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Posted on: Mar 3, 2009 08:59PM

Posted on: Mar 3, 2009 08:59PM

amberyba wrote:

I have tried this before, but wanted to start a thread for us natural girls to build our friendships, share our thoughts and the natural things we are doing. there is a thread called bottle of tamoxifen, that I enjoyed the friendships of, but now that I am off the tamoxi-train and using alternatives, it would be nice to have a support group of women who encourage each other with alternative, complementary and holistic treatment.

Here's to friendship and support.

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Mar 4, 2009 06:07PM living4today wrote:

First, I love all of your ideas re: nutrition, etc.  Prior to chemo, I had a pretty clean with chemo, I haven't been doing as well.  I think that I had read in some of these posts that actually your diet shouldn't be as healthy when going through chemo, helps the chemo work better.  (???)Since my time and energy is limited, I haven't really researched it all that well.  Interestingly enough I am a nurse who specializes in disease management and wellness.  It is extremely frustrating how uninformed the medical world is regarding proper nutrition and wellness.  So many of my coworkers have made snide comments about me reading labels and trying to avoid artifical sweetners, high fructose corn syrup, etc., of course, I am the one now diagnosed with BC..go figure.  Keep up the great work gals!  I love reading your posts and find them very encouraging! Dx 12/7/2008, IDC, 2cm, Stage IIB, Grade 3, 1/23 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2-
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Mar 4, 2009 06:55PM - edited Mar 4, 2009 08:02PM by FloridaLady


You right about having a healthy diet while on chemo is hard.  It's more about taste issue for a lot of people. A lot of cancer "flyer's" say stay away from fresh fruit and veggie because of bacteria. They also well tell you don't have any dairy. Let see that leaves carbs/sugar and meat? And how do you digest this how now that the chemo as killed of your natural enzymes in your stomach?  I never believed this as many other patients I have meet don't either.  They may have had trouble with taste but they ate their fruit/veggies.  Just wash them well and if need be just steam them a little.  Bacteria is everywhere we can't out run it.  Also a good source of protein is Whey protein drinks. (low carb kind of course) You do need more protein while in treatment.

Chemo kills the natural enzymes in your stomach. If you do not replace these with some raw fruit & veggies you will continue to have problems with your stomach and colon while in treatment. The acid & enzymes in your stomach is the key to good nutrition, this is how your body breaks down and disperses nutrients. If I don't feel like eating the good stuff I you a high speed blender and make it into a smoothie.


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Mar 4, 2009 07:20PM althea wrote:

Thanks for starting this thread amber.  I would love to have a thread filled with positive energy that fosters a fellowship that only we bc sisters can fully appreciate.  So count me in.  I just hope the naysayers will respect the boundary and post elsewhere. This section has felt more like a marathon debate class than a support group lately.  

I just returned a book by Carol Alt to the library on monday.  Never in my imagination would I think of getting information from a supermodel that I find helpful, but she's very much into the raw food diet and has been for years.  There was a green juice combination that I really liked.  And I tried an unbaked 'cookie' recipe that was basically almonds, dried coconut, dates, salt and vanilla blended together, pressed into circles and dehyrdated at 95 degrees for half a day.  Not my idea of a cookie, but definitely ok for a healthy snack.

The main thing I learned was that most foods come with enzymes that help us digest our food, and temperatures over 118 degrees kills those enzymes.  ....All I know is I have more evolving to do before I bake with a dehydrator and plan far enough ahead to soak nuts and grains to make them more digestable.  

I'll do my best to keep sarcasm at bay.  I tend to complain bitterly about the quality of medical care I get in my community.  I feel like I'm on my own to resolve my fatigue caused by hypothyroidism that none of my doctors will even diagnose.  I think I'll be better off all around if I just focus on positive change within my control than to complain about the shortcomings I see in my doctors and our current medical system.  

Right now I'm reading a book by Natalia Rose, Life Force Energy Diet.  The main thing I've been doing to better my health is using my juicer every day.  I dusted off my juicer in december 07 and finally worked up to using it every day last august, so I've been at it for a while.  I hope we can all have a positive exchange here, and make this a gathering place for those of us 'on the same page' of nurturing our health.  I think we all could use the kind of support we can find here and provide for each other.  

Listen with a questioning ear. quote from George Ohsawa, founder of macrobiotics Dx 12/22/2004, ILC, 5cm, Stage II, Grade 1, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Mar 4, 2009 07:47PM amberyba wrote:

wow now I am seeing the light Althea, and FlaLady.....raw foods have value not only in nutrients but enzymes.

I just loaded the frig after a trip to the grocer....I ususally cook the broccoli,,,,now I'll make an effort when I open the frig, to nibble on the frruits and veges.....


Amber Almond Dx 2/2008, IDC, Left, 1cm, Stage IA, Grade 2, 0/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Mar 4, 2009 08:02PM living4today wrote:


Thanks for the info on the enzymes...except for baby carrots, I have gotten away from the fresh veggies and fruits this past month while on chemo.  (and my stomach is starting to let me know)  It is a challenge to find good tasting fresh produce this time of year in our area...but do love fruit smoothies, so think I will have my sweet hubby make me up some.  When I was having chemo the other day, one gal said she mixed fresh spinach with her smoothies, think I might try that too.  Thanks for the info! Dx 12/7/2008, IDC, 2cm, Stage IIB, Grade 3, 1/23 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2-
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Mar 4, 2009 08:23PM lisasayers wrote:

Althea...tell me about the green juice you liked?  Share some of your other favorite juice combinations if you would!


