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  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,509

    Pressidents pay for their own expenses on vacation (lodging, food etc.) but as president, they have no say over security and mode of transport (i.e. Air Force One). This might be of interest;

    Sorry to confuse anybody with facts 😊

  • 208sandy
    208sandy Member Posts: 582

    There's a thread for conservative conversation called "Mirror...... or something - suggest that's where political convos should go...and yes, the taxpayers in England pay for the Royal Family and not just their vacations!

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Sandy, I see most anything coming here. I intentionally wrote the topic box that way. Tried to cover all bases. I could be wrong. Time will tell. I do get that politics and religion are hair raisers.

  • Zoritsa
    Zoritsa Member Posts: 6

    A quick family rant. Just because I had surgery 2 weeks ago, doesn't mean I can't do anything. Thanks to my sister for not asking me, or at the very least, my son (his cousin is the same age as him) to go to the beach to get out of the house. Yes, I can't swim, but I can put my toes into the sand too (thanks for posting pics on fb of that btw). And no, I don't want you coming over now that you feel bad for not asking. I will not be answering my phone today...and if that makes me juvenile, I don't care today.

    Also, thanks to my dad's side of the family for not even reaching out. Now I know why I don't care for going to the family reunions. I'm thankful I have my mom's side and her friends.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    The one number in the first Obama term that I remember was Michele taking a European Vaca to the tune of 15 million. There weren't any meetings with anyone.

  • MargM
    MargM Member Posts: 6

    To the "friend" I ran into at the hospital, who the hell are you to say "if you're really as tired as you say you are ..." Maybe tomorrow I will feel better, but right now, I think pushing up daisies sounds good, so maybe next time we meet you can stick with the "you look great" bs, or better, pretend you didn't see me.

    And to the the other "friend" who a few weeks ago, when I said I am too tired to be on call to work minimum wage in her shop, responded with "I think you just need to stop thinking about yourself" you can go to hell too. Now, I'm just thinking what kind of friends do I have and wishing I could move to the other side of the country.

    ahhh, that felt good.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    The numbers are all over. The one article gives a total of > 40 million for_______x trips.  Can't look up how many trips till after I post.  Found it. it was from the second article.

    "By one accounting, as of last July the Obamas had spent more than $44.4 million in taxpayer money on travel for 31 international trips lasting 119 days. For comparison, at the same point in his presidency Ronald Reagan had made 14 trips lasting 73 days."

    Kayb hey, don't mind a vaca, but if the numbers are right. Don't agree. Plus, so many have been outside the country, They're is a formula that can take that money and show how that money grows once it enters into the chain "Multiplier Affect". Basically, that 44 mill spent  is several times that amount b/c of all the spending around it. Not a good description but vague enough to not get me in trouble.. We made lots of money for others over the pond. Just b/c the president's press secretary says they paid their own way, tickets etc., doesn't say what the real tab is.

    I googled "what is the average day in the life of the President" This was the best presented. The president has 100 staffers to make his work day work.

  • movingsoccermom
    movingsoccermom Member Posts: 164

    So wonderful to have somewhere to share my anger. Family wants me to be positive. Well. Sorry, no where near that yet. Was FINALLY feeling more myself after about 10 years of dealing with peri/menopausal issues. Happy to have stable weight, even if it was high. Happy to be living with hubby (military assignment issues). Then the universe b....h slap---cancer. Mind you this is after my youngest brother had Hodgkins lymphoma, my Dad died of colon cancer, another brother had 12" of colon removed for pre cancerous polyps, and my sister had triple negative BC. W T H!!! And all tested genes normal. Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!?!

    My heart goes out to all of you.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Stop the Presses News Release. Change in Plan-----Per mods request Politics and Religion should go to alternate threads as appropriate. The Mod's felt that i is important to not dilute this thread. Sassy in response to the Mods request said " Okey Dokey". Topic box to be revised

  • SuzyBlue
    SuzyBlue Member Posts: 84

    Hi Everyone, first of all I'm so sorry that so many of you have to face financial crisis while going through one of the worst experiences in life. It is so wrong! I'm incredibly grateful that our public health system in New Zealand covers everything without any costto us. Not saying it's a perfect system, often there are time delays and differences in the quality of service depending on where you live, but overall I'm very happy with the care I've received.

