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how about drinking?



  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Goldie--I've been wondering if the sleeping trouble is from residual steroid effect. It could also be anxiety. My cousin's husband was not well during the cruise, and wound up in the hospital the day after they got home with diabetic ketoacidosis, with spots of cancer discovered while there. He had colon cancer many years ago, I wonder if this is a new cancer or a recurrence. I'm also waiting for a CT scan to follow up on a suspicious nodule seen on the chest x-ray I had when I found out I had pneumonia after vacay. The appointment isn't until July 21st. I'm considering canceling and just not following up, that would be a lot easier than this interminable waiting. No symptoms equals no problems, right? You really have been busy, no wonder your back is screaming at you! I hope the branding was a fun time!!


    1 oz. (30ml) Rum

    1 oz. (30ml) Banana Schnapps

    1 oz. (30ml) Island Punch Pucker

    1 oz. (30ml) Pineapple Juice

    2 oz. (60ml) Piña Colada Mix

    1/2 oz. (15ml) Cream of Coconut

    Scoop of Cool Whip

    1/2 Banana

    Garnish: Whipped Cream, Cherry, banana slice


    1. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

    2. Pour mix into a glass and top with whipped cream.

    3. Garnish with a cherry.

    From <>

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Carole, a gentle rain for me hardly ever happens, it's usually a hard down fall!

    Oh NM, I agree with Teka, please keep your appt. Sorry to hear about your cousin's DH. So stress could def. be the problem with sleep.

    Well, I did have fun, but missed all the branding. My friend told me they would probably go until about 2, because they had more babies than usual, so I said I would get there around noon. I get there, and everyone is sitting around socializing. She tells me, everything went well and they got done way quicker than they thought. They have a few more due to have babies and those will need to be branded, so maybe I'll go for that, but it won't be a big tadoo this time.

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,871

    We just got back last night from a successful family reunion with DH's side in Williamsburg, VA. The cousins had a great time hanging out together. DH even ran a quick D&D campaign for them. We did Busch Gardens, Water World, Colonial Williamsburg, and the beach. And one rainy day that was spent just relaxing in the rental.

    We hired a friend's kid to cat-sit for us, and she (the cat) did not appreciate strangers in her house. I was hoping she'd warm up to them after a few days, but she is a stereotypical tortieshell. Not the friendliest around new people. When we got back, she was still on edge and hissing at us. I blew in her face so she could smell me, and she finally recognized us. She has been exceptionally close and purry today - very happy to have her real people back again.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    We have been having beautiful (cool!) weather. I even spent a small amount of time weeding the front yard. Probably won't see rain till October; grass is already starting to look straw-like. Climate change has hit our area even since we moved here, 12.5 years ago.

    I've got the swallow test scheduled on July 5th. Hope it goes quickly and no surprises. My new PCP suggested lexapro for all the anxiety I've been having over DH's treatments/health and holy-ef is there a curve on getting used to being on it…I'm on day 9 and I've had every side effect except fatigue. They say 2-4 weeks before you feel any benefit. Sure hope it is worth the hassle. I hear weaning off this med is just as bad. Lovely.

    DH gets his labs done tomorrow so that is always stressful to see if his PSA will come up or down. If his labs hold, we go back to Seattle for his second Pluvicto treatment.

    Miriandra, the first time I left my (now deceased—she's my avatar) feline for 10 days for a trip…you'd think she was a child…jumped on my shoulder, practically pushed me down on the bed and took a nip at my neck. Like a scold for leaving her for so long. It was the longest we'd left our cats at that time.

  • reader425
    reader425 Member Posts: 764

    NM I'll agree with Teka and Goldie hoping you'll keep the appointment but totally empathize with HATING the waiting. I've just gotten through a round of appointments and have anxiety before even the most basic ones. Thinking of you (and your cousin).

    Yippee....watermelon wine we got on the eastern shore of Maryland with dinner last night. My nutritionist commented last time I had a similar (peach) one "That's not wine that's kool-aid!" And unlike me, she wasn't laughing.

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy Twofer Tuesday! Waking up to yet more rain. I guess we won't need to worry about drought conditions for the foreseeable future.

