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  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604

    hey ladies, i had to take a 3 hr nap after our Bday dinner, when i woke up, my blood sugar was over 300!! my youngest son (who hasn't spoken to me for EXACTLY one yr.. my last; surprised me, his older brother dragged him to dinner..TMI but hey, he told me, jerk!!but, i was truly glad that those of us who could, got together..

       it worked out just the way i wanted. my GSon went crazy, asking "the man in the red shirt" if he could get more salad.. he ate more salad than all the rest of us put together, and then, TONS of blueberry muffins!! beats cake! i had a lb of tapioca pudding, also beats cake, but oh my my sugar!

       took extra noalog and lantus tonight already. since i had the nap, im sure i'll be up all night now.

       we even have a maybe commitment with my DIL to bring my beloveds to the pool tommorrow, so the party will continue.

        thinking back, my sugar was probably high before dinner.. i got so excited, i forgot to take insulin and test before dinner...but, when my GS ran up to me, and wished me a Happy Birthday, Nana, and i saw my youngest, i started crying.

       that earned me a lot of snide remarks from my sons, and we started out akwardly. they call it "Moms' Drama " again... so, i was quiet during dinner, except with the GKids, which always work for me..

       Finley, my GD walked yesterday, and my DIL transferred her video from her phoine to mine. now, i have to figure out how to get it in the computer, to save it.

       she's been "trying "to walk for awhike, a step here and there, but she COMMITTED last night..she's now moving very confidently, with her hand in the air, hoping SOMEONE will grab it, but its' at 50 miles an hour!!! we had a hoot watching her walk the resteraunt with her Zeyda(yiddish for grandpa) tonite..

     ate everything in sight. she sat between me and my DIL just kept turning her head side to side. one of us would put something in, she'd chew it, and then turn to the other one for the next course..

       needless to say, i had a ball! can you tell? i'll post pics tommorrow, as Mur is passed out, and i haven't learned to download the camera yet...

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604

    ok, so i'll make an attempt at what i've read, but forgive me if i miss you...

        Suzie, {{{{{{prayers and hugs}}}}}}}}}}i had no idea your life is so complicated.... 

          Alyson   i love the new "man" in your life... Mazel

         AMY JO..{{{{{{hugs}}}}} im glad they changed the appt. whatever THEIR reason was.... 

         Barbe: i have CRS, so i couldn't access if i knew you had anew "baby George" or not.. Mazel!! I personally love your acerbic humor, and can always count on it thru the darkest of times.. the "i guess he's my wife comment cracked me up! i know it must be hard working with the fibro.. thats' on the long list of my health issues, so i know its' gotta be hard. Qudos for kicking it in gear, and holding down both sides down, financially...

     Mostly mom..Happy Birthday.. we share the same day! glad you got good path results..

       and, lastly Welcome to hb Cheryl and Nswtd...and it took a lot of notes to get there!! happy night, ladies. i'm sure i'll be up, and back later. im so glad we all found a safe place to come.. thanks, Chrissy. ya know how much i love ya, Gal!


  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    I'm sooo glad you had a good Birthday 3 jays, even with the little dramas but oh my!  your blood sugar is waaaaay over the top!  Are you testing to see if it's coming down after your meds?  I sure hope so!  we don't want you going into diabetic coma now do we?...mmmm.  You take care of yourself.  It was nice of your eldest J to get the youngest J to your party and even though it may have been a bit awkward for a while, it was a lovely thing to do for you.  Hope the conversation between you doesn't have such a long pause in the future.

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604

    you Aussie girls are THE best at understatement! " a long pause! REALLY LMAO gonna call you in a bit, if yar up to it. 3jays

  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    I'm up!

  • valjean
    valjean Member Posts: 1,110

    I have so got to get to bed, geez, it's 2:04 a.m. here in MI, but want to post now before more pages get added & I get behind.

    3jays ~ In spite of some uncomfortable moments, I'd say you had a beautiful birthday dinner! What a surprise in your youngest son attending, maybe the tide is turning. ((special hug dear sister/friend))

    Judie ~ I also want to thank you for your contribution in the trial. ♥

    NWSTD ~ What Mall do you sometimes walk in? Lansing Mall or the Meridian Mall? Maybe I could join you sometime. Nice to meet you now.

    hbcheryl ~ Happy Birthday! & Welcome!

    ducky ~ I just love reading your posts. I feel as if we are in the same room just chit-chatting away! Fun!

    mostlymom ~ GrayT ~ I have forgotten what I wanted to say to you guys, but I'll just say I'm happy to meet you & I'll remember sooner or later.

