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What’s on your bucket list?

illimae Member Posts: 5,514

I am currently working on my bucket list and it got me wondering what everyone else wants to see and do. My list below in no particular order.

Go parasailing (done May 2018)

Go on a cruise (done Feb 2019)

Go to the Bahamas (done Feb 2019)

Go to Jamaica

Go to Hungary and Ireland

See the Northern Lights

See Hepcat (Ska band) play live again

Make a quilt

Eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant (done, Gordon Ramsay's Burger and Hell's Kitchen May 2019)

Swim with Sharks 🦈 (with me in the cage)

Skydive (maybe, I might still be too chicken)

Edited to add:

Stanley Hotel (The Shinning film location)

tour the Jaws film location (Done June 2019)

do a Jaws on the Water event (Done July 10th 2021)

Niagra Falls, go on a camping road trip, etc.

So, what's on your list?



  • pajim
    pajim Member Posts: 930

    The northern lights are on my list too, but not at the top.

    The major thing on my bucket list was to see Russia and I did that the year after I was diagnosed.

    Cruise down the Nile

    See Turkey

    Snorkel the great barrier reef (not gonna happen)

    I'm sure there's more but I'll have to think some. Hoping to do Turkey this fall. We'll see.

  • sandibeach57
    sandibeach57 Member Posts: 1,387

    1. Camp across country, 3 months, in a tiny tear drop camper with DH..done summer-fall 2018.

    2. Run a 5 K..done Spring 2018. (actually walk/jog, but it counted, right?)

    3. River cruise in the US

    4. San Diago Zoo

    5. Take family on Winter ski trip..done Dec 2018.

    6. Move to another state to be with grandkids and obtain better medical care. Partially done Feb 2018.

    7.Get rid of arm fat.

    8. Nova Scotia

    9. Train ride Canadian/US border

    10. Meet the bishop in my area

  • cure-ious
    cure-ious Member Posts: 2,705

    I started double-timing my travel since my first diagnosis, (incl Australia, loved Prince Philip Island) upped that to triple time since second diagnosis (incl Norway, Prague, Morocco, Kyoto, Strasbourg and repeats Paris, London, Stockholm Italy).- Barcelona and Bilbao are up for this spring

    Basically been spending $$$ like a drunken sailor (tho many of these trips were just week or two add-ons to travel I already had to do for work, so not on my own dime)

    But now I have bucket list of places that I would never go to for work-

    How about Ankor Wat, Bangkok, Bali? New Zealand? I loved Jen's photos of Iceland!!

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,514

    pajim, love the Great Barrier Reef, might have to add that one to my list 😀

    Sandibeach, I’ve walked a few 5k’s since diagnosis and it absolutely does count! Also, the arm fat, lol

    Cure-ious, drunken sailor, lol. I really enjoyed jens trip photos too.

    Keep em’ coming!

  • MuddlingThrough
    MuddlingThrough Member Posts: 655

    Mae, it's funny you started this. I was going to start a reverse bucket list thread since I probably won't reach my further bucket list goals in the future but it is SO good to remember the things I've already done that are bucket list worthy. Here goes, in no particular order:

    Go to a Duke basketball game in Cameron! DH and I did this and had fantastic seats next to the band with seats close to the action. Also had a tour behind the scenes and had a luncheon with some of the basketball staff before the game, including former players.

    Ride in an original Model A car. So much fun!

    Went to Disney World...the year it opened!

    Experienced Hale-Bopp comet. No other word than "experienced". I've been an avid sky watcher for decades, but this long term sky show was the most eerie feeling ever. (Second place goes to meteors that are big enough to make noise. Yep, I've seen and heard those too.)

    Watched a giraffe being born, live and in person at Natl Zoo, waaaaaay before internet star April was ever heard of.

    Rode a couple of laps around Charlotte Motor Speedway. So what if it was in a tour bus? It was awesome.

    I saw a ghost. Hard for me to believe too, considering my science background and skepticism. However, it's true. This was long before my mbc dx, but I wish I could see another one. I've got questions.

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    I don't even know where to start but I'm loving this thread! I will have to give some serious thought to things other than travel. Please keep sharing!

  • micmel
    micmel Member Posts: 9,795

    see my son Marry.

    See my DD have her first child.

    Travel to Turks and Caicos with my sweet DH

    Get to see and live in the same home with my DH and have our porch with our chairs by Our own little dock and lake...

    see my step son Marry.

  • LoveFromPhilly
    LoveFromPhilly Member Posts: 1,019

    I am loving this!!! Must brainstorm!! I have had friends and family ask me if I feel like I am missing anything and I feel pretty darn fulfilled but now these bucketlists are making me envious and I wanna wrote some too!! Gonna think about it and be back!!

    Lol to the drunken sailor, arm fat, and swimming with sharks 🦈 (in a cage!)

    I also love that seeing a second ghost is on the bucket list! I want to know the story of the first ghost

  • Rosie24
    Rosie24 Member Posts: 1,026

    Great thread illimae! I’ll be thinking

  • MuddlingThrough
    MuddlingThrough Member Posts: 655

    Philly, saying prayers for you.