    Teka--yeah, I know, no symptoms does not equal no problems. I just don't think I can handle the waiting thing again, not and not go crazy.

    Goldie--sorry you missed the branding, but it sounds like you got to visit and have some fun.

    Miriandra--poor kitty, to have to put up with a stranger like that! Furbabies are such characters at times.

    Wally--praying for good PSA results for DH. Your kitty really told you what was what, didn't she?

    Reader--watermelon wine? That sounds so good! That nutritionist can go jump in a lake, an occasional glass of wine (of any kind) isn't going to kill us.

    Kitty Highball


    Serving: 1

    • 2 ounces red wine
    • 3/4 ounce ginger syrup (see Editor's Note)
    • 1/2 ounce lime juice
    • soda water, to top

    Garnish: candied ginger


    1. Combine all ingredients, except the soda water, in a mixing tin and shake with ice.
    2. Strain into a Collins glass over ice.
    3. Top with soda water.
    4. Garnish with candied ginger.

    From <>

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    Funny stories about pet cats ruling their households. Cats are such interesting animals with their quirky personalities.

    Climate change has definitely come to northern MN, too. When we started coming here 10 years ago to escape Louisiana heat and humidity we had summers when we would not turn on the a/c. Not the case now. On the plus side we do still have cool days and nights whereas at home there is no respite for months. I'm glad the weather channel folks have finally begun to mention climate change ever so timidly.

    Goldie, I would have preferred to arrive at your friends after the branding. I would feel sorry for the poor little calves.

    My job today is to tackle washing the outside of the camper. And not a second before it needs it. I think we must have skipped the washing last summer. Waxing is needed but I don't think I will tackle that job.

    NM, I vote for keeping the appointment.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Miriandra, sounds like a nice trip. And it sounds like your fur baby has forgiven you!

    Wallycat, hopefull that lexapro will kick in soon. I'm assuming it's an anti depressant? Good luck with your test and DH's labs.

    Reader, ha ha on the kool-aid comment. Some people just don't have a sense of humor.

    Gosh NM, the weather you are having! Yes, it was so nice to be out with people other than the medical profession or Wal Mart employees/shoppers!

    Carole, even really hot days in the very early spring in MI. 80+ one day, snow the next! Last year, my first time to the branding, I wondered if I would be able to handle it, but it/I was ok. I have a harder time watching those bull riders, after I learned what they do to them! By the way they buck, they have it much worse off than branding of the calves! Oh boy, that sounds like a big chore to wash and maybe wax the camper!

    I have to go out tomorrow to sign for the house. The lady said she would come to me, but I told her, you don't know where I live and you can not make it in a car, she's like "oh!" So, I said I would go to her, should take me 1.5 to get there. Today is video visit with MO. Thursday morning I leave for chemo and Friday is urologist. I sure hope they can tell me what is wrong. I believe I have to have a cystoscopy as well on Friday. NOT looking forward to that.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,269

    Love the watermelon wine reference.

    Have you heard this Tracy Byrd song?

    Hopefully it works, but if not, look up "Watermelon Crawl."

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096
    edited June 27

    Goldie, lexapro is an SSRI that is used off-label for anxiety.

    Good luck with all your goings on, Goldie. I really do marvel how far people drive. I've never liked long trips/drives so you who do it totally impress me.

    Carole, my twin sister still lives in WI and they have had a handful of 90 degree days already. As much as I miss winter and getting socked with a butt-load of snow, the mosquitoes and hot and muggy summers make me happy DH hauled me out here, even though I was kicking and screaming, LOL.
    Carole, if you are able to post pix of your DH's bowls, I would love to see them. Can they be used in the kitchen? I'd love a wooden salad bowl….show off his work!!

    UPDATE: DH's PSA is down to 64!!!! wooohoooo…lowest it has been since we started this ugly ride.

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,064
    edited June 29

    Kim, keep that appointment! In fact, get on a waiting list to move it up. What we don't know (or try and ignore) CAN hurt us.