    Hi Barbe ! & Hi AmyJo!

    I know I've forgotten others, sorry!

    hugs to all & finally, a good-night!

  • valjean
    valjean Member Posts: 1,110

    Chrissy ~ I so like this thread. Thank you again!

  • pessa
    pessa Member Posts: 137

    I have been reading many threads and written occasional posts, but have never found a thread that I felt like "joining" until I came upon this one.  There are too many threads with attacks going on.  This one seems to supportive, just what I need in my stressful life.

    My story:  I am 59, diagnosed a year ago, had bilat mastectomies (2 separate surgeries, no reconstruction, 2nd one in November) after an initial lumectomy, chemo (finished 8/10) and now on Arimidex.  I am not married, but have 2 sons, 16 and 14.  Going through the surgeries and chemo while being a single mother and working full time has not been easy, but I did it and all treatments are done (I hope!).  

    Only now, that I have finished everything, am I really starting to deal with the possibility of recurrance and am startiing to get worried.  I need positive things in my life (in addition to my precious sons) so am glad I found this thread.  Thanks for starting it!

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604
    doina happy dance for mostly mom    3jays
  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    Hi Pessa and welcome, glad you can join us!  I think that after the whirl wind of diagnosis, surgery, chemo and rads, when you are finally done you have a feeling of being lost because you feel as though you have been set adrift.  All very normal and along with this feeling comes the fear of recurrence.  This is the time that you need to remember that you have done the very best you can for yourself by following the protocol that was set for you by the medicos who deal with this everyday.  Of course, everyone has a fear of this thing returning and having to start all over again, but if you are into statistics, you will find that the numbers for recurrence are dropping every year and more and more women are surviving and leading full and productive lives.  It is a difficult thing to try and put all of this to the back of your mind and sometimes we need a little help in getting passed all this.  If you feel you can't move on on your own, perhaps a councilor can help for a while.  I wish you well.

    Love n hugs.  Chrissy

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604

    glad you found us Pessa, just jump in with anything. this is turning out to be a great group of gals!! for me, i needed a safe place to express ALL my feelings, good, bad, or indifferent.. i can't imagine you raising your kids, working, and dealing with bc.. my hats off to you!     3jays

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604
    i love thinking this is like sitting down, having a cup o tea, and, put yer feet up, and stay awhile!!
  • Maya2
    Maya2 Member Posts: 244

    I just finished my tea and I'm off to work. Have a good day ladies.

    3jays, I'm so happy your birthday was wonderful!  (Dramas aside. Don't know how to get through life without them.)

  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438

    Have a good day Maya!

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604
    i have CRS. don't know if i missed any newbies.. this ones for you!!!     3jays
  • Alyson
    Alyson Member Posts: 3,737

    Have just got in from a wonderful birthday dinner, just DH and I. Managed to get into a very nice restaurant nearby, the food was divine. We went into see DD and baby before dinner. DH hadn't seen him so it was great that he had his eyes open for his Grandad. DD is looking good. She will be in there about 5 days.

    Gus cat is telling me that because it is raining he needs more food. Wonder what he will think of this new baby. He is a small fat ginger cat. who has now decided to go behing thee curtain.

    3jays so pleased you had a good birthday. And hbcheryl its a great time for birthdays, hope yours was happy.

    Maya hope work is going well. I thinks those of you who continue to work are superheroes, I just had to give up and often feel really bad about that. Tx had knocked me so badly and rheumatoid arthritis was getting worse so decided I could work or live.

    Gus is now sitting on the mouse cord and grabs it everytime I try to move it!!!

    To everyone else I do hope your day has or is going well.

  • Nico1012
    Nico1012 Member Posts: 1,152

    Alyson ~ Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and dinner and hoping that the rest of your BD is just as grand!


  • barbaraa
    barbaraa Member Posts: 3,545

    Wow, I go to sleep and BAM 2 pages!! No way will I remember everything but just want to welcome the new folks and to let 3jays know I am glad she had a great birthday and Alyson, too.

