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What’s on your bucket list?



  • sandibeach57
    sandibeach57 Member Posts: 1,387


    To see the conclusion Game of Thrones

  • ladinred26
    ladinred26 Member Posts: 9

    I love this soon as I found out my cancer had spread I started thinking about a bucket list. I was frozen with fear while waiting for tests and their results. My mind bounced from thought to thought. And, sometimes I couldn't even form a coherent thought. Making a bucket list (and thinking about a reverse bucket list....thanks muddling for the wonderful thought to focus on all the great things I had done in the past).

    My thought is to try and hit some of the quirky things to do in each state along with some fantastic trips.

    1. Unclaimed baggage store near Huntsville, Alabama

    2. National Shrimp Festival, Gulf Shores, Alabama

    3 .Motel where you can watch a drive in movie from your bed (one in Colorado and one in Vermont). Also visit the largest fork which is fairly close to the motel in Colorado along with a UFO Watch Tower.

    4. Visit Downton Abbey

    5. Coney Island Mermaid Parade, Coney Island

    6. World's Largest 'Gone With the Wind' Collection, Plant City, Florida

    7. Home of Superman, Metropolis, IL

    8. World's Largest Egg, Mentone, Indiana

    9. Mini statue of liberty, Des Moines, Iowa

    10. Fat Ass Run, Springfield, Illinois. it's a timed race, but all are welcome and it seems like a great big party

    11. Kiss the blarney stone

    This gets the list started though I am working on at least one quirky thing to see in each state!


  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 5,996

    Goodie, we hiked the trail at Brandywine Falls and walked past the inn, very picturesque. We went on one of those beautiful fall days, the leaves all along the road trip and the park were beautiful. What part of western PA do you live in? I'm about an hour west of Pittsburgh. I willl check out the book!

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 5,996

    ladinred, wow, you are just started in the mbc diagnosis! It really is hard to have coherent thoughts when you receive the news. It sounds like you are finding a good way to combat the confusion by making a quirky list!

  • ABeautifulSunset
    ABeautifulSunset Member Posts: 600

    yes, Sandi Beach! Agree! This is why they need a like button

  • MuddlingThrough
    MuddlingThrough Member Posts: 655

    Mindi, you are new to stage 4. Stay here and also jump in on some other stage 4 threads too. I love the name of the Fat Ass Run! I would certainly qualify, and not on the running part.

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    I'm qualified for the fat ass run too! 😂😂😂 Sounds like a good time! When is the shrimp festival?

    I'd like to add a NASCAR race and an NFL game to my list.

    Last summer I crossed off an outdoor music festival, playing softball as an adult and dragon boating- all before MBC Dx.

    Now, waiting for my scans on Monday, the last few months have had me crippled with fear, I'm afraid to leave my house. I still get tired very easily and am afraid of something happening while I'm out. I know it's silly. Today has been a tough da

  • 7of9
    7of9 Member Posts: 474

    See my son off to kindergarten....done!

    Remodel kitchen....done!

    Buy a ( used ) boat...done!

    Disney, Yosemite...done!

    To do:

    lease if not buy a horse ( probably a rescue)

    See end of Game of Thrones

    Read the bible cover to cover ( yikes why isnt this done already, just patches)

    See Italy, Ireland and or any country in Europe....been to Epcot at least LOL

    Bury my mother. She shouldn't have to bury her only daughter.

    Sell some art.

    Take care of and run my son until he's old enough to drive.

    See him off to college.

    Go on a cruise again

    See Pacific North west

    Run in a fun run or 10k

  • nbnotes
    nbnotes Member Posts: 338

    I refer to mine as a "living list" and in the 6 1/2 years since diagnosis, I have crossed off around 60 items including trips to Australia, South Africa, land tour of Alaska and a Baltics cruise. I have a land trip to Galapagos planned for my spring break and a cruise this summer that includes Venice, Greek isles, Croatia, and Montenegro. I'm still working full-time which has helped and own some time share with my family. If you are looking to travel, I encourage everyone that I talk to about travel to sign up for emails from gate1travel. I've done several of my trips with them and gotten some for great prices due to their email deals. Their trips are also a nice combo of tours and free time so if rest is needed that can happen pretty easily. Being told I only had chemos left and going on Xeloda this fall made me double down a bit to to get the Galapagos in while feeling good.