    The ghost I saw was of a well loved family member. Nothing scary. I saw him under a street light across the street. I double checked to see just who was watching the house. I saw who it was and all the hair on my neck raised up. (He'd been dead 6 or 8 years then.) Not more than 50 feet away. So calm and peaceful. I asked him, aloud, if he was okay. He nodded. I said we were doing okay. He put his arm out to the side, and bowed his head. I asked, aloud, if he wanted to say anything and he nodded, looked left and right and...faded out very slowly. I was wide awake and stone cold sober. I wish I'd walked across the street rather than talk from the porch. As you can imagine, I'd have many different questions today.

  • LoveFromPhilly
    LoveFromPhilly Member Posts: 1,019

    thank you Muddling me too 🙏🏾

    Wow that is quite an amazing ghost story!!!

    I feel like I have seen ghosts and spirits too! Often times, with the work I do, I have seen spirits that have attached themselves to people and/or I can see somewhat of a possession type of situation where the person doesn’t have enough will to be in their own body and someone else enters. This happens most often when people have the alcoholic gene and after one or two drinks - they leave their body and “someone” else is at the wheel if ya know what I mean. Very bizarre to witness

  • MuddlingThrough
    MuddlingThrough Member Posts: 655

    Philly, that sounds reasonable to me, but sad ( possibly dangerous) for the person who is being high-jacked. In spite of my "knowledge" I know there is so much we don't know. Maybe, one day we will.

    In the spirit of this great topic, I'm going to try to think of future bucket list items that I might be able to attain, even with current limitations. Mae, thanks again for a great topic.

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,514

    Great ghost story muddling 😀👻

  • cure-ious
    cure-ious Member Posts: 2,705

    OK, now I want to amend my (very shortsighted) list, cuz now I want to see ghosts, snorkel in the Carribean (!!), and see baby giraffes and all sorts of other animal babies be born! And I need to live to see global warming seriously tackled, where humans come up with a realistic plan for how we all survive and thrive and take all the other critters in the world safely with us into the far far future of our planet...

    Still spending money like a drunken sailor, though, that part I went right into after first diagnosis and never looked back. However, I haven't totally run outta cash yet, is all I can say..

  • Kayla250
    Kayla250 Member Posts: 125

    Although I hope to add to my list, my absolute "have to's" this spring/summer 2019

    -Walk with the wolves, a sanctuary in BC Canada

    -Camp from here to my hometown and visit with family I haven't seen in ages

    -Visit my ancestral land to see what might have been, and probably thankful that it never was.

    I haven't posted since my metastatic diagnosis and love this thread; i can jump in and get my feet wet.

  • ABeautifulSunset
    ABeautifulSunset Member Posts: 600

    Stepped up my game since dx. Since dx, I've been to Africa, Spain, Italy, and recently Australia. Next on list is South America. Also, I want to spend about three weeks and do Italy - Como to Positano.

    More important than that, I hope to see my kids engaged in careers, married (or at least in serious relationships) and becoming a Grandma is a far off, probably not gonna happen BIG bucket. Seems more realistic to just travel as much as possible. Might be all I get.

    P.S. would LOVE to see a ghost!


  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,514

    Welcome to the pool Kayla, jump right in.

    Abeautifulsunset, I am envious of your travels 😀

  • LoveFromPhilly
    LoveFromPhilly Member Posts: 1,019

    Kayla I love the walk with the wolves!!

    Muddling - it is sad when the person is completely unaware of the spirits that are with them. They possibly have a lot of work to do - or they could choose to ignore it! I agree completely that we don’t know the half of it. Maybe someday we will!

    Some things that I remembered and would love to do:

    1) visit the giant doggy refuge in Costa Rica and hike/run with hundreds of doggies!

    2) I too would love to visit Turks and Caicos for a weeks vacation.

    3) visit New Zealand

    4) take a Caribbean vacation with my sister for a few days (she’s so much fun!)

    5) be able to support my parents better financially

    6) have a session with the Long Island Medium!!!

    7) go back to Cuba for some more dancing

    8) act/sing/perform in a live play/production/show

  • ABeautifulSunset
    ABeautifulSunset Member Posts: 600

    Philly, Ive been eyeing that doggie ranch in CR for a couple of years!


  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 5,892

    Oh yes, always a great topic.

    I like using the phrase “wander list", sounds open-ended and positive, a play off of the word wanderlust.

    When ds was growing up, we took many family centered trips, Disney, Cedar Point, Hershey, Niagara Falls, etc. Loved them all. Still, places were left unvisited and since the mbc diagnosis, I've been to NYC, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, a Cirque du Soleil show, snorkeling in the Bahamas—which when I did it wished I could do it every day of my life, drove part of Skyline Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains which was glorious.

    Not all wandering involves lengthy travel. Many of us live near points of interest that we've never gotten around to visiting, so I make time for that, too. Went to an area park when their massive amounts of tulips were blooming in spring, drove 2 hours to tour the former Ohio Reformatory where Shawshank Redemption was filmed, took in a Steelers football game at Heinz field, only an hour away, etc.