    I hope everyone has a GREAT day.

    PS - mostlymom - so glad it was nothing.

  • pj12
    pj12 Member Posts: 18,108

    3jays, love tapioca pudding! Combine that with a reunion with an estranged son; no wonder you went off the wagon! The grandchildren certainly can dilute the tension with the adult children. It sounds like a wonderful evening.

    Samuel is perfect and looks at least a month old! Thank goodness caesarean section is an option, in spite of how the stats say there are too many being done. Common sense has to prevail.

     Omigosh, you Michigan girls are getting slammed again. Will spring never come to the northern tier of states? I guess you are used to it... maybe even love it? But from the view from Florida it looks pretty tough. No wonder you "mall walk." The beach here has been gorgeous, wide with lots of tidal pools where the water is warmed by the sun. The sand is packed hard so makes walking easy. The other day the tide had brought in dozens and dozens of the biggest star fish I had ever seen, bigger than my hand and quite red-orange in color. Of course once they are tossed up on the beach they die so that is sad but guess it is just Mother Nature. Know I am sounding pretty smug about our warm weather... you'll get to laugh at me along about July when it is 99 in the shade!

    Wishing everyone a great weekend. 

  • Onetoughwoman47
    Onetoughwoman47 Member Posts: 132

    Duckyb1 - Thank you and it's all UP from here.  I'm psyched for Monday to come especially since I had to re-schedule from the 18th because of flu, bronch and allergies...omg, thank goodness that's behind me now...on to getting this TRAM fixed and some mesh to HOLD ME IN...LOL! Otherwise, I'm doing very well and looking forward to healing as the weather turns nice and spring like...that in itself aides I think to being able to get out more, walking and just sitting in the sunshine helped me many times before and will do so again.  My pup must know something is up, she has been clinging to me like a vine on a fence and I know she has been in tune with me from the start ( i had initial tram done in Nov of 09) and trained her then and she spends a great part of her day with me...therapy she was and is and even though it took a lot out of me physically, she has been a godsend...she's 16 months young and a bullmastiff, a brindle and a real true companion.  If I could get pix up on here I'd post one...all efforts have failed, so it's something I'm not doing correctly...

    Best to you through your treatment and how funny, 2 sons here in's home for me now, but won't be forever....wanting to re-locate to warmer climate and where the job market is better.  Winters just not good for me.  Chronic bronchitus/pneumonia bouts have really made me consider this even more the last few years.

    Have a super weekend and hugs to all!


  • Grayt
    Grayt Member Posts: 32

    Oh, my gosh!  I'm already so far behind in posts my head is swirling!  Happily, it's from a plethora of friendly shares rather than drug-induced Zombie-land.

    Beautiful baby, happy dance, helpful info ~ I should have a bumper sticker made: "I'd rather be with my older, sensible friends."

    Best to all -

  • susgul
    susgul Member Posts: 104

    Oh Alyson, he is just precious!

  • pteney
    pteney Member Posts: 30

    chrissyb, I felt a beautiful sense of peace when i opened this thread and saw the lovely pic -- thanks so much!  I am reminded that we all get a little peace of mind sharing with each other and getting encouragement.

    Marybe, your forgetfulness reminded me of a good laugh we had in chemo lab.  I thought it was my last time (6 rounds of Taxol, 3 weeks on/1 off) and I had kept forgetting to use the Emla cream on my port, which we laughed about that whole 6 rounds.  So I figured I would impress onc nurse (small town, small room, 1 other reg Hematology gal) and use it.  I had fogot to take off backing of the opsite so when I did and put it on port, i hadn't realized most of Emla was on backing, and put the opsite on ... then it started to curl (i think i pulled it off the backing) so then I put a bandaid on either side and put my jacket on.  By the time onc nurse saw it, fuzz from my jacket was sticking to curled edges and it was a mess!  We all laughed so hard we cried, especially when I told her I didn't put more Emla on and lost most on the backing!  Forgetfulness can be hilarious too ... so happy I opened this thread and happy to meet all of you (i'm turning 50, i'm sure i qualify ...) of you lovely ladies here.  I'm very flushed from chemo yesterday, but have to do a bunch of shopping, i'll just pretend I have a happy glow about me and smile alot! 

    Hugs to all, Patti

  • Lowrider54
    Lowrider54 Member Posts: 333

    Hi chrissyb!

