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Stage III Cancer Survivors .... 10+ Years and Out



  • juju-mar
    juju-mar Member Posts: 200
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    Thank you for posting! Just what I needed to see today.


  • francesca30
    francesca30 Member Posts: 63
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    congratulations NancyD and Wintersocks!❤️ cheers to many more healthy years :

  • victoriasecret
    victoriasecret Member Posts: 37
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    Hi Girls

    I always come back on my anniversary- LUCKY 13 this year - to share and give hope to the newly diagnosed. You can read my stats although stats became just that stats to me... A stage 3 diagnosis can be daunting I can tell you it scared the ... out of me. After many years of cysts and lumps and bumps I found myself sitting across from my breast surgeon in total shock. She had to almost Cher slap me .. Moonstruck- Snap out of it moment ! When she told me my tumour was most likely late stage 2 maybe stage 3 . It ended up late stage 3 .

    I found BCO as I was doctor googling myself . This site was the start of my mental healing . I was searching anyone who had survived a stage 3 diagnosis and I found it here. I met some wonderful women here many I am still in touch with. Sadly have lost some along the way. I would reach out and there was always a shoulder to cry on. I can't thank BCO enough for that in my early diagnosis.

    So what and where did I go to navigate myself into this whole new world ? I'll shorten up the treatment - Double mx. ( after years of being mammogramed and ultrasounded ( not real words ) I was not taking one more chance obviously one was going the fight was on and if I survived that the other one was not going to take a swing at me ! Dose dense chemo and then radiation with a bolus .I found a naturopath and followed a regime of meds . I started REIKI treatments after chemo found great solace in that, went on to to attaining my master REIKI certificate. I also had Zometa infusions for 2 years. I waited 5 years before considering recon was a disaster. I was followed by my onc for 5 and then graduated to my family doctor, I found the two week rule here. If anything persists after two weeks call - it never has.

    What has happened in 13 years ?- my daughter was 17-graduating highschool, I had just turned 50, my sons were in UNI .. my daughter went on to become a peds nurse . My oldest son lives in Thailand living the dream my middle son married with two beautiful children .

    So life has been good . Does the fear ever go away?- nope- you just get on living.. One of my favourite sayings- Everyday you think you are dying you are not living . I choose living !

    So in closing I wish you all many more years of living life and making memories !

    Much Love C

  • nancyd
    nancyd Member Posts: 557
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    Great advice C!

  • candilea
    candilea Member Posts: 14
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    Thank you, C!!!! I wish you many more years of choosing living!

  • new_direction
    new_direction Member Posts: 40
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    I was diagnosed 10 years ago.

    I wish good health and love to everyone who reads this.

  • kicks
    kicks Member Posts: 319
    edited August 2022

    DX'd Aug 8, 2009 IBC Stage IIIc. Still here and loving every moment.

  • m_and_g
    m_and_g Member Posts: 10
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    Congratulations! So happy for you..

  • sbelizabeth
    sbelizabeth Member Posts: 956
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    Kicks, I'm happy to see you here. You were a bight ray of hope for me when I joined in 2011.

  • kmur
    kmur Member Posts: 849
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    Hello to all. Have not stopped in for some time. They have changed lots about the BCO site. Just wanted to check in as this is the 12th year from diagnosis. Still going strong. No recurrence here. Was so thankful to have found BCO and the 40 something girls in our group. What a blessing to find such great ladies to just share thoughts and laughs and questions with. This group helped in more ways than they know. Just wanted those who think ( I thought anyhow ) the stage three diagnosis is the end …. Nope , not the end. You can carry on ! I’m 56 now . Thought I wouldn’t see 46 to be honest! I was not “ strong “ , and it was difficult to be hopeful at times. So for those just hearing stage three news….. lots of us are still here. Doing well , not worried and hopeful . Don’t even think of cancer anymore and only check in once a year . Take care stage 3 friends. All my best wishes to you all

  • ausykaren
    ausykaren Member Posts: 62
    edited November 2022

    Great news Kim

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,176

    @awnie1301 Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on your 10th year! Newbies will surely see this as a source of strength and encouragement. Wishing you many more to come!

    The Mods

  • kotchaj
    kotchaj Member Posts: 212

    It is definitely encouraging to see these posts, thank you awnie1301!

    I'm just two years out from diagnosis, so love to see these. Thank you. It shows that it is possible.

  • muska
    muska Member Posts: 224
    edited July 2023

    I just realized I can post on this thread as I am in my 11th year since stage 3 diagnosis.
    Everything has been good so far, no complaints.
    Good luck to everyone!

    My signature stopped working after the site was migrated to this new platform. I was diagnosed in 2013 at 54, had double mastectomy, six months of chemo, radiation. Have been on Anastrozole for 9.5 years.

  • homemom
    homemom Member Posts: 830

    If you want it to show again, you have to go in and play with it. I think there is a copy feature that lets you add it back.

    I was 54 in 2014 when I was diagnosed, so somewhat similar!

  • sam2u
    sam2u Member Posts: 43
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    Stopping back in—breast cancer no longer consumes my every waking thought……….This month marks my 10 year biopsy anniversary that led to diagnosis on 10/7/2013. Back then my tumor was so large(9.4 cm) with 2 positive nodes and extracapsular extension, it didn't compute in any of the cancer calculators available. The odds weren't in my favor.

    My first oncologist smiled every year when I walked in for a check up—he said "I never thought I'd see so much of you with your diagnosis." He's since retired, as did my 2nd oncologist, on to the 3rd, she too smiles—"I need long term success stories." That's why I go back to the Oncologist and why I come here.

    I survived. Please don't give up hope.

  • maxineo
    maxineo Member Posts: 199

    Stopping in to acknowledge my 13 years since diagnosis! I hardly recognize the site because i honestly don’t think about breast cancer much anymore. I did 2 years of tamoxifen and 10 years of arimidex - and just went off it all for good. I still have complaints of the mess BC made of me, but overall there is enough else to worry about :)

    There is hope ladies. Hang on to one another and walk each other through this terrible time. You’ve got a whole community cheering you on.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,176

    Such an inspirational thread! Thank you to all of you who continue to come back and give such hope. It means so much! ❤️

    —The Mods