    We're Number One! (when it comes to air pollution, that is). Thanks to wildfires all over the interior of Quebec province (and part of ON), Chicago had the world's dirtiest air today. Weird that we wore our KN95s outdoors and took them off when we entered the restaurant. (Bizarro-World, anyone)?


    Tonight we went to Ever (Curtis Duffy, 2 Michelin stars) for our 52d anniversary. (Obelix is closed Tues., and I couldn't score a table at Alinea or Oriole). Every special occasion gets more special year-by-year, so we do take advantage of it—especially because Bob's schedule makes foreign travel impractical if not impossible. (My trips abroad tend to be solo, for continuing legal ed. with the Bar Assn.). We did the 10-course "Ever Experience" tasting menu (which is the only menu they offer) with wine pairings. Lots of "molecular gastronomy." Reading from the souvenir menu (sorry, forgot to photograph the food):

    Started, as we entered, with a mocktail of rooibos iced tea with grapefruit "pearls" (like boba). First course was Oscetra Grand Reserve white sturgeon caviar (Uruguay) with hazelnut, honeydew and lemon-balm foam, paired with NV Charles Le Bel "Inspiration 1818" brut Champagne. Next was a frozen ribbon of Japanese hamachi, with finger lime, ginger and blue basil, paired with a white 2022 Selvagrossa "Albanella" (only 4 producers make that varietal) from a tiny winery in the Marche, only 10km from the Adriatic. Next came ribbons of white asparagus, smoked trout mousse, salmon roe, mandarin (both plain and candied) and dill sauce paired with a 2022 Can Sumoi Xarel-lo (same varietal used for cava) from Catalonia (a dry white). Next course began with bread service: housemade pretzel roll with regular and basil butter from a farm in MO; rabbit loin with carrot, rhubarb and an herb called "hoja santa" (sort of like holy basil), paired with another Spanish white, a Listan Bianco (Palomino, the traditional Sherry grape) from the Tenerife (Canary Islands)—2021 Suertes de Marques, slightly (deliberately) oxidized. Next savory course was a seared scallop with squash, coconut and nasturtium petals with a curried "milk bread" roll, paired with 2018 Melsheimer Reiler (Mosel) Riesling Spätlese. Next came a delicate fennel-pollen mini-biscuit with braised pork cheek, artichoke, flash-dried speck (unsmoked prosciutto-like ham) and chive, paired with a red: 2021 Malahierba from Castilla Y Leon in remote rural central Spain. Only 4 restaurants in the world get it, and Ever is the only one in the US. (Only 160 people have had a chance to taste it—and we were among them). Final savory course was an A5 Wagyu beef from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, with date, pickle and black mint, paired with a 2019 Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore (Veneto), which was fermented on lees & skins (for grappa) to give it more body. Then the desserts: a "mosaic" rice pudding of banana with gelees of hibiscus, fennel and passionfruit with a clear sugar glaze, paired with a sweet rich fortified red Pablo Fallabrino Alcyone Tannat (a varietal originally from SW France) from Uruguay. Then a frozen "globe" of jasmine tea, inside which were chocolate bits, a strawberry & a brownie. Finished with a "lollipop" of a mini-Belgian waffle glazed with maple syrup infused with Australian black truffle. They sent us home with their own dark chocolate from Uruguay.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,269

    chisandy, don't mind me. I'm just sitting at the table next to yours with my chin resting on my hand. I'm gazing at your food and, yes, I'm drooling.

    What a lovely meal!


  • wren44
    wren44 Member Posts: 7,807

    That was an amazing way to celebrate 52 years. Congratulations and may there be many more.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Sunshine, I can't imagaine that anyone has ever NOT heard of Watermelon Crawl....LOL!

    WallyCat, I don't mind driving at all, so I guess that's good! And what do mean "the mosquitoes and hot and muggy summers make me happy"? I thought you liked it cold! Happy to hear DH's numbers are down.

    Sandy, Happy Anniversay. I'm full just looking at your dinner!

    Carole, I don't see any mention of wooden bowls here, but I too would like to see!