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 5,996

    sherry, your feelings arent silly. Honor them, allow yourself to have them. Even explore them. I’ve felt that way at times too. That said, I take antanxiety meds which help, and that may be an option for you if the feelings persist. Best wishes on your scans.

  • bigbhome
    bigbhome Member Posts: 721

    Hi Mae! Great topic! In 6 1/2 years I have spent a week in Maine. Never got sick of the lobster! Went swimming with the dolphins! Would love to do that again!!

    Do a 10 day clinic with Clinton Anderson and take Mattie!!! That would be awesome and I bet she would frustrate the snot out of him!

    See the Rolex in Kentucky - Go to Kentucky Derby!

    Camp with Dh and horses all over the country

    Go to Alaska for a couple of weeks

    While camping, meet as many of my MBC sisters

    Go whale watching in the Pacific northwest

    Take our son, Dil and grandsons on the Disney Christmas cruise

    Take our grandsons camping

    Top of my list would be to live long enough to see Dh completely recovered from the accident. That would make me happiest!

    I will have to think of more things to do!


  • ABeautifulSunset
    ABeautifulSunset Member Posts: 600

    Well, if there is one thing MBC teaches us is that when it comes time to doing stuff you've always wanted to, there is no time like the present.

  • Andi67
    Andi67 Member Posts: 314

    I love this thread! SandiBeach, I laughed so hard at your number 7 - arm fat! That was hilarious. And Heidihill I totally agree that lists are a vital part of life. By the way, we went to Argentina over New Years and learned to dance the Tango! Amazing. I can recommend a great instructor and "molonga" ( I think that is what it was called)  if you ever go.

    I am fortunate to have traveled pretty extensively all my life, but I can never get enough of it so places to go are always at the top of my list. My bucket list is SO long... my treatments better keep working. No particular order - here are a few:

    1) Six month camping trip across the country - in a camper van or pulling little camper. 

    2) Backpack the Lost Coast in California

    3) Climb Kilamajaro (stretch, I realize....)

    4) Run another marathon. (Ran 4 pre-diagnosis and since then have managed 2 half marathons. Another stretch.)

    5) Iceland/Northern Lights

    6) New Zealand

    7) Nova Scotia

    8) Organize all of the pictures I have been taking since about 1988 and make photo books for my family.

    9) See both my boys get married. 

    10) Learn to actually do yoga well

    11) Create a blog

    12) Live in a house on a lake.

    That's probably a good start...….I'm glad I am writing these down. We have two trips planned this year; one to the Turks and Caicos with a group of friends, and then I am going on a hiking trip of the Matterhorn - from somewhere in Italy to Zermatt - this summer with some girlfriends. But now that I am looking at my list....I wonder if I should be reconsidering.

    Looking forward to seeing other ideas!



  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,571

    FYI, DH and I just watched several YouTube videos of Pig Beach and it’s totally happening now.

  • cure-ious
    cure-ious Member Posts: 2,729

    Oh, yes, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and all the National Parks!!! see wolves. See Monarch butterfly habitats restored.

    And Schnauzer, the "sew up this huge fabric stash" is my 2019 new year resolution, moved up the "to-do" list- my DD found all of my fabrics that were strewn around the house in various places and folded them up, Marie Kondo style, separating the Kaffe Fausset fabrics from the batiks, and from the Liberty of London fabric and the I-spy kids novelty, and put each type into its own plastic file cabinet, all neat and ready to go- that was my Christmas present!! Now I got no excuses left!!!

  • Chemokaze
    Chemokaze Member Posts: 177

    Funny, currently waiting for my passport to arrive in the mail! Our 18yo daughter’s passport arrived today. It was a magical moment we she opened the envelope.....

  • bigbhome
    bigbhome Member Posts: 721

    Curious, Can I borrow your Dd? I so need someone to organize me!

    I think hiring an organizer would be an awesome thing for me! I need to look into that.

    I added: get a puppy, Skittles needs a friend!

  • Kayla250
    Kayla250 Member Posts: 125

    Sadiesservant, the Wolf sanctuary is in Golden BC. I also will travel to Cochrane AB to meet the Wolf/Dog rescue. Cure-ious, I saw a show last month, I think it was 60 minutes, Yellowstone in the winter is the best time of year to see wolves in the wild, people come from all over the world. If I can i'd love to get to Yellowstone too, yup, I officially add that to my list

  • ladinred26
    ladinred26 Member Posts: 9

    Thanks muddling through....I appreciate your thoughts! The Fat Ass run has beer and tasty treat stations along the route.

