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Light from around the world for LongTermSurvivor/Stephanie

farmerlucy Member Posts: 596

Remember President Bush's Point of Light initiative? That is what Stephanie has been for many of us on these boards. Let's shine the light for her by way of greetings and love from around the world.



  • farmerlucy
    farmerlucy Member Posts: 596

    Light and love coming to you Stephanie dear from Oklahoma! I can feel that big blue earth lighting up in your honor.

  • Professor50
    Professor50 Member Posts: 86

    Stephanie, I feel like I know you very well yet you would never ever know it. I have only silently observed, grown, changed, and been inspired and, honestly transformed by your courage, love, your wisdom, your ability to exist in the world, to suffer, to know, and to be and to share to openly. I feel as though I have been sitting quietly at your feet learning so much about life and death. For many weeks I have worried about how the world would be without you in it: How much your light would be missed. But I was coming to a sense that some connections, some lights simply do not leave us. Ever.

    At the same time I feel like the Master Class on Living you have been teaching these few weeks as ended far too abruptly. Your light and your wisdom are deep within me and I am so grateful for them. I also miss you very much and am keeping you close in my thoughts.

    Much love,


    P.S. This goes for you too, Rosevalley

  • CatsRus
    CatsRus Member Posts: 98

    Professor50's words describe my feelings exactly and I couldn't say it better. '..a Master Class..' is definitely what you, Stephanie, have provided along with Rosevalley and others,

    I am keeping a light shining in my heart for you here in Canada, Stephanie.

    Much love.

  • lacombattante
    lacombattante Member Posts: 144

    Light and love from Switzerland

  • SlowDeepBreaths
    SlowDeepBreaths Member Posts: 6,702

    Stephanie, I hope you can feel the BCO community wrapping our arms around you. Thank you for all that you've shared. I'm sure you have no idea how many women you've helped. Thank you for that gift. Sending love, light and best wishes for pain free, peaceful days.

  • DaisyQ
    DaisyQ Member Posts: 44


    Love and gratitude from St. Louis! Your posts have forever changed me. You are a beautiful soul and a gift to all.


  • Jackbirdie
    Jackbirdie Member Posts: 1,617

    Stephanie- the others have said it so well. Your words have been a well I draw from daily. A jar of thoughtful, healing salve I've applied to my heart, ego, and old wounds.Thank you.

    Love and light coming to you from Oregon.

  • octogirl
    octogirl Member Posts: 2,434

    I've found so much comfort in reading your posts. Light and love from Central California.



  • rainnyc
    rainnyc Member Posts: 801

    Stephanie, I've loved reading your posts and greatly admire your generous spirit. Your audience is larger than you may know.

    Wishing you comfort and peace from New York City.

  • kt1966
    kt1966 Member Posts: 1,021

    Thinking of you Stephanie & holding you in lovingkindness.

    Sending love & light & hugs from NZ x

  • wintersocks
    wintersocks Member Posts: 434


    I miss you, we all miss you and I am sending much love and peace from The UK. x

  • hopeful82014
    hopeful82014 Member Posts: 887

    Stephanie, your posts always gently share wisdom and impart strength a well as knowledge. I hope that the grace and compassion you bring to our lives surrounds you now and always. Thank you for sharing your time and self with all of us. Love and blessings from Oregon.

  • littleblueflowers
    littleblueflowers Member Posts: 391

    Stephanie, I wish you all the grace and peace that you have inspired in others be reflected back into you a million times over. Love and positivity from Montana, and thank you for teaching so many of us how to live in many ways.

    Edited because I have fat fingers and I misspelled your name...

  • shazzakelly
    shazzakelly Member Posts: 620

    more love and light coming your way from New Zealand xx

  • mab60
    mab60 Member Posts: 365

    I am so appreciative that this thread was started for Stephanie. I am newly diagnosed stage 4. I am fairly low on that bell curve but I visit the d&d thread daily. I have gained so much inspiration from Stephanie and others. I can only hope they rub off on me a bit. Stephanie has given so much to the community so I was very pleased that this thread was started. It is time for us to give back to her. She posted weeks ago about the number of hits d&d was receiving compared to the number of posters. We know now that there are many visiting to read her posts which signified that large number of hits. I hope she sees this thread. Thank you so much for posting

    Mary Anne

  • Artista928
    Artista928 Member Posts: 1,458

    Love, light and peace to you Stephanie from California! <3

  • Mominator
    Mominator Member Posts: 1,173

    Light and lovingkindness to you, dear Stephanie. You were one of the very first people to welcome me to BCO, and your posts have inspired me and taught me so much about love and forgiveness.

    Wishing you pain-free days and restful nights, and much, much love.


  • ruthbru
    ruthbru Member Posts: 47,153

    Thinking of you with light and love from North Dakota!

  • cling
    cling Member Posts: 263

    Love to Stephanie from Texas! Hope you feel better and have enough energy to come back to BCO. We miss you

  • juli24
    juli24 Member Posts: 80

    May our thought envelop Stephanie with love and light from all those who love her. I should have posted sooner and feel very selfish. Hopefully Stephanie you will somehow now realize how much your wisdom and kindness helped so many of your suffering sisters. You are in my prayers daily and have a forever place in my heart

  • Molly50
    Molly50 Member Posts: 3,008

    Stephanie, I am sending sunshine and peaceful thoughts from California. Wishing you well.

  • lookforward
    lookforward Member Posts: 372

    Stephanie sending you light from Canada, may it surround you with warmth and love.image

  • Debutante8
    Debutante8 Member Posts: 13

    Light and love from Portland, Oregon!

  • anniebear
    anniebear Member Posts: 11

    Stephanie - Light and love from Pittsburgh, PA. Please pop in for a minute to let us know how you are. I've missed seeing you this past week.

  • Artista928
    Artista928 Member Posts: 1,458

    She posted in the D & D thread.

  • LindaE54
    LindaE54 Member Posts: 1,379

    Dear Stephanie - sending love and light from Quebec. You touched my heart in so many ways with your wisdom and kindness. BIG hugs as well. I hope to have the pleasure of reading you again.

  • mab60
    mab60 Member Posts: 365

    good morning everyone. Artista, you are correct. Stephanie is back. I am stage 4 but primarily a reader as opposed to poster. I am starting to feel that is a little selfish of me. Taking but not giving back. I also understand the intent of the stage 4 threads being a sanctuary for stage 4 members. Although you are all gaining so much from Stephanie's posts. I think this is a beautiful thread for y'all to communicate what her posts have meant to you. I am thinking it meant a lot to her and helped bring her back. Wish I could write a post as beautiful as professor! Thanks so much for your support. Mary Anne

  • lulubee
    lulubee Member Posts: 903

    This is such a lovely endeavor, ladies. On behalf of your Stage IV sisters, I just want to say thank you for this patch of beauty. Stephanie wrote to me earlier this week that she is blown away by the surprise of being so lifted up this late in her long, slow fall. Your love and light is healing deep things in her spirit. Bless you all for your lovingkindness.

  • Rosevalley
    Rosevalley Member Posts: 1,664

    I found this thanks to being tipped off! Good place since everyone stage 4 and all can appreciate. Can't think of anyone better to spread joy and lovingkindess too than Stephanie! So you reap what you have sown. It's true those seeds of inspiration, observation and kindness grew a bumper crop. Enjoy the caring. I am happy to see you appreciated outright and to have you back among us. Yay! Love and light shines.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,203

    Our heart is full watching you all share this lovely light with our dear Stephanie.

    We Mods are all sending our biggest and brightest light to surround you with love, too, Stephanie!

    Much love to you each,

    HeartThe Mods