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Plant-Based & Vegan - support & recipes



  • nonomimi5
    nonomimi5 Member Posts: 184

    Interesting video. I hope Nutritional Yeast does fight cancer. That would be amazing.

  • moth
    moth Member Posts: 3,293

    thank you guys for re-inspiring me. I showed some of the recipes to my daughter (who likes to bake and cook) and she went off searching herself through her favourite blogs and cookbooks. Last night she made a creamy rich vegan fettuccine alfredo. It was so good I ate too much and got a stomach ache just from eating too much! She also bought me some nuts to snack on. We weighed out 50g on the scale and that is apparently 310 calories. It was easy for me to eat them - it was just a big bigger than a handful, though I have small hands - while watching tv. My total for the day tho was we think only 1750 tho. I think I need more frequent small but nutrient dense meals. I'm just not hungry. I can make smoothies in the summer & try to shove in extra calories to drink but I dont like them in the winter.

    nonomimi - I'm sharing the recipes you posted with her. Thank you!

    We eat a fair bit of nooch. It's in many of our recipes. I like the flavour of it and if we're out of the vegan parmesan, I sprinkle nooch on pasta.

  • dearlife
    dearlife Member Posts: 634

    Hi Moth

    Have you tried a warm winter smoothie? Could be good between meals and the recipes are easy. Chai pear, chocolate coconut, apple pie smoothie and more.


    I am glad your daughter is cooking for you!



  • santabarbarian
    santabarbarian Member Posts: 2,310

    When calorie stuffing I love to do eggplant because it soaks up so much oil. Almond butter on apple slices is another good high calorie snack. I am sorry you are facing this, and glad that you are giving yourself good nourishment.

  • marciam
    marciam Member Posts: 84

    Hello Vegans and those curious!

    I have been vegan and regained my health after a devasting brain tumor that was metastattic, it took out my right hand use. I I began veganism as soon as I stopped the radiation therapy and ended stage 3 BC treatment. I hadn't a cluse about veganism vs vegeterain and taught myself of love eating all things vegan.

    It was trial and error. I use mushrooms, miatake and button all the time. I have created my own recipies and prodced a Vegan Healthy Eating Cookbook for any interested in learning easy and tasty recipies. I love herbs and incorporate mine into my cooking. I eat a lot of salads and do use proceesed vegan food like fakon bacon. I did juicing reliousioly for years and have gotten away from it due to my hand use problem. I wanted to encourangeany and all here to persist with this diet because it truly worked for me and can work for you. The research is now there with the China study, Forks over Knives and elsewhere that drs are aware of how plants heal. I use lots of supplemets like Tumeric and fankincense oil , other essential oils as well. If you wish to connect with me about getting a copy, pdf of my cookbook please write me!

    blesssing to all,


  • moth
    moth Member Posts: 3,293

    Hi MarciaM, thanks for sharing your success story!

  • kayak2
    kayak2 Member Posts: 9,028

    Interesting info from Dr. Greger's NutritionFacts.Org regarding the association between meat & dairy viruses and cancer. (Another good reason to be vegan!!). Winking I knew that high heat cooking (grilling/barbequing) is a group 1 carcinogen and processed meat (bacon, hot dogs, deli meats) also are group 1 carcinogens, and have read that there is a relationship between cancer due to consuming too much heme iron found in red meat, but this article on meat & dairy viruses and cancer is new info to me. (I was addicted to cheese and also ate a lot of yogurt back in the day, as well as meat too, so who knows if any of that caused my cancer). So glad that meat, dairy and eggs are in my distant rearview mirror (2 1/2 yrs now). Gave them up to reverse pre-diabetes, but so glad to know that there is a cancer bonus to all of this too (as well as discovering the anti-cancer foods too like mushrooms, green tea, cruciferous vegetables, etc.)

    The two links below contain the same information. The first link is a 6 min video. The second link is the written version.