    Traveling has less urgency now since I've gotten around to many main places on my list. I wouldn't mind visiting Chicago, the Gulf Coast, Memphis, New Orleans, and the big one, Hawaii.

    It definitely helps to keep an actual list written down or on a computer or ipad and add to it whenever a place or activity comes to mind.

    Btw, Mae, I parasailed and it was one of the most serene experiences of my life.

  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,855

    I don't want to see a ghost! I would flip out. I couldn't be as calm as you, muddling.

    I think lists are essential for our survival, the longer the better. The more awe experiencing and accomplishing something provides, the better for our immune systems.

    I love the dog ranch and the wolf sanctuary ideas. I would go for salsa in Cuba any day, philly.

    Recently crossed out cross country skiing and winter fatbiking from my list. Last winter I got to ski in Zermatt with the highest lift in Europe. 

    Still or new on my list: see Northern Lights, ice sailing, travel to Japan with DD, dance tango in Argentina, transalpine bike trip from Switzerland to Venice, attend a salsa festival, Angkor Wat, Borobodur, Grand Canyon, biking in Vietnam.

    This summer we plan a 3-day mountain bike trip from Zurich to the Alps with DH. 

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    some of my travel bucket list include:

    • Pig Beach in Exuma Bahamas- I want to swim with these pigs!
    • Italy, Greece, Spain and Prague, Czech Republic
    • I know it's morbid but I want to see Auswitch(sp?)
    • New Orleans, NYC, Golf Shores Alabama
    • a train trip across Canada

    There's a start for me! Now to win the lottery so I can do it

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 5,892

    Oh, yeah, that ghost story was fascinating!

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,514

    I love the responses! My list is growing, lol

    I forgot New Orleans, I checked that one off last month, great place to spend the holidays and wedding anniversary.

    Also, adding the Overlook hotel where The Shinning was filmed.

  • sadiesservant
    sadiesservant Member Posts: 1,875

    Great topic Illimae.

    I did the cruise and visit to the British Isles last year and realized that I needed to adjust my bucket list to the things that really make my heart flutter. Top of my list:

    1. Another trip to Africa - I've been to South Africa several times and always wanted to do the Serengeti. Unfortunately this one may be difficult given the political situation in Kenya and my crappy lung. (Ended up with pneumonia as a result of the trip last year.)
    2. A week in Costa Rica
    3. Cruise to the Galapagos Islands
    4. Get rid of all the excess clutter in my house! (This one should rightly be number 1 but it's not a lot of fun....)
    5. Get the big honking TV and comfy sofa for the days when my body just says "NO" (This one is likely going to be the first to tick off the list.)
    6. Find some way to have more "me time". Still working full time which in many ways is great but....

    Thanks for making us all think. Oh... and Shayla, I need to find out more about the wolves. It may make my list and funny thing is... I live in BC.

    Wishing us all many years to keep ticking things off the list. Pat

  • SchnauzerMom
    SchnauzerMom Member Posts: 75

    Sewing down my absurdly huge fabric stash! (Especially the "precious" fabrics that are "too good" to use--as if they are museum pieces) I LOVE to sew, and it has been my friend and joy throughout my life.

  • Goodie16
    Goodie16 Member Posts: 297

    illimae, we visited the Stanley Hotel a few years ago on our trip to Rocky Mountain NP. It was beautiful but the staff was a bit standoffish. We did enjoy their ghost tour. You can check out more info here:

    My bucket list continues to be to visit all the national parks. Since my diagnosis, I've crossed another 5 off my list. We also did a hot air balloon ride while in Olympic NP in 2017. This year we will be visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  • MuddlingThrough
    MuddlingThrough Member Posts: 655

    Divine,thanks for the reminder to see, really see, places close to us.

    Heidi, if the ghost hadn't been a family member, I would have been freaked right out! I'd never thought to see him. Never saw another, although my grandmother made a music box in my house play a few notes at the time she died in another city. Sort of a "toodle-ooo".

    Kayla, seeing Auschwitz isn't morbid; it's honoring the enormous loss and placing it in history.

    I love all your lists and plans, everyone!

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 5,892

    Goodie, I'm enamored by the National Parks. Ken Burns has that lovely series, “National Parks: America's Best Idea" and I agree! I loved the series. Sort of without trying, I've visited numerous ones (I also collect the NP silver quarter proof sets for each year they've been made, which reminds me, time to order 2019's). Then I wondered if there were any National Parks in my own home state of Ohio, terrible that I didn't know, but anyway, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is in Ohio about a 2 hour drive from me, so dh definitely went for a visit, which is one of those places so close to home.

  • Goodie16
    Goodie16 Member Posts: 297

    MrsM, We visited Cuyahoga Valley NP around 2012. It's close drive for us in western PA too. It was a unique park in that it sort of wrapped around the town. We stayed at the Inn at Brandywine Falls that trip. It was a lovely, relaxing place fairly close to home. The national parks are all so unique, as are the communities surrounding them. We haven't been disappointed yet. If you enjoyed the Ken Burns series, you would also enjoy this book: Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America's National Parks by Mark Woods. It was a fantastic read.