I giving into the bullies. So thanks, Chrissy, for starting this respectful thread where we all are here to help each other and chit chat about our lives as well as to ask for advice.

  • Onetoughwoman47
    Onetoughwoman47 Member Posts: 132

    Morning Ladies - Chrissy thanks again for starting this thread....looks like we have a great thing going!

    DuckyB - I am a NE Gal, Montgomery County, PA.  Family businesses all over, spent my childhood years and continued to go to Cape May faithfully up until 2008.  Memorable last trip was in 07 during divorce when my 2 sons and I had our "last" hurrah there.  Also, in 09' when I returned with "new man" to meet my father....we took a trip to friends on LBI (Barnegate Light), not Cape May, it hurt too much at that time to return just then.  Familiar with Drexel Hill and all those areas...hoping to go back this summer, mom passed suddenly in Sept. and must meet with siblings to sort through items. 

    To all the other new ladies and others from threads, thank you all for being here and sharing.  I agree with many who have posted this Monday, then I'll be lying low for a few weeks healing.

    Enjoy life!!! Time: Consoler of affliction and softner of anger - Charles Dickens

    KissHave a sunshiney bright day everyone! <stephanie>

  • pj12
    pj12 Member Posts: 18,108

    Congratulations and blessings on the new baby, Alyson. What a happy event.  And happy belated birthday to you!

  • Maya2
    Maya2 Member Posts: 244

    3jays: Maya2; your not the only one here with no kids...but i love to live vicariousloy through all of your lives.

    We could make a soap opera out of it. How about "Days of My Life?" or "Middle-aged and Restless?"

    I've been reading Stephanie Powers' One From the Hart. She's traveled even more than me, but she did have that acting thing going for her.

  • Nico1012
    Nico1012 Member Posts: 1,152


    Starting this thread is a brilliant idea, thank you! We needed a thread like this. Looking forward to meeting to all of you and sharing the highs and the lows of our journey through breast cancer.


  • imbell
    imbell Member Posts: 61

    I tried being anonymous and didn't like it so I am back to my name again. I am 67, my DH is 74, my cat is 18. We jokingly lay bets on who will go first. Think the cat has dementia and not sure about ourselves. Have 2 daughters in their 40's. One has 2 girls that are teenagers so she is a little crazy. Husband died 4 years ago and left her with 2 really creative children. My other daughter has 2 cats. We've been married for 47 years but my DDs are not the marrying kind. Diagnosed in 2006 and had a recurrence in 2008. Other than side effects doing all right especially since it is getting nicer outside. We should be twinned with Siberia most winters. Nice to see some familiar names and happy to meet new ones.

  • susgul
    susgul Member Posts: 104

    Guess I'd better post a bio so we can all be acquainted.  I'm 64, married with two children and 5 grandchildren.  DH and I have been married for 35 years.  We are dog people (know many cats we love).  We have two Standard Poodles, Beau and Maggie.  We had two German Shepherds, but lost them both over the last 18 months.  In an effort to show how little sense we have, we now have a black German Shepherd puppy by the name of Dante.

    The 2 girls in my avatar are McKenzie and Katelyn.  Unfortunately, they live in Ky so don't see them too often.  We have three in this area so that helps.  Probably no one knows where Everson, Wa is.  Just outside of Bellingham about 100 miles north of Seattle.  Glad to see all the sisters I know and welcome to all you new sisters.


  • kathleen1966
    kathleen1966 Member Posts: 67

    I'm not older (44) but I'm with you on this one! 

  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646

    Hi Alyson.............Know what the waiting is like.......Grandson #15 was like youngest daughters 1st. baby.....Emergency C-Section after not being able to deliver naturally........Okay, why you say........How does 11lbs 12oz, and 23 1/2 inches long sound.  My daughter delivered a toddler............1 1/2 years later, planned C-Section she delivered a 11lb 13 oz. girl 22 1/2 inches long....another toddler.....and she was 2 weeks early.   Had she not gone then (Dr. was going on vacation) the freakin kid could have walked out shouting Happy Birthday........Will keep track of your progress.................