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Mar 4, 2009 08:44PM vivre wrote:

Althea, I saw an interview with Carol Alt. She talked about all the health problems she had while trying to stay thin and "diet" before she changed to natural foods. It was very informative, and proof that good nutrition alleviates most health problems. However, I also read another school of thought on cooking veggies. For instance tomatos actually release more lycopenes when cooked and broccol is actually better if it is steamed a little because it is so hard to digest. This makes sense to me. I love broccoli but when I eat it raw I get terrible stomach cramps.

 I am still torn about the juicing issue. I feel guilty tossing all that fiber after juicing, and it is a mess to clean up. Also, I just cannot find a combo that tastes good. I have always had a problem drinking flavored things. I basically drink tea and water with lemon or lime.

I read a great book called "The Power of Digestive Enzymes". Can't remember the doc who wrote it, but she really talked about how important they are and how little we get in food these days because our soil is so depleted. It is really important to supplement with probiotics, especially if you take an antibiotic because they destroy the beneficial enzymes in the stomach.

Living: if you are still going through chemo, you might want to pick up Dr. Ray Strand's book, "What Your doctor doesn't know about nutrition may be killing you". He explains how the thinking that one should not eat nutritiously during chemo is a fallacy and that people die from chemo because they are malnourished. He also believes in supplements. His theory is that cancer cells are not nourished from what we consume like a healthy cell, rather they are cells gone array that keep multiplying from within. He says he has proven over and over that his patients who take supplements and eat a plant based diet, come through chemo and have a better prognosis. It is a great book.

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Mar 4, 2009 10:34PM althea wrote:

Apparently I didn't write down the green juice combo from the Carol Alt book that I liked.  I'm not sure I would've liked it even six months ago.  Green juice is an acquired taste, and believe me, I grimaced my way through a LOT of juice last year as I strived for green. 

I did uncover the combo from last august that I really liked.  It's not nearly as green as I remembered it.  

1 lime (ok to leave the peel on, but the juicer doesn't seem like like it much)
2 oranges, peeled
2 apples (granny smith have lower sugar content)
3 carrots
3 celery stalks
slice of ginger

I took one sip of this and loved it.  Nowadays, it's a lot greener.  I have 2-4 greens in my daily mix, and I rotate through a selection for variety.  Greens I've used:  celery, cucumber, collard greens, romaine, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, green pepper, kale, parsley.  And since I started putting a slice of ginger in my juice every day, the ache in my left hip that was starting to be a nuisance over the summer has gone away and stayed away.  

As for 'wasting' all that pulp, I don't give it a second thought.  By drinking the juice, our bodies can take in the nutrients without involving a lot of digestive activity.  I can practically feel the juice permeating my body, the way a thirsty sponge drinks up water.  I reckon it's better to 'waste' a bit of pulp than it is to buy a carton of juice made of glass, plastic, or whatever that waxy milk carton material is.  Water with lemon isn't very satisfying for me.  

Listen with a questioning ear. quote from George Ohsawa, founder of macrobiotics Dx 12/22/2004, ILC, 5cm, Stage II, Grade 1, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Mar 5, 2009 12:26AM D-Ann wrote:

Hey, y'all!  I'm pretty new here, in general, but really happy to find this thread!

As far as the juicing goes, if you're going thru chemo you are prolly gonna do better with the juicer.  After you're done with chemo, you definitely wanna gradually get back into blending more than juicing b/c you'll really need both the fiber and the nutrients you get from juicing. But do it gradually, according to how your body responds.  No need to make it an all or nothing kinda thing!  It is really important to be gentle with yourself, even though the nutrition thing is a big deal - especially to those of us who focus on it. 

I've not had to do it myself, yet.  Dunno if I'm gonna do anything beyond surgery, and not sure about that.  But I did help my estranged husband go thru surgery and chemo for esophageal cancer and so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with all of this.  He wasn't happy with my help or suggestions...but that's a different story.  Anyway, whether what I tried made him happy or not, I saw what the journey is like.  I think anything that works for you, that gets the nutrition into you without negative physical reactions, is a really good thing.

For what it's worth...

Dx 2/17/2009, IDC, 4cm, Stage IIIC, Grade 3, 0/1 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2-
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Mar 5, 2009 08:32AM lisasayers wrote:

Thanks Althea...we were experimenting with juicing before I started chemo and I had found a "green lemonade" that we liked and I forgot to write it down! LOL  I like the combo you wrote posted. 

I did find that even though I love cabbage...I can't drink it!  LOL  But I was using a lot of other green veggies.

As far as the "pulp"...depending on what I use, sometimes I would throw it in a pan and stir fry it or toss it in a salad.  But again, depending on what I had juiced. 

One year cancer FREE 10/24/09! Bilateral with TE 10/24/08, 4 Cycles TC ended 2/6/09, Exchange Surgery 410 Gummie 3/20/09 Dx 9/25/2008, IDC, <1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-

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