    MO wants to change my treatment and is concerned with my kidneys. Told him I have appt. on Friday. New treatment would be a dif. infusion, but weekly. I am not driving 4 hours one way, once a week. The other one is a pill, but I have to have labs weekly. Where I go for labs, Sonora Quest, they don't do ports. Well, I got a port because my veins are shot! So, I need to see if I can find someone up her that can do draws via port. He wants that weekly, not doing that either, I will do every other week. The new pill (Piqray) can cause hypoglycemia, amongst other things, hence the frequent lab draws. Maybe I should ask if I can just check my sugar at home with one of those testers people use that are diabetic? Leaving 6:30 in the ayem to make chemo appt. Closing on the house went well, I am the new owner of a house in Michigan!

  • nativemainer
    nativemainer Member Posts: 7,729

    Good Morning, Loungettes! Happy Thirsty Thursday! Mom asked me to stop by after work yesterday for supper, then at noontime called me up all in a state about the horrible driving and to not come for dinner but wait until this evening. The horrible weather? Rain. Like it hasn't been raining almost constantly for days and weeks. For some reason yesterday's rain was as bad as a blizzard in the winter and the roads should be closed! Not sure what is going through her head these days. I'm going with her to look at two independent living places on Saturday, if she can get the addresses and find out what time the appointments are. Gotta love the Mamma!

    Carole--ok, I'll keep the appointment, but if I go crazy from the anxiety while waiting it will be the fault of the Loungettes!

    Goldie--Glad you had a good time out! Praying for an easy time with the cystoscopy.

    Sunshine--I'm listening the Watermelon Crawl right now, so far it's fun!

    Wally--Hooray for the PSA results!

    Chi--I checked into the waiting list idea when I first got the appointment. They don't do that anymore, any cancellations are used for emergencies, and most routine appointments get rescheduled to make room for emergency scans, so it's far more likely I won't actually get the scan done until sometime in August. The lady I talked to did say they will work on getting an appointment in another hospital system if they can't get a scan done within 4 to 6 months from when it's ordered. "Resources are very limited" is the explanation. We're getting the smoke effect from the Canadian wildfires here, too. Not too bad though. WOW, what a tasting menu! Happy anniversary!

    Goldie--congrats on owning a new house! I don't blame you about not doing the weekly drives. I think the home glucose meter would be a good option.



    • 1 ounce Midori (or Any Melon Liqueur)
    • 1/2 ounce Watermelon Vodka
    • 1 ounce Vodka
    • 1/4 ounce Simple Syrup
    • 1 teaspoon Bacardi 151 (optional)
    • Ice


    1. In a shaker add your Midori, watermelon vodka, plain vodka, and simple syrup. Fill the shaker with ice to the liquid line. Give it a 30 second hard shake and strain into a heatproof coupe or martini glass (or any small heat proof glass) to serve. 

    Optional Fire Floater

    1. After you’ve poured your cocktail into your heatproof coupe flip over the back of a bar spoon and slowly layer your Bacardi 151 on top of the cocktail. Putting away your 151 and clean up any drips/spill, taking a stick lighter, carefully light your cocktail by hover the flame just above the liquid surface. Once it lights, let the cocktail burn out or CAREFULLY AND GENTLY blow it out when ready to consume. Let glassware cool before consuming!

    From <>

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    I'll try to post some bowl pics. The pictures are on my phone and I post on my laptop. So download the pictures to the laptop or post on the phone.

    Good news on the good labs for your dh, Wally.

    Congratulations, Goldie, on the house in MI. Hoping for good health news for you.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096
    edited June 29

    Hope you all start getting cleaner air. I suspect wind changes will start affecting the west coast too.

    I look forward to seeing the bowls, Carole.

    Goldie, I think you didn't read the whole sentence I wrote; you are correct, I prefer the cold and snow…

    Thank you all for sharing my good news about DH's labs. I hope the trend continues.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,877

    NM - waiting is a bitch. Still, it's worth checking it out. Hope your Mom can remember the places & appointments. It would be so much easier if she had back up on site where she's living.

    Goldie - congrats on your "new" house. And hope the driving wasn't too bad.

    Carole - I too would like to see the bowls.

    Teka - love the 'cat' scan.

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,064

    Add me to the bowl-pix list. I love turned-wood objects.