    Sherry35 - the shrimp festival is in October. If I can fit it in, I am going to try and go this year!

    Andi67 - I think I saw your Argentina photo on another thread. If that was you, looked fun! I love your comment on learning to do yoga well. People are always recommending yoga to me as a way to relax, stretch, feel better, blah, blah, blah. I've tried it a few times and didn't care for it. Maybe I could add learn to tolerate yoga!

  • 7of9
    7of9 Member Posts: 474

    good ideas....Andi

    I'm adding Iceland and Northern lights to mine!

    Fishing in Canada or Alaska

    Finding a deer antler

    See tournament of roses parade in person

    Getting the courage up to tell off my fake nice really nasty mother in law off....DONE...just early January. And with my husbands support. FELT GREAT

  • bigbhome
    bigbhome Member Posts: 721

    Yay for you 7to9!! Is that you on the horse? I have 2 horses!

    FYI friends, the puppy is a go!!!


  • Jaylea
    Jaylea Member Posts: 440

    Great topic, illimae, thanks for kick-starting! Sherry, I experienced an uptick in fatigue, was sure it was progression, but nope, just the cumulative effects of treatment. Praying for good news for you.

    After stage IV dx, I went on a bender too - vacays, home improvements, etc. Then I realized I might be at this for a good long time, so we dialed it back some. This year, one big vacation to Maui (next week, yahoo!) to check off watching the sun rise over Haleakala.

    A reminder to anyone on SSDI - you qualify for a National Park pass that gives you free park entrance. I think there's a Senior version, too.

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    illimae - please take pics of pig beach to share when you get back! I've been to Nasseau twice and went to Blue Lagoon and swam with the Dolphins! I hope I get back to go to Exuma for those piggies!

    Thanks for your supportive words Jaylea!

    So many great ideas here

  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 487

    Travel rates high so here are a few places I managed to get to prior to MBC: National Parks (let's hope there are no more government shutdowns in the future to impede access!) - Acadia in Maine late summer 2016 and Grand Tetons/Yellowstone in autumn 2017 when we stayed at the Jackson Lake Lodge. Still need to visit Yosemite.

    Family heritage sites in Finland and Germany remain to be explored. Stateside, Michigan's Upper Peninsula and New Ulm Minnesota both deserve return trips. Went to England and Scotland five years ago for our 30th wedding anniversary, just after I retired. Weather was terrific, hardly any rain. Favorite spots were Windsor and Edinburgh.

    Without leaving my home county, the opportunity to perform two different Sibelius symphonies will occur in the same week this spring. Despite playing in multiple orchestras over the past 5 decades, these will be a first. Other musical experiences yet to be accomplished include hearing Mozart in Vienna, Salzburg or Prague; Mendelssohn at the Gewandhaus; Wagner in Bayreuth...

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,571

    7of9, yay for telling people off, lol 😆

    Sherry, pics of big beach for sure but it’ll have to be on a second trip. My stop on the cruise is just a day at port, so not enough time.

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    illimae- you will love the Bahamas! Hope you have a great cruise

  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,856

    Illimae, send pics with or without pigs!

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,571

    Will do Heidihill! Here’s a few so far 😀

    Destin, FL (a week with my BFF since 7th grade and her family)



    San Francisco/Chinatown with the hubs.


    Grand Canyon


    New Orleans (Christmas Eve/wedding anniversary)



    Bahamas coming soon!

  • sherry35
    sherry35 Member Posts: 155

    Great pics illimae! I love your blue hat! Your New Orleans pics make me really want to go and Florida pics make me want to get out of this snow!!! Can't wait to revisit Bahamas through your pics

  • MJHJAN1014
    MJHJAN1014 Member Posts: 622

    Mae-what a great idea!

    I would like to:

    See my daughter graduate from Radiology School in 2021

    Spend max time outdoors here in Maine

    read a gazillion books

    learn how to make Macarons

    Start painting again

    have long afternoon teas with my women friends, relatives, and new friends

    sort through my stuff

    go back to Spain

    spend lots of time with my sister

    Heading to Disney/Universal in April for two weeks with the family. Disney not my ultimate destination, but so looking forward to being with the grandkids and family. Renting big 'ole house with pool!