    I don't know how much 'sense' I have left - witht the brain cells leaking out of late but I am not a back biter - I much prefer gentle nibbles on earlobes...LOL

    Anyhoo...very nice thread.  BTW, when is it you are going to be in Missisouri?  How many stops are you planning when you are in the states and pardon my lack of brain cells, did you indicate Michigan?

    I thought - we have quite a few of us in the upper Midwest and someplace in southern Iowa or northern Missouri or that little tip of Illinois could be a good central point if like Fitz, me, Jenn, Liz, onetoughwoman, lago, and a bunch more are all within a potentially doable days travel we might all meet up...again, forgive the lack of memory - I suppose the when are you coming to the states would be helpful - I could look back through the threads but how about making it easy and put your itinerary up here!  Just a thought....

  • Maya2
    Maya2 Member Posts: 244

    Alyson: "Maya hope work is going well. I thinks those of you who continue to work are superheroes"

    Happy Birthday Alyson!

    I'm actually 9 years away from BC diagnosis, but I did work through it, although I was a journalist at the time and could set my own hours--as long as deadlines were met. Today, work was especially nice. We have a slower schedule on Fridays and usually have a graduation ceremony for those finishing treatment.

  • dragonflymary
    dragonflymary Member Posts: 325

    Alyson, welcome to the new beautiful baby!  To Alyson, all who are new, hugs and kisses.  I so admire all of the women here, any one of whom has had a much harder time than I have.  Started last Aug. with the dreaded diagnosis and ended with BMX with reconstruction.  Just went through revision and a little recurrence scare which seems to be benign (biopsy pending).  I did crash and burn during the middle of the whole thing, leaving me with less "sense" for a while!!  Hope I'm getting my common sense back, but it takes time.

    Things I've learned: 

    •  I don't have to watch people shoot each other on the news every night; I have enough stress in my life without that.
    • Not all nurses are dumbells.
    • Some doctors are good surgeons but have zero bedside manner.
    • Take a tranquilizer prior to passing through hospital doors.
    • Dogs are good therapists.
    • So are cats.
    • Pain medicine works better with dark chocolate.
    • My family needs me to be with them; that doesn't mean I have to cook.
    • When you're angry it's not a good idea to kick a wall and break your foot.
    • My favorite foods are mac and cheese and cheap donuts.

    Not exactly Deep Thoughts, but I've also had a stroke (at 63) so that's my excuse!  I'm a nurse; now retired but still like to give unsolicited medical advice.  Worked for a health plan for 10 years so I also know too much about the US health care system, which is broken, in case nobody has noticed!!  Three kids, 4 grands--all wonderful people.  DH of 43 years--we were hippies together.  Just found out my medical history says I smoked marijuana 40 years ago, but trust me, I didn't inhale.  Taking it one bleeping day at a time!

    Love to all,


  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646

    Hi One Tough Woman...........I know what you mean an about the cold weather where  you are...It is my Grandsons who are there , not my sons........and I ask them how they deal with that weather...........they say "you get used to it".............Not me, I hate cold weather.......Give me sunshine, sand, and the beach............I can't wait to go to my summer home.  Just lay back on my chaise in the backyard, and when it gets too hot , jump in the pool...............A nice cold drink by my side, and my grandchildren keeping me young............My daughters come down with me, and we have quality time together..............Life is good.

  • barbaraa
    barbaraa Member Posts: 3,545

    Afternoon gals! Today is why I live in FL. Low humidity, high around 80 AND the Grand Prix is in town for the weekend! Oh and GO GATORS!!

  • Alyson
    Alyson Member Posts: 3,737

    Morning all. lots os activity over night - well my night.

    Chrissy, do you follow the Cricket? Any other Aussie girls? Just thought I would ask, hasn't your lot come home from the World Cup?  Don't worry folks, I am not starting an argument. NZ and Aus have a wonderful rivalry in sport. The Aus team lost there quarter final and we (through some sort of miracle) won ours. I must text my brother later, the one from Australia and remind him of this.

    Its a wet miserable day here and I am about to go and get my hair done.

    Big hugs to all

  • pessa
    pessa Member Posts: 137

    Thank you for your welcome.  By the way, turtles (I have had mine for 35 years) are comforting as well!