  • jazzygirl
    jazzygirl Member Posts: 11,885
    edited July 1

    Just popping in to stay Happy July 4th to everyone!

  • reader425
    reader425 Member Posts: 764
    edited July 2

    Thanks for all the watermelon 🍉 wine jokes and comments. They made me smile. Nothing too interesting to drink since then save a glass of greek pellopenesian wine at 4:00 PM "dunch" on Wednesday after a long appt. With our lawyer. It was a very interesting white with al.ost a slight oakiness (which I don't like in reds) really nice. I tried to find the actual name of it but couldn't.

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,064

    At Brasserie C&C down the street, a glass of "Cafe de Paris" blanc de blancs. Mediocre espresso afterward. (Either the beans were stale or they were using pods/capsules).

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    NM indeed, "gotta love Mamma!" Good luck today with the independent living places. Had you never heard Watermelon Crawl???

    Carole, I don't like posting from my phone either, love my laptop. But sometimes that is where my pictures are, so I log in from my phone and just post the picture from there, then you can go back and edit, after you post. on your laptop, or just make another post.

    WallyCat, you so are right, I did NOT read your post right. I had to go back and re-read twice!!!! To see what I wasn't understanding. Can I blame it on chemo brain?

    OH Teka, if only "cat" scans were that easy, LOL!

    Minus2, I also now have that "waiting is a bitch!"

    Sandy, Michigan is also one of those that has the worst air quality, and they are saying "in the world", not just the US.

    O M G! I'm so pissed, upset stomach, headache, my kidney's hurt and D! Had chemo Thursday, that was fine. MO was going to have me do another chemo, to wait and see what Urologist says. I go in for that appt. (urologist) yesterday (Friday). The nurse asks me why I canceled my cystoscopy, "because I was told to". I had called to ask if I needed scans before the cystoscopy, and was told yes. So I changed my appt to yesterday, so I could get the scans done, which I did 3 weeks ago. So now I've had the scans and was expecting the cystoscopy. They only booked me for a follow up, instead of cystoscopy. After looking at my scans, I was told I needed more scans, they want to check for urethral cancer, as that looks like what may be going on. Can't get back in to see Urologist for over 6 weeks and have to do the scans 2 weeks prior. Mind you, these trips are 8 hours round trip. I've been trying to get this taken care of for over a year!!!! Did I mention I'm pissed!!!!

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,269

    Sheesh, goldie, I'd be pissed, too. Will any of your doctors, get you a STAT order for the other scans/appointments? I was able to move up my GI appointment with a stat order. The GI NP I saw ordered a stat endoscopy which I'll have next week. I'm sorry you're going through this.

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    The scans are ordered STAT, however, I can't get back in to the urologist for 6 weeks. It's like, what's the point!

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,064

    Lori, I hope once you've moved to MI you'll be closer to a cancer center.

  • carolehalston
    carolehalston Member Posts: 7,491

    Goldie, you have every reason to be pissed. It's bad enough to wrestle with health issues without having to wrestle with the health system.

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,096

    (((((((((((((Goldie))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this stuff. And yes, of course, no worries on re-reading my sentence. I have no excuse (chemo or otherwise) and still find I skim too quickly and miss nuances. I didn't even realize you were buying a house in MI, LOL, till someone commented. Are you leaving Arizona or going to be a summer gal up north? I am so hopeful you can resolve all your health drama.

    I hear you all on the healthcare gripes. I had to scold my local pharmacy yesterday because they had who knows whose account on mine to process drug claims!! Are they effing kidding me?!

  • goldie0827
    goldie0827 Member Posts: 6,748

    Sandy, I am not moving, the house is for my son.

    Carole, so right! You tell me I might have another type of cancer, but can't see me for 6 weeks?

    Oh my WallyCat, someone else's account? Good grief!

    NM, I hope you are getting some kind of a long weekend and of course, enjoying the pups!

  • chisandy
    chisandy Member Posts: 11,064

    Sorry, Lori—I was under the impression you were moving to MI. My bad.

    With seared cod loin tonight, 2020 Marques de Riscal Verdejo (Spanish white wine, from a gift basket Bob got from a patient).