    Now for the grumpy stuff lol - I've just had my seventh surgery in three years and feel battered and bruised, my emotions are high and I feel like I'm constantly pulled back into my 'cancer bubble' every time I have surgery, deal with the aftermath and have to go to more appointments. But for nearly everyone around me, it should be well and truly over and they don't want to hear or know that it isn't like that for me! I'm sorry that my trauma is boring old news to them! I don't wallow (maybe a bit when I'm recovering from more pain lol) and in fact I've stopped talking about it at all to most. Glad I have you folk who understand

  • Beatmon
    Beatmon Member Posts: 617

    I need to release a little steam.....just read where a lady referred to breast cancer as a bump in the road! Lady, my whole da... Bridge washed out. Bump in the road my ass

  • clarrn
    clarrn Member Posts: 160

    yeah beatmom..... that one riles me up too!

  • mostlymom
    mostlymom Member Posts: 378

    We have "good" insurance but since i was forced to quit my part-time 4-hr @day, 20-hr @week, because of fatigue after treatment, we no longer had our "fun money". With the further follow-up exams & cancer related doctor appts, we have exhausted our savings and we no longer answer the phone. The fatigue has slowly gotten worse and it is an effort to do the things I love. Being in limbo-land financially where we make "too much" to qualify for assistance, we are going down the shitter. We have 3 (yes 3) cars in the back yard that don't run - we have an old, smelly, dirty, EL Camino which DH loves. Our daughter, who has a bad back and is in the process of getting disability social security does the majority of the cooking, all of the shopping (contributing most of her food stamps), and the the majority of any house cleaning that gets done - she does the best she can & DH does the dishes & cleans the kitchen. We don't invite anyone over anymore because we're too ashamed of the cobwebs, dirty windows, etc. We, of course, don't qualify for food stamps.... Most of the time, I am on the edge of tears and so depressed (yes, I do take anti-depressants) it's hard to smile anymore. Plus, I'm so tired of my pity parties. The roof leaks, the house is falling apart - our dogs are aging and have needed expensive vet care - we will gladly pay our last dollar on their care because of the joy and love they bring us. We used the local food bank a few times but DD is too ashamed to go, I'm unable to, and we can't (or won't) ask DH to go. It's difficult to ask for help - even if there was any available. We did get a ramp built for me & they looked at our roof but it will be very expensive to repair & we haven't heard from them for months. They did whisper to DD that they would need the inside "cleaned" before they started work (if they could). I have had stuff sorted for about a year now for a garage sale - and again, that would take more work than any of us is capable of. So the "stuff" is cluttering up the closets and just taking up space. There are so many things I would like to do but I can't even fking walk or stand for any length of time.

    whine, whine, whine SickTired I tried to re-read this but I can't get back to the beginning so I'll let it be - sorry....

  • queenmomcat
    queenmomcat Member Posts: 2,020

    Suzyblue: thank you for mentioning "the cancer bubble". Only a couple of months into the process for me, but trying to figure out why I get so upset after each oncology visit, despite getting unbad news for most of them. (Not gonna say "good news". Not gonna say anything that starts "At least/But")

    Mostlymom: I validate your whine, or whatever the current woowoo term is. The "just think positive!" injunction gets up my nose THIS FAR.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Wow guys that could have been me on the bump thing. I tried to use it as an analogy for irony. Now I will have to find it and bring it here to be dissected. Not going to leave it where it was, if the irony doesn't glare through.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Is this the post you were referring too. Okay dissect it. The intent was to help ( member name deleted) try to make sense of her LiFruemnie(sic). My gene isn't dx'd, but it's a bad one. If this post is pissing people off, I will delete it. It may have missed the irony mark. Or if you read the whole thing it works. Either way, is this it?   I guess I could have mentioned the 'other stuff', frankly it doesn't read well. Brain tumor & ectomy, thyroid cancer& ectomy, multiple bladder stones, husbands death, complications from all kinds of things, RAI131 that caused a 1 1/2 years of bottom problems likey permanent. I remember now the first post did have allot of the bad stuff in. I deleted it and put this post in it's place. I was shooting to get her passed the beginning to the point,  she see's it's doable. Versus crawling into a hole. Didn't want her to look at the stuff at the time. Would have freaked me out on the flip side.