  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646
    Hey Alyson, checked further down, congratulations girlfriend.................a wonderful.Smile
  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646

    Hey Susgul................nice to see someone from my old stamping grounds.........I didn't live in your state for very long, but loved the place...........I lived in Yakima, Washington for about 1 1/2 years while my husband was in the Army..........We were stationed at the Yakima Firing Center.  I absolutly thought Wa. St. was the most beautful place I had ever seen...........I have crossed over all the "passes", and picnicked while looking at Mt. Ranier......Some of my fondest memories were there........I was newly married, and just 21 years old.  The Pacific N.W. is a magnificant place........Would have stayed had I not had family back here.  I was an only child,and my mother would have been lost without me.............Welcome to you......Sorry we had to meet like this, but thrilled to meet another Sister............hugs to you

  • barbaraa
    barbaraa Member Posts: 3,545

    Hi Kathleen, welcome. We are a fun loving group. Hang out with us for a while and laugh with us.

  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646

    Onetoughwoman47................Welcome, and good luck with your surgery.......I am only 2 weeks since surgery and I'm doing very well........A little sore, but doing fine.......... I will start radiation as soon as the healing is over..........Nice to connect with someone who was from this area........I actually have 2 grandsons who after graduating college moved to Chicago.....They bought a condo together, and they both work for J.P. Morgan in downtown Chicago, and one in the suburbs of Chicago.......They love it there.  I miss them, and if can get my butt on a plane (scared to death to fly) I will go see them.............Let us know how your surgery goes, and prayers and hugs to you.

  • dragonflymary
    dragonflymary Member Posts: 325

    Hi to all!  Hi to all new folks!  Had my surgery yesterday, a very minor one.  He removed a mass and said it looked benign, and raised level of one implant (one of them hung low).  All is well but I'm still foggy and think I lost even more of my short term memory!!


  • socallisa
    socallisa Member Posts: 10,176

    wishing you a speedy recovery...

  • justjudie
    justjudie Member Posts: 196

    Hello Everyone,

     I am another Judie...just little different spelling.  I post frequently on the Stage 4 Board and so I know some of you from over there!  I recently heard from Marybe that this is a good group over here and since I am older  (the sensible part is debatable but....) I thought I'd come over and get acquainted.

    I was dx'd a year ago with mets in bones, liver and a spot on my scalp as well.  I had 4 weeks of rads first, as cancer was bad in C7 vertebra and about to break it, in fact.  I was a couple months wearing one of those soft neck collars to protect it as much as possible.  After the rads, I began 6 months of Taxotere and Cytoxan (once every 3 weeks).  That was pretty awful but did shrink the liver mets quite a bit. I have monthly Aredia infusions for bone strengthening and I take Aromasin. 

    I am currently enrolled in a clinical trial for the breast cancer vaccine at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.  As I live in the Los Angeles area, that means I spend 2 weeks out of every month back in Baltimore.  I'll be doing this until May.  After that there are follow up visits etc. So it is an expensive proposition, what with the travel and lodging there.  The trial is for Stage 4 women and while I do not see it as a cure for those of us in the study,  I am of course hoping the vaccine might slow down the cancer. Only time will tell I guess. As it is a clinical trial they really have not given it to enough women yet for them to make any assurances. The real hope is that a vaccine will someday be available to prevent young women from ever getting this monster, or stop it before it really gets going. What a wonderful day that will be!  I like to think I am contributing by some small measure to a possible cure, and the end to all the many lives lost and the suffering of so many people.

    So, thats my story!  I am a retired probation officer, live with my DH, who really is a DH, and a mean old cat named Bluie.  My 30 yr old son is an attorney and lives with his partner in Seattle. But they are coming down tomorrow night for a week so I am excited about that!  It's nice to meet you all. :-)


  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    Wow!  Busy, busy, busy!  Welcome to all the new girls!  I am so glad to see each and every one of you and hope you find a comfortable place to come and chew the fat (chat).

    It's 11.15am and I'm sitting here still in my pyjamas after eating a piece of toast and drinking a cup of tea.......a very late breakfast as I slept in.  Just as well I don't have to go to work!  Does anyone have days when you feel you can sleep the clock around? I swear I don't know if it's the Femara or old age chasing me but some days it's hard to keep the eyes open!  I think I'll sit and read some more of the threads and hopefully, by the time I'm finished someone will have pushed the 'go' button and I can get motivated to go and clean my    Have a great day all!

    Love n hugs.  Chrissy