    Jun 24, 2015 12:52PM , edited Jun 24, 2015 03:44PM by sas-schatzi

    (member name deleted), I did have a long post to you last night. About 2 hours later, I realized it might not be good. I put it in storage. I don't have a definitive gene to blame for all the stuff that's happened. But I do know there is a bad one. Reading about what those genes can cause, can make you crazy.

    Think of a straight line. At the zero point would be no cancer. At the 180 degree point would be death. You've had one cancer. You are bumped up the line. I'm a total of 4 bumps up the line, but still kicking and happy. Of course, I wish it wasn't happening. The worst was the BC, I was extremely lucky with that one. The other stuff was caught early. All the systems are being survielled. I just keep working the problem.

    I do know how to work the system which has helped immensely. They're has been times when I've gone to a knew specialist, I just tell them we are doing such and such. I learned long ago that docs rarely take the time to read back in the history. They deal with their body part, disease, or system  with the present problem. They have 15 minutes. Can't be fixed in 15 minutes, the problem can get lost. I push them for a plan and do the follow-ups. If it leads to another specialist, then I research what needs to be done. If they don't suggest what the research suggests, I push until I get them to order it OR I'm happy with why they believe it should be different.  Not happy with them, I get a new doc. For the stuff that has happened to me, I'm alive b/c I've been my own advocate and organizer.

    So, tell me  do you want to see the other post? Okay if you don't. My first bump on the sameday, I was told I had a brain tumor, BC, and lost my career in the space of < 4hours. Bad bump day. I think I got drunk that night, forget. That's kind of the point. It's so long ago I forget. Still on the same line, moved up the line, but happy to be here and enjoying life :)


  • clarrn
    clarrn Member Posts: 160

    Nope sas, Personally I wasn't thinking of your post. Just all those people that say, "Don't worry it's just a bump in the road, you'll be back to yourself in no time!" When they haven't been there, or if they have they didn't go through half of the treatments/complications, or have a tiny 3/4 inch scar and think we had the same thing,or didn't have their fertility snatched away at 30 when you weren't done having a family, etc. Because this 'bump' has put me off course permanently, I don't get to go back on the same trajectory ever (even though YES I am super grateful I continue on at all).

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Okay Clarm, I'll wait for Beatmom to respond.  

    I have made a decision to delete. The message was for a specific member with a special reason I used all the language I did.

  • SelenaWolf
    SelenaWolf Member Posts: 231

    Isn't it amazing the number of people that come out of the woodwork to tell you " ... you should [this] ..." or " ... you should [that] ..." or (my personal favourite) " ... you should stay positive or it will come back ..."


    Shut the f*ck up.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    I hate the positive crap. Especially when the teller is sanctimonious

  • queenmomcat
    queenmomcat Member Posts: 2,020

    Shoot, you stole my rant! This is why I haven't told many people yet....

  • justmaximom15
    justmaximom15 Member Posts: 89

    Came in here to rant but saw some stuff about COBRA and being that I'm a Benefits Administrator for my employer thought I would give some advice to those who might need it and not understand it.

    COBRA is basically the law that allows you to purchase your exact same insurance coverage from your employer but the reason it costs so much more is that you don't have your employer kicking in the share they did when you or your spouse was an employee. Also, remember that each dependent has individual rights. Just because you were covered as your husband's spouse when he was employed doesn't mean that you BOTH have to elect coverage under COBRA. If you're the only one needing it elect in for yourself only for a cheaper rate.

    Another tip, many hospitals/doctors are more than willing to pay for your COBRA premiums because they know that money is a sure thing for them. It happens all the time, so don't hesitate to ask.

    Make sure you read the dates that you have to elect and pay. You have 60 days from the date of notification to elect coverage. You can then take an additional 45 days to pay for that coverage but if you do that then you have to bring all payments up to date. Also, there's a 30 day grace period each month to make your payment. Pay on time or you lose all rights.

    Any specific questions. Let me know and I'll try my best to answer!!

    Now, for the rant!! I have two FB friends who know what I'm going through and are constantly posting about the poisons of chemotherapy. One of them even went so far as to remark that if she ever got cancer, she would move to a MM state so she could skip chemo. Well, you know what - I have nothing against MM but until you are faced with this diagnosis you have NO idea what you will do. I think I could have found an oncologist that would have said chemo wasn't necessary but the one I have, I trust and I'm 47 yrs old and have lots of love in my life, kids that I want to see grow old and future grandkids to love on. I'm going to do everything I can to kick this crap out of my body!!

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Just What's MM, Do you mind if I cut & paste the cobra stuff to the gal(s) that talked about it? And give'em your name LOL, I know I could do it different, need to make it complicated....................Thanks though, insurance just sucks-SUCKS*(^E%&*(o. Travesty. and 44.4 million for vaca's and people are going broke. Not right. vGonna be 65 on the 30th(Oh yeah, YAY)....official non family vaca's b/c I was always thinking, spend only within your means----save save save. 5 official vaca's DBBF demanding attention BBL

  • Jjj2013
    Jjj2013 Member Posts: 2

    I feel like I am under bricks can breath pissed off! Hate life people suck. I cannot think of one person that I like today! Does anyone else feel like this-- does this pass-- I am done with treatments -- I should be happy-- I am miserable.. I cant stop crying.. I am tired I am sad I am not in a good place.., does anyone have any tips for me...

  • Jjj2013
    Jjj2013 Member Posts: 2

    I just want to punch them!

  • DinaLane
    DinaLane Member Posts: 2

    Love that , shut the f up!! I actually laughed out loud! I hate, hate, hate the stay positive crap!

  • DinaLane
    DinaLane Member Posts: 2

    I am new to this and tried to post to a specific remark from SelenaWolf about the shut the f up about the positive crap !! I actually laughed out loud! Which does not happen as much as it used to.

  • Simplicity
    Simplicity Member Posts: 723

    Great thread Sassy!

    I know how you feel Zoritsa. My father isn't involved either and occasionally texts to see how I am. When I told him of my last treatment the 28th, his response was 'cool'. We haven't been close in ages. His wife and her kids became more important.

    I tried to read through as much as I could. Hate some of you are going through so much in life on top of being a cancer fighter. Hope things calm for all of you!

    I've been generally grumpy the past couple days. Single mom of 3; 21 b, 17 g, and 14 b, for the past 12 yrs. Kids have been great for the most part. Lots of arguing between the 2 youngest.

    My dad has made little effort to be supportive, encouraging nor has he helped financially but he travels all over the US in his rig with Harley & classic convertible in tow :/ And slipped during a conversation, admitting to making a financial donation to some organization in his home state. Bleh.

    I'm exhausted. Was hurting yesterday for some flippin reason. I hate watching these beautiful summer days go by and there's so little I can do, physically or financially. Medical bills are piling up. My electric bill skyrocketed because the only relief I can get chemo week is taking really hot bath and to do so, since my water heater is acting up, I boil water on the stove lol

    No love life *sigh* I inadvertently posted about that in another thread (this GUI is a bit difficult to navigate). In short, I have feelings for a long distance friend. We've spoken almost everyday for the past 2yrs. I've gone to visit him and he's coming to visit me in Aug. He knows how I feel. His feeling aren't as advanced as mine. I feel a bit selfish for telling him but thought it better he knew prior to coming to visit.

    Just seem to not do as good at reading or interpreting situations as I use to. A lot of things indicate/indicated he is/was interested as well. I think he's scared given the distance (6hrs) and he says he'd want to 'buy all in' and feels he couldn't.

    My mom, she has her own share of health issues right now. Lives about 20 minutes away but rarely comes up to visit. Never has. Even before the health issues. Our relationship was always rocky. She had 3 strokes in March 2014 and since then, she has been sort of euphoric? A lot more supportive of me and my decisions. It's strange to know something to be a certain way for 41 yrs and then bam. And now that that's happened, she's having health issues :(

    That's my rant lol The Prozac has me a lot calmer than normal. I've never taken med's like that before and my patience level has improved. My new motto is #whatthef**kever

    Hope all enjoy their day!

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Thanks Simplicity, I Pm'd you an the other newbies with a list of threads, I think are useful. Delete them if you have no need. Sorry we meet this way. I needed this thread so many times in the past. Someone really made me angry a couple of weeks ago---hence, this thread. In the list are some classic threads re: stupidity. Raidergirl's thread is linked in the topic box. YKYACPW AnecortesGirl's is a particular favorite. It's not as active as it once was. Maybe I'll bring back a few. Got the bottle o'wine going.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Topic: The dumbest things people